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Another Six Figure Blogger Goes Public

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of September 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Wow – I just got back some answers to an interview I have conducted with a ProBlogger and I’m really excited about publishing them.


Well while I know of a few bloggers making six figures directly from their blogging – I don’t know many who are willing to go public about it. This person is and luckily for me I get to break the news with this interview.

Who is it?

You’ll find out in about 8 hours – and I have a feeling that a few people will be surprised.

Update: Looks like this has gotten some people interested – they’re guessing who it is in comments below – so lets have some fun with it.

I’ll give a ProBlogger T-Shirt to the first person to leave a comment guessing who the interview is with. You get one guess per person. I’ll announce the winner (and the correct answer) when I post the interview at 1am my time tonight.

Update II – Ok – no one got the answer – its Manolo.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. The suspense is killing me!

  2. I hate to steal your thunder Darren but yes everyone it is me.

    I kid I kid!

    Who is it?

  3. Raymond says: 09/22/2005 at 3:29 pm

    I’m fascinated – who is it?

    I’ll be logging on in 8 hours to find out!

    Can we guess? Will you tell us if we get it?

    I think it is Jon from Mobile Tracker

  4. Raymond: Nope not me. My luck depends on what ad deals are landed for the holiday season.

  5. Pete Rojas from Engadget.

    BTW, I’m a size large ;-)

  6. hehe – nice one Paul :-)

    I’m sure he’s on that kind of money – but would he give me an interview is the big question? :-)

  7. 1am your time – I’m in the same timezone as you – guess I’ll have to stay up.

    My guess: John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame

  8. I’m gonna say Xeni from boing boing ;)

  9. I make 4 figures. Just two more figures to go. :-)

    I suspect it’s Glenn Reynolds. I know Koz makes WAY more than that, but he wouldn’t give you an interview, I’m sure. He’s too busy hating.

    Can’t wait to hear who it is.

  10. Hm, let me think, … I’m sure it’s not me because you didn’t interview me jet (maybe it’s because I need some more zeros).

    Common Darren, tell us!

  11. I will be the one to say Dooce, just because she started with the ad thing very recently and i’d have to chuckle if she hit six figures right off the bat.

    I’m 99% sure i’m wrong, but i’m thinking outside the blogbox on this one.

  12. I’m going way out on a limb here, but is it Heather Armstrong from Dooce? I know her traffic levels are way up there and she has ads now.

  13. Andy Wibbels?

  14. My guess is that it’s a woman, and Jen. If it’s not Jen, but it is a woman, can just send me the front half of the T-Shirt?

  15. Randy Charles Morin ?
    I’m sizing XL.

  16. somebody from the gawker media ?

  17. Duncan – One guess per person :-)
    Jared – Names please :-)
    Hart – More than a Gender required :-)

    This is fun

  18. I think it is a blogger, you know, the one who makes six figures with their popular blog.

  19. I’ll go for Andy Wibbels. As a partner in 6-fig blogging he’d need to be up to speed, wouldn’t he, and also get it out into the blogosphere. I’ll be waiting for Postman Pat. :-)

  20. let me guess…Arieanna Foley from http://sheknowsbest.com/

  21. Alrite, here i go again… Elizabeth Spiers from media bistro, former gawker editor

  22. It’s me! It’s me! Oh, wait… do the figures count if they are after the dot. And after the pennies. You know like into the hundred thousandths of a dollar? I’ll be glad to do an interview anytime with you, Darren, and explain how it is that I’ve built this empire of mine. Anytime. hehe

  23. Thomas says: 09/22/2005 at 9:33 pm

    Nick Denton?
    Or maybe Jen (but she isn’t really into blogging I believe)?

  24. Is it Jen from Jensense? Since she writes about contextual advertising, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

  25. Sorry Ohz, I’m not in that league yet.

  26. Pss, pss………tell me Darren quietly. Don’t let them hear us…..:P Hehe…

  27. I’m still suprised anyone goes public with their income figures. The anonymity of doing business as a private concern especially with online business where aspects of one’s strategy and execution can be replicated somewhat easily is a strategic advantage for you as a business when competing against bigger competitors that have to disclose this info.

  28. Hulk also curious which Puny Human making 6 figures.
    Hulk says that is pretty SMASHING!

    Hulk wonders if Huffington lady.

  29. Is it Matt Hughley from PVR Blog? He is blogging about a very familiar topic – TIVO

  30. I’m going to guess D. Keith Robinson.

  31. 1 hour to go people – and I’ll tell you no one has got it yet.

    I’ll be generous and give you all one more guess :-)

  32. Jensense ?

  33. Ooo another hour. It’s pushing 1am.
    All of my guesses have already been taken and knocked back :(

  34. Thomas says: 09/23/2005 at 12:32 am

    Jon Gales?
    Probably not but worth a try ;)

  35. gizmodo

    i have no clue

  36. DailyKos ?

  37. not long now…

  38. sorry – no cigar anyone. I’ll donate the t-shirt to charity :-)

  39. albino blacksheep?

  40. Bonnie says: 09/23/2005 at 1:40 am

    Andrew Sullivan? He had that fund-raising drive, so that probably doesn’t count, does it?

    I want two guesses!

    The Captain’s Quarters guy — Edward Morrissey?

    Actually, it’s probably a blogger with several blogs in the technology and/or how-to arena.


  42. are we allowed to know who?

  43. Can’t you see the update above which points to the latest post on this site which went live an hour or so ago? here :-)

  44. Indeed I can, unfortunatly I never thought to look…

  45. Ummmmmm was it dooce?

    Heh…I just posted about her crossing over to the dark side.

  46. Is it Manolo of the infamous Shoe Blog?

  47. XXL
    Darren Rowse

  48. LOL – you people need to read posts and comments a little more carefully :-)

  49. Nice suspense u had created.but now there are many more in six figures

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