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Announcing the NEW ProBlogger.com [Grab this Early Bird Discount Today]

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of March 2014 General 0 Comments

Today I’m excited to announce that the NEW ProBlogger.com has been launched! You can learn more and join today with a special early bird discount here.

New ProBlogger

Our Journey to Create the New ProBlogger.com

In 2004, I created this blog on ProBlogger.net as a place to share what I was learning about making money from blogging and in the hope of connecting with others on that same journey.

I had just reached my goal of making a living from blogging and had a suspicion that in the coming years we’d see more and more bloggers aiming for and reaching that goal.

It turns out that my suspicions were on the money (no pun intended).

In the last decade we’ve seen many tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of bloggers have found ways to make a living from blogging.

While not all reach a full time level, it isn’t the rarity that it once was.

Alongside this trend we also have seen a whole industry spring up around blogging. Companies have been birthed to create plugins and tools to help bloggers do their jobs, hosting and design companies have been created solely to focus upon bloggers, many conferences have sprung up to serve bloggers of different niches and geographical areas…

It’s been an exciting decade!

Changes at ProBlogger

Since 2004, things here at ProBlogger have been through a variety of stages of evolution.

What started out as a blog where I shared my story and learnings has grown into something far beyond what I imagined. I’ve published over 7200 free tutorials in that time, co-authored the ProBlogger Book, published 6 ProBlogger eBooks, added the ProBlogger Job Board, held many free webinars and run 5 ProBlogger Events in Australia.

A number of years ago I also created a small paid private forum for bloggers on ProBlogger.com. It was a place for a couple of years where many bloggers came together to share what they were learning, network with other bloggers and collaborate on projects.

While there were some definite benefits from the first version of ProBlogger.com I always knew it could be much more and together with my little team here at ProBlogger HQ started dreaming of what it could be around 12 months ago.

The NEW ProBlogger.com

That dreaming has become a reality in the last week and today we’re publicly launching the new ProBlogger.com

Here’s a quick video on what it is:

As I say in the video – the new ProBlogger.com is based around 4 key benefits to members.

1. Practical Teaching

Members will be invited to two private webinars each month where you get access to myself, my team, and other experienced bloggers from around the web.

These webinars will be a combination of teaching, Q&A, case studies, and interviews with experts.

We’ll be focusing these webinars on four main areas:

    1. creating great content
    2. finding readers for your blog
    3. building engagement with those readers
    4. monetizing blogs

Of course we’ll also run webinars on other topics such as the technology behind blogging and other related topics. All webinars will be recorded for members to listen to if they miss a live session and to keep coming back to over time.

I’ve been running webinars now for 18 months on ProBlogger and they always get great feedback, so I’m excited to be creating these!

When you sign up to ProBlogger.com you’ll also get access to over 10 hours of previously recorded webinars, as well as a few sessions that we recorded at some of our live events.

Our next webinar is on Wednesday and will be on the topic of Creating and Selling eBooks. Following it we have a , and a teaching webinar on developing an Editorial Calendar.

Check out the webinars we’ve got coming up and the recordings already in the library here.

2. Private Community Area

This private forum is where members have opportunity for mutual learning, networking and collaboration.

problogger community

Again we’ve already set up areas in this forum for the 4 main areas mentioned above:

      1. creating great content
      2. finding readers for your blog
      3. building engagement with those readers
      4. monetizing blogs

But there’s also a ‘review my blog’ area and ‘general chat’ section for other topics.

While we’ve only had the new community area open for a week or so we’ve already seen a fascinating array of members and discussions and I can’t wait to see what collaborations emerge out of these new relationships.

3. Powerful Tools

This is an area that I’m particularly excited about in the new ProBlogger.com.

Over the last 12 months I’ve hired a small team of developers to help me improve the design and functionality of my own blogs (particularly over at dPS).

