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An Offer that isn’t too Good to be True

Posted By Shayne Tilley 4th of July 2013 General 0 Comments

An Offer that isn't too Good to be True

Recently, Darren shared an amazing bundle of blogger training available for just 72 hours.

As someone who is very selective about what training and personal development I participate in I wanted to put my own perspective forward as to why I think is something very much worth considering.

Blogging is hard

It takes effort, commitment and determination. As a blog owner you need to master multitasking, a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get things done. You need to be able to cop your fair share of criticism and be willing to make peace with the fact that your To Do list will always be longer than time permits.

Because blogging is hard, it’s a great opportunity for people to create products that make life easier. Some of these products would have you believe you can simply sit back and watch the page views, and profits, roll in. The copy is compelling, painting a picture of the vast green pasture on ‘the other side’.

We all look at them and think… I must be doing something wrong if it’s all that easy! I better find out what.

You put your hand in your pocket with high hopes. Sadly, more and more of these products are being sold exceptionally well but delivering nothing on their promise. Of course, it could be worse.

And then there are the other products

Why I particularly like about the latest collection of Problogger courses for bloggers is that they don’t prey on your dreams. It’s a collection of courses designed to make you a better blogger in a bunch of different ways. They are all very practical and real, and it’s refreshing to see.

Unlike Darren, I don’t personally know any of the people behind these course. I do know Darren and he only has respect for those who truly deserve it – so some points are instantly awarded right there.

But more importantly let’s look at the topics covered.

Breakthrough Blogging

I love that this course is aimed at people who have started a blog and then stalled. At one point or another we’ve all felt that progress isn’t what we’d hoped for. That we’re not moving forward, fast enough. This is when many people give up. Through this course if you can find the inner motivation you need to get to tipping point of your blog. This course is worth the $200 on it’s own!

How to Connect with Anyone

This might be more personal to me, but I envy people who seem to be able to network and connect in their sleep. I walk into a room of people simply hoping that someone will talk to me. It’s been said that your worth is driven by your network, and I this course could help me with that. It would be a lifelong weakness of mine conquered!

Better Web Videos & Rapid Video Blogging

We all started blogging because we like to write and like to share. Then, there was video to add to the mix and all of a sudden we were movie producers as well as writers. We can make videos I’m sure, but it takes too long and they lack polish. Both these courses change that. Videos done right and done easily — Yay!!

Publish Your Book on Kindle

7 out of 10 of the questions I get asked are about getting an eBook published. I would have loved if this course wasn’t specific to the Kindle but you cant win them all! Knowing how to get your book on a Kindle is a major barrier and the rest comes pretty easy after that.


Postcasting was cool, then uncool, and now it’s cool again. There are some small but very important things you have to when you’re podcasting. I really like the post that was shared here quite recently and I know this course kicks it up a level.

All these courses will:

  • give you the motivational kick up the backside you probably need
  • help you be a networking superstar
  • see you producing great video content easily
  • reduce the unknowns in publishing your eBook on the kindle
  • … and if you’re up for it, get in on the podcasting resurgence.

That’s a pretty good piece of personal development as a blogger!

Typically, I keep my thoughts on these sorts of things to myself and Darren had already shared the deal. But this was one was too good to keep quite about — I couldn’t resist!

It’s amazing value for the price. If you didn’t know Darren, you might think it sounds too good to be true, but he’s a generous guy.

So go, check out the courses now!

About Shayne Tilley
Shayne has been part of the ProBlogger Team in various ways for more than a decade – from dreaming up new ProBlogger and Digital Photography School products and running marketing to writing books and speaking at events. These days he’s happy sharing his experiences running teams of amazing content creators, marketers and engineers at 99designs
  1. I like the fact that you let others know that blogging is hard work and while there are things you can do to make blogging simple. The truth of the matter is you just have to put on your hard hat and go to work. Nice post.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Darren.

    I enjoy reading Pat’s blog and this is his first paid blogging course for sale so it’s exciting and not his last. I’m not as familiar with the other authors and publishers but they seem great guys.

    Out of these 5,which one do you feel is the most important for a beginner blogger to develop?

    Thanks again Darren.

    • I would have to say the networking one is important one for the beginner blogger. But the video courses might be good thing to add a new dimension to your blog and reach a different audience.

  3. This is really good offer!

  4. No doubt blogging is damned difficult but for those who are ease-lovers otherwise for those who know how to grab opportunity from problems very well know how to exploit blogging for their or their business success. Anyway course seems to be awesome, best of luck

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I believe to what you have said that “blogging is hard work”, indeed it is and it takes time to master your forte even to the point of stopping when all goes bad and no one seems to read what you have written. It is frustrating, but there will always be a room for improvement all it takes is to perceiver on your passion

  6. Blogging is hard. But having it a challenge makes us all strive to go harder. And such courses are awesome!

  7. Well if you do what you enjoy you will find it hard at all and when we can keep complaining you will lose the feeling of doing what you wanna do.

  8. Hi Darren, I saw that offer too but only a couple of sections really peaked my interest. Would have liked to have a pick and mix option for a lower price.

  9. For those interested in brand management and damage control I would suggest visiting Pat Flynn’s SPI blog and check out the reaction from his readers after he announced the only72 bundle. It is not pretty, but it is instructive. Switching from his very lucrative – free content for all business model – to a paid product has proven to be sadly divisive for his readers.

  10. Networking is a big help when you are trying to become recognised and established as a blogger. . I have never been in the same city as a major event but going to the DC BKK meetup in October and I am really looking forward to being involved in a sea of entrepreneurs!

    Using Meetup and FB Groups can be helpful also..

  11. Blogging is hard. Thanks for sharing this.

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