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Announcing the ‘ProBlogger Track’ at Blog World Expo 2010

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of July 2010 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo 2010I am very excited today to be able to announce to you that at this year’s BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010 that Chris Garrett and I will be running a full day of training – the ProBlogger Track.

In this post I want to share a little more information about what we’ll be doing in the ProBlogger track and also mention that the Early Bird Special (almost 50% off) for signing up ends 15 July. But first, let me tell you why I love BWE!

Why I love Blog World Expo

BlogWorld Expo is an event that I’ve had the privilege of attending for the last two years and for me it is the #1 event that I try to get to in the US each year. I love it because:

  • Networking – thousands of bloggers and social media people in the one place opens up some amazing opportunities to build relationships and discover potential business partnerships.
  • Learning – some great speakers share what they know at this event. Their expertise covers a range of topics, from design, to SEO, to monetization, to content creation, to community management. There are also a lot of social media specific topics as well as sessions for different niches. Over 200 speakers present – there’s some great stuff to learn from them!
  • Not too Big but Big Enough – some other shows are so big that they become completely overwhelming. BWE is certainly big enough to attract great speakers and a large number of people to network with – but it’s not too big that you can’t find anyone. This being focused upon blogging and new media also brings it enough focus that you continually bump into people with shared interests.
  • Relaxed and Friendly – my own experience of this gathering is people are very friendly, inclusive and chilled. This is not a hyped up conference, but there is a lot of fun and plenty of opportunity to interact with others (the networking parties are great in the evenings).
  • Vegas – I’m not someone who could spend a lot of time in Vegas, but 3-4 days can be a lot of fun. This year BWE is moving from the convention center to Mandalay Bay which will mean that it is much more focused upon one area and hopefully more people will be staying close to each other. Less travel and more chance to interact.

What will the ProBlogger Track Cover?

Chris-Garrett-Darren-Rowse.jpgMost of you should know Chris Garrett – he and I co-authored the ProBlogger Book. This will only be the 4thd time we’ve met in person and the 2nd time we’ll have run this type of thing together (we’re doing one in Melbourne in a few weeks too).

Chris and I are still finalising the exact schedule for the day but here’s what we can tell you so far:

  • It will be held on Thursday 14th October. Please note this date so that you don’t just buy a pass for Friday and Saturday. There are other sessions on Thursday also which the Thursday pass will also get you access to.
  • I’ve recently surveyed a segment of ProBlogger readers on the needs and challenges that they face as bloggers. We’ll be basing the sessions we run around the main needs identifies. These are ‘finding readers’, ‘making blogs profitable’ and ‘writing killer content’.
  • We are hoping to mix things up a little in terms of how we teach these topics. We want each session to contain solid teaching (keynote style) but also time for practical case studies/interviews with people who know what they’re doing and some Q&A. So there will be a mix of keynotes, interviews and one panel on the day.
  • Chris and I won’t be doing everything alone – we’re already pulling together a few other special guest presenters to bring their own expertise.

Also at BWE this year it looks like I’ll be involved in a number of other sessions including the usual ‘Super Panel’ that looks at monetization and another that I’m not sure I can announce quite yet.

Update: The other session I’m doing is a keynote panel with Brian Clark of CopyBlogger and Sonia Simone of Remarkable Communication.

BWE Early Bird Special Ends 15th July

If you’re coming to BWE NOW is the time to get your ticket as they are currently running an Early Bird Special that ends on 15 July. The special gets you nearly 50% off so it is well worth taking advantage of! Sign up to attend BWE here.

PS: Promote BWE as an Affiliate

If you’re a blogger with an audience that might like to also attend BWE – you can also become an affiliate for BWE (like me). They pay a 10% commission on any referrals you can bring in. With an average spend of $360 this is $36 per attendee referred. Sign up as an affiliate here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Looks like an awesome event. Too bad it’s far away.

    Wish you a happy ProBlogger Track at Blog World Expo 2010!


  2. Same here. I wish it was closer, cuz I’d definitely be there.

  3. Hi Darren,
    Indeed, that will be a great event to attend but I am long distance away…

    BUT If I get a call to speak at a conference near Las Vegas before the event I will be looking for a ticket. I remain optimistic.

    Thanks for letting me know. I will spread the word.

    Continued Success to you and Chris,


  4. Seems like a great networking opportunity. I will definitely take a look at this. The $300 weekend pass seems like a good option as well… getting to Las Vegas is going to be tricky in October as I was there only a few weeks ago.

  5. BlogWorld is a great event to make friends and network with fellow bloggers, I just hope there are similar events near my area…

  6. Sounds like an awesome event! Wish I could attend!

    Anyways, I enjoys your site and will definitely visit it from time to time!


  7. Woo, great news, Darren!

    I wasn’t going to come for the Thursday sessions (it looked a bit corporate / big-biz focused for me) but I can’t miss out on you and Chris G!

    Just a thought for your planing: something I’d love to see is more advanced content. I suppose I’m at that middle blogging stage where I’ve known all the basics for a while and I’m on about 1,500 subscribers — but I’d love to know how to hit the next stage from here.

    I’m sure you’re planning to do some advanced stuff anyway, as I’d imagine most other delegates will be a step futher along than the average ProBlogger reader, but just wanted to throw that out there. :-)

  8. Wish I could attend, but school and work take priority at the moment. I hope someday I can participate and gather some of the great advice you will likely share.

  9. Hey Darren,

    Looks like I will have to pack up the Jeep and come on down. I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah which is right around the corner from me.

    I’m looking forward to it,

    Brian M. Connole

  10. Wish I could go to that Expo, if you are running any contests about it Darren, please let us know.

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