As part of their work they created a number of custom-made WordPress plugins that are unavailable anywhere else. It struck us a few months ago that these plugins would be quite useful for other bloggers and so we’ve decided to make them available to all ProBlogger.com members.

So far we’ve only released one – the Infinite Scroller which we’ll talk about in the coming days here on ProBlogger.net but there are more that we’ll release in the coming weeks to ProBlogger.com members.

Our intention is to continue to create WordPress plugins not only based upon what we’re doing on my blogs but based upon the suggestions of ProBlogger.com readers. In essence my developer team will become yours, as a member.

Also along the lines of ‘powerful tools’, we have begun to reach out to other blog-tool and service providers to get you access to what they offer at some great discounts.

Our members discounts area already has some great discounts on all ProBlogger eBooks, hosting from Bluehost, a free design task from Swiftly and a $99 upgrade from 99designs.

We’re also working on negotiating some other great deals currently for ProBlogger.com members.

Keep in mind that we’re not taking any affiliate commissions on these discounts – which is why we’re able to negotiate some great prices.

Sign Up Today At an Early Bird Rate

The new ProBlogger.com will cost $27 USD per month to participate in.

We think this presents great value given the teaching, community, and tools it gives you access to but to celebrate the launch we’re offering members who sign up in the next couple of weeks lifetime access for just $17 USD per month.

Sign up today at this rate and you’ll get this discounted rate for as long as you stay a member – even as we continue to add value in the months and years to come.

If you don’t find ProBlogger.com to be what you’re expecting you are free to cancel your membership at any point but our intent is to keep adding so much value that you wont!

This Early Bird offer is for a limited time – so grab your membership today here and we’ll see you at the new ProBlogger.com.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hey awesome folks.

    Just a quick comment to say if you can take advantage of this no brainer membership, go for it!

    Signed up yesterday and the value is priceless ALREADY and I haven’t even attended a webinar yet. ;)


  2. this is something very incredible for bloggers.hats off.

  3. I’ve gotta say, the website looks beautiful now. It’s not like youtube where I hate all the changes they make. This looks great!

  4. Holly says: 03/20/2014 at 1:55 pm

    Do you think this program would be useful for those who work as ghost bloggers as well? Or is it aimed at those with their own blogs?

    • Stacey Roberts says: 03/21/2014 at 11:41 am

      Hi Holly,

      I think it’s useful for anyone who writes online. There’s a ton of useful information and wonderful opportunities to network and collaborate.

  5. Awesome work.Very important thing is its community..!

  6. Thanks for sharing the valuable information :)

  7. Excellent work Guys!

    The private community area is one of the best feature of Problogger. There are so many intelligent people always there to help you.

    Thank you for offering this discount. People should make best use of it.

  8. Great offer. I’ve just sent the announcing to my friends who need practical teaching in blogging. I hope their problems will be solved if they sign up in Problogger.com

  9. Hi Darren,

    For those want to learn the finer details of blogging, this is the place to be in. For the price, this is no brainer. I’ll help to spread out the word to those who needs a place to learn blogging.

    Thanks for the great offer.

  10. Long time fan of Darren and Problogger. I joined yesterday and am already having some great conversations with fellow bloggers that are either already pro or working to make that happen. Really helpful people inside. I’m excited about this community. Thanks.

  11. Hi guys, I’ve joined this two years back, I found it to be nothing but a forum. It was 9.99 a month and I didn’t see any value what so ever. I cancelled before a month was even up. What makes it work three times the value now and why do you think users who once joined should join again? How do we justify signing up at a cost much higher than the last with the exact same boring form?

  12. It is great offer for bloggers. Surely I’ll join. I think this is the best place to learn blogging. Thanks for the share.

  13. it is great news for bloggers. i will think about to join it. it is the best site for learning

  14. Hey Darren,
    Great work as always. Was eagerly waiting to learn some tips and secret from pro’s and here you started. Signed Up for this :)

  15. Congrats Darren. This is definitely great news for bloggers who are looking to get valuable insights into the world of blogging.

