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Another New AdSense Unit Spotted

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of December 2007 Adsense 0 Comments

Mani from Daily SEO Blog just shot me a screen cap of an unusual AdSense ad unit that he saw:


It’s a 336×280 pixel ad unit. Looks like AdSense are in a bit of a testing frenzy at the moment with new ad formats being reported every few days by readers of ProBlogger.

What do you think of this one?

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Looks good to me. The more the merrier, I say! ;)


  2. Looks ideal for a 3-column WordPress blog, doesn’t it?!


  3. :)
    No problem, i thinks it’s so good.
    Best regards

  4. Hmmm, looks like two mini skyscapers stuck together… ugly imo :)

  5. To me i have a slight problem with this new one. It just looks like they’re trying to simplify things here and there, but it’s just going to make people try even more to fit their designs around Googles advertisement

    Have you ever thought about making a design the way you like it and not even caring about the adverts? I know it’s a good thing to have subtle adverts, but this new one doesn’t really look subtle, but instead spread out so that Google can have as much attention as possible

  6. I saw that ads on my blog too a minute before reading this post. Not sure how great it works, but I prefer if Google allows its users to opt for the number of ads and position they want. For example for this big rectangle, it will be great if we can choose to have 3 or 4 ads, and either in the old format or the as the above one.

  7. Looks good to me. You have yo give Google credit; they are always trying something new.

  8. The more chances to use it; the more utility and versatility they offer to their users, the more money they make,

  9. I think it’s cool , new units better CTR!

  10. it’s doesn’t look professional ad format, i seen before on some MFA sites using 2- 120×240 ad format

  11. “…Seems like the guys at Google are doing a little experimenting. I can’t blame them after what they are making from these advertisements. I’m not so sure what I think of this ad layout. I think it would look better if the height would be squished a bit. It would look great at the bottom of my middle column.

    I’d really like to see some of these other formats Google Adsense is publishing. …”



  12. I’m a little mixed. On one side it looks a little tackier than the other ad formats. Of course I find ads a tacky, but necessary, thing anyway. On the other hand Google is in business to make money and they must think they can make more money by offering this format. And if they’re making money off the ads so are the publishers that put the ads on their site.

  13. Mixed feelings as well. Seems a bit bulky and hard to fit in somewhere. But hey it’s another ad, more chance of getting clicks since it’s big.

  14. This is nice if you have lots of empty space on your blog and want to fill it up with text. But I think it is too much. I think Google should let their users customize the size and font of these adds. No need to have a default set for text adds. For image adds, I understand there needs to be a default size. However, not everyone likes image adds and text adds are way better and easier to load! :)

  15. I saw this one on my blog too. Thought it was interesting at first but I like the old looks better.

  16. google is trying new designs … hmmm … first giving advertisers the opportunity to quote different amounts on search engine and content results meant a deep cut in bloggers earnings (2006). second reducing the clickable areas … third experimenting with scroll functions and other designs …

    what does this mean?
    i think google is interested in quality content. the only way to fight sploggers & co is to reduce their opportunity of making money. people just surfing around and coming to a junk site may just want to get out. a reduced clickable area may prevent these dissapointed users from clicking on adsense and using the back button.

    on the other side, it is important to give ads a fresh touch, maybe as a contribute to serious content bloggers and their income. this is seen under the “dont be evil”-google thought. or its just business trying to raise the sales figures again, what i suppose. at least until google has enough own page views / net searchs to cover the whole ad budget of the future themselves and not having to offer content ads. i just read that google wants to set up an alternative to wikipedia. isn’t that scary?

  17. It looks like it would fit nicely in your sidebar… and perhaps many other wordpress themes with a wide sidebar.

  18. Another one? This is crazy; hopefully it will help with monetization.

  19. I don’t really like this one… don’t think it would be that practical on most websites as finding somewhere big enough to fit this in would be difficult indeed.

    Keep trying google ;-)

  20. I think it looks too big and bulky. Ads should integrate into a blog/site, not take up a huge chunk of otherwise useful space.

  21. The more options publishers have the better I say.

  22. I think for the areas under peoples 125×125 ad blocks it should do well. Looks like it would flow well in areas like that. But, inside of an actual post I think it would look horrible.

  23. I agree with TechnologySlice, the more options the better

  24. It’s cool, Google testing lots of ad formats , I don’t know which format will get High Ctr http://www.vhxn.com

  25. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to get the current AdSense ads to run on my pages. Al I need is a new unit to worry about. Perhaps this will be the one I end up using
    Thanks for the tip. .

  26. Part of me says that we have too many choices already, but at the same time I can understand that Google wants to test out new things. I’m all for testing — it’ll be interesting to see how people incorporate them in their websites. I might try it out myself…

  27. Instead of experimenting with new layouts, why don’t Google just let publishers customize the ads themselves? Beats a whole lot of work from them and makes the publisher a lot happier.

  28. I like the ad. Each blog layout is different so the more styles to choose from the better. You can make your ads work for you not just adsense.

  29. Krush says: 12/17/2007 at 3:08 pm

    Saw the new Adsense format yesterday too here: http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/2007/12/17/new-adsense-ad-format/

    I wonder when Google will officially make it an ad unit?

  30. much better..

  31. i had some format like that too on my old blog. and its nice

  32. Nice to see Google trying out new things but not sure if it will increase the CTR

  33. i don’t like taks..it’s not goodto me ….how about more view
    that’s nice

  34. Not impressed by the looks at all.

    It’s a pity that Adsense has not kept up with Chitika and the other leading companies when it comes to designing attractive PPC ads.

  35. Looks nice and different…

    Maybe people will be clicking on those ad units more then on the old ones…

    Just my 2 cents…

  36. I’m still waiting to see one of the new scrolling ads – or have they stopped those already.

    Any way, this sixe looks pretty good to me.

    It’s a shame that you can not specify your own dimensions – this would make customizing for a particular blog, much easier.

  37. @BW: I saw one of the scrolling ads today. It looks pretty good, and the scroll-arrows match the title links well.

    As for the new unit… It looks kind of odd. I wonder, though, if it may help combat ad-blindness.

  38. I think it is kool :), it looks pretty good i would say.

  39. My Google account rep told me about this, but I’m still waiting for it to be rolled out to my account. Hopefully soon. Much easier than changing theme code.

  40. I am not a fan of this ad. I think that square units are kind of ugly unless they are small. I wish that Google would try a little hard to have more flexibility in ads. I have a hard time finding one that really works with the other ads that I have. That is always the trouble though. I am about to just scrap them all and start over making sure that I do not put anything that looks bad in the ad space.

  41. Has anyone found a GoogleAd to actually be useful? I’m talking useful to you as a consumer, not as a problogger looking to make money.

    My problem with GoogleAds as opposed to conventional advertising is that I’ve never clicked on one and actually found something that didn’t seem like either spam or a scam (sorry to rhyme). Now, I haven’t clicked on a GoogleAd for about half a year (I’ve been trained not to), but it still seems to me that there is no actual value in them. Perhaps it’s just the ads I happen to see.


  42. At least they are trying out new formats. Could be worse i suppose!

  43. I will try it if possible.

  44. It’s definitely good to see that Google is trying out new ad formats and providing more options.

  45. Looks way better I think, more attractive, elegant maybe

  46. Ya cool. I have also seen an AdSense unit which runs horizontally a great deal. I have tried to search it around but could not tweak it. It is visible on labnol.com

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