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Apple Australia – Slow and Steady doesn’t win the race!

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of November 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Almost 4 weeks ago I excitedly rang my local Apple store to place an order for a new dual core powermac. I made a few modifications to the standard configuration so the ETA on it was going to be a little longer than a standard machine. The prediction was 10 days.

Hmmm – so it’s coming up for 28 days and on last report the powermac is in Singapore.

While I love what Apple makes with it’s computers (this is my third – having owned an ibook and powerbook) I’ve noticed that on each occasion of purchasing them that the delivery time has always gone at least a week or two past what I was advised on purchase. I’m not sure if it’s just a localized Apple Australia problem but it’s enough to drive a guy nuts!

I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait but I’m starting to wonder if it’ll get here before Christmas!

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  • I think it’s AU. Only after new product launches is there usually a delay in the US and then it’s well known. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  • Welcome to the Apple club. It is the same here in Canada. Every new computer that I have ordered from them is delayed.

    I waited about 1 month over the original ETA for my 12″ PowerBook. It seems like everyone in the USA gets them first the the rest of us get around to receiving them eventually.

    You are going to enjoy your new PowerMac once it arrives though. They are smokin’ machines.

  • Darren I hate to point out that you didn’t exactly mention which Christmas you were expecting to get it :)

    PCs rule … when I need a new one I just go down to our friendly computer shop and build it on his workbench myself. (Although I did have to wait two days for a graphic card once)

  • Apple make delays for individuals, however if it is corporate order/client then they keep follow up with customer, deliver it on time

  • Stuart, that’s not a reason to suggest that PCs rule…

    There are plenty of authorised resellers and mail order companies that will quickly send a new Mac out. I’m also blessed to work just 10 minutes walk from the London Apple Store.

    Anyway, I’d rather wait for a machine that doesn’t cause me problems every day of its ‘working’ life. :)

  • i had a feeling that this thread might have some ‘discussion’ :-)

  • Andy – of course it’s not a suggestion to claim that PCs rule – I just take great delight in taking cheap shots and stirring up ants’ nests :).

    But the fact is that I have two PCs sitting on this desk and there is another on my wife’s desk and all three run 24/7 – and they have been doing that day in and day out for several years. Even though we work them to death they continue working without missing a beat.

    And they’re nothing special – just plain machines that have been built using good parts to ensure their reliability.

  • I’m gonna stop – it’s pretty pointless arguing with a PC lover ;)

    We know we’re right, Darren, that’s all that counts…


  • Lea

    Both the laptops I’ve bought from Apple have been more or less on time – perhaps a couple of days late, but nothing to write home about.
    Maybe its the custom-ness of your order? While I do add some extras, its all stuff on the dropdowns on the screen.

  • We just ordered two new PowerMacs in Townsville, Australia and we actually got them earlier than we expected, but it was still a three – four week delay.

    We have also been having all sorts of problems with our warranties and getting machines serviced up here in Townsville, with a simple logic board replacement taking almost three-months and three attempts to fix, with it still not working. I’m not sure if this is an Australian thing, or more likely a Townsville / Remote location thing.

    You can read more about our problems here if you want:

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  • The PowerBooks I’ve ordered have arrived very swiftly, only taking a few days to be delivered by courier. No complaints there. The guy I shoot weddings with, however, ordered a quad G5 as soon as they were first announced, and is still expecting a wait of several more weeks.

  • Malach

    From what I read, if you’re in a country where you get to deal with Apple directly, you get better service. Most non-US countries don’t actually have Apple running the Apple distribution – it’s run by a third party distributor.

    In NZ it’s Rennaisance – and they’re just useless. Slow, non-responsive, non-helpful. Mind you, most of their retailers aren’t much better.

    Unfortunately, it’s also a monopoly type deal – they’re the only ones with the rights to import and sell Apple kit in NZ.

  • Does anyone know if Apple is planning to have to open Apple Stores in Australia that are actually run by Apple and not by someone else? I see that they have some in Canada, the UK and Japan, but are there plans for other places?

    I have heard really good things about the Genius Bar and stuff, but there is certainly nothing like that here..

    Also what kind of places does Apple put their stores in? Our city is only 140,000 so would that warrant an Apple store if it was in the US?

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