  16. decent says: 04/12/2014 at 11:21 pm


    i have purchased your 31 DBBB but when i go to download page it says” “Sorry but you have hit your download limit for this file.”

    plz help i have sent you emails as well.

  17. Congrats Darren…

    It’s a like a combo pack with a best deal price… I can see the benefits of being there…. will signup now for it…

  18. the website looks beautiful now, I can see the benefits of being there

  19. Wow. This could be the awesome-st thing I have heard this weekend. I was planning to join some blogging education based program, and there you go with an amazing deal for everyone.

    In meantime, the website looks great and functional.

  20. Congrats Darren…

    Great offer with reasonable price. I’m joining now..

  21. Thks Darren. You sharing is very useful. This is an awesome thing I have heard this weekend. Look forward to joining the blogging education based program.

  22. I hope you do great with the new things that you added and wishing for the best to you.

  23. Thank Darren Rowse for sharing.I liked your article because it is very detailed and easy to understand for a novice like me blogging

  24. I have only one very big complained about Problogger.com, it’s way, way to cheap! Considering all the benefits you’re receiving the monthly investment to become a member of that community should be at least be $47/month and not $17/month. So enjoy the early bird discount before Darren wakes up and realizes that he is charging to little!

    • I have absolutely the same question about this “new” product. The old community was abandoned and many left. How can we be sure that this won’t happen to this project?

  25. Excellent work Guys!

    The private community area is one of the best feature of Problogger. There are so many intelligent people always there to help you.

    Thank you for offering this discount. People should make best use of it.

  26. It is an interesting launch for me. I have never tried this private section on any blog. I normally subscribe to their newsletter to get magnet free deals and awesome studies. I would love to be a part of something like this.

  27. Excellent work. All I say, this is an awesome package. As mentioned above, I also believe the package has a very less cost. So, don’t waste any time in thinking and deciding whether to go with it or not. It is a value package you should have in your box.

  28. Good luck with this new model, Darren..

    It will be quite interesting to join in on this dream of becoming a problogger…

  29. I would love to join, but I am looking to publish more articles before I join, to make full of Darren’s and community advises :)

  30. Hi Darren,
    7200 numbers of tutorials this is really a huge list. I would like to share your blog and I have already bookmarked it. I am a great fan of your blog.

  31. The features you have shared here are wonderful. I would love to join in it. Great one Darren!

  32. Will there be an opportunity to promote products or services? I’m not talking about a spam fest like you see on Facebook groups, but to get together and perhaps collaborate on some join ventures. Blogging is fine, but only a small percentage actually make good money doing it. Sites like we create – plr videos and wordpress plugin dashboards, etc…, are store sites, but we do blogging as well. General marketing collaboration you can get at the Warrior Forum. I’d like to see something more substantial and less spammy – having like minds get together, pull resources together, and make bank.

  33. Thanks for your share. But its not yet familiar in Indonesia? when will to go…,

  34. Thks Darren. You sharing is very useful. This is an awesome thing I have heard this weekend. Look forward to joining the blogging education based program.

  35. That was a great offer. Would be awesome for bloggers.

  36. This is a great idea. It actually reminds me of WealthyAffliate.com. But since Darren is running the show, this will be well worth the investment and time spent reading and watching his content. For $17/month?, screw my cell phone bill!.

  37. Congrats Darren,

    Thanks for sharing with us this valuable information.Now after reading this article i am thinking to join this.
    Good Luck

  38. Congratulations on ten years of ProBlogger! You’ve truly been a major force in shaping the future of blogging.

  39. Congrats Darren,

    This is really an exciting stuff for the bloggers who are working on different niche.Really an awesome work Darren ,exciting to join community .

  40. I would surely join but first i want to make blogging a habit. Any advice from anyone regarding my decision is however welcomed.

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