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Animated AdSense Ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of May 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

I just saw my first animated AdSense ad on one of my blogs.

I can’t get the ad to show again to show you screen caps but it was a rectangle sized ad that was a series of three images that rotated for the first 20 or so seconds that I was on the page. This was the first image in the series.


I’ve heard that animated ads were coming (it’s been months since it was announced) but hadn’t seen any to this point. I’d be interested to know how they convert income wise as they are quite imposing ads on a page.

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  • I have an animated ad on one of my blogs. Little blocks come together to form a house. It’s kind of annoying and takes a little while to load. It’s also reminding how poorly optimized my blog is. It has nothing at all to do with my subject.

  • Ken

    Saturday morning (around midnight Pacific U.S. time), I saw a Flash ad on a blog I was creating (just test content, not live yet). I thought it was strange because my understanding was that rich media ad was in beta with a limited number of publishers. I have not seen them on my main sites. Perhaps Google is doing random tests. Isn’t Google suppose to tell publishers they will be testing rich media ads on their site?

  • Oh yes, I do lot of Yahoo Messengers with Voice ads on my blog done in Flash – the good part is that they don’t have the tagline “Ads by Google”

  • I have been getting flash ads on the header of my blog for a while now. Something to do with compressing video for flash. My blog deals mostly with the Australian Stockmarket but occasionally they serve bogger adds or the used to, now it is stockmarket stuff.

    I am suprised that this is a new thing, as I have only started blogging recently and wasn’t aware that Flash adds were new for Adsense.

  • CJ

    Wow animated ads. Maybe I’ll try that one. I just hope click revenue is good.

  • I am also seeing several animated ads around the web. Many do not have ads by gooooogle beneath them.

  • For a couple of days I saw Google ads on my site that were not only animated but interactive. They were so different I had a hard time convincing a few people they were Google ads.

    Check out the ads at the link below.

  • I had animated ads, but the first time I came across them I was not happy.

    It was playing some horror movie which had nothing to do with my blog site. The sad part was it was playing across all of my weblogs.

    Besides that one, the rest have been rather fine, and I enjoy them greatly.