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Alternablog: Mobile Blogging

This post has been submitted by regular contributor – Aaron Brazell

For the most part, when people talk about blogging they are talking about a very conventional style of communication which describes what most of us are used to – a top-down, linear mostly text medium. While this is the most common blog type, there are other varieties as well. We know about these, for the most part: podcasting, photoblogging, moblogging and videocasting, to name the most common alternablogs.

During the next few weeks, my column will revolve around exploring some of these alternate blogging types, some of the benefits to them and entry into that blog mode.

Mobile blogging, or moblogging as it is called, is a rapidly growing phenomenon where bloggers can submit entries via mobile phones, PDAs and Blackberrys or other mobile device. The idea is really quite simple – journalize where I am.

While I have dabbled in moblogging a little bit over the years, it isn’t something that I’ve taken to. But increasingly, more people are. WordPress offers built in mobile support. A blogger sets up a secret email box that WordPress can periodically check for new content. If any content is present, it will post that content as entries. Mobile entries can be submitted to this email box via text message or mobile email service.

There are WordPress plugins that make the whole process more reliable and even provide additional features. Postie is one such plugin that comes to mind. WordPress is not the only mobile blogging platform though. Blogger has its own moblogging feature.

Other Mobile Blogging resources:

  • KABLOG is a tool for mobile phones and PSAs that support posting based on the Metaweblog API. It supports most of the major blog platforms including WordPress and Movable Type.
  • An old entry (2003) from Joi Ito but still has some useful tools.
  • And of course, what would a Google search be without a post from Darren that is full of helpful information. :|