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Akismet Suffers Comment Spam Downtime

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of August 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Akismet users might have noticed an increase in comment spam getting through the system over the past 24 hours. It seems that they had some downtime as a result of an update that allowed quite a bit of spam to get through.

It seems to have settled now but for a few hours there last night I was swamped with the stuff (I was deleting it only just as fast as it was coming in). It made me realize just how much spam they usually stop for me (my counter shows that it’s stopped just under 22,000 comment spams in the last 15 days).

All is back up and running now – sorry for those of you who were exposed to the crud that was through my comments last night and to those who had trouble commenting (I switched to a higher level of moderation for a while there).

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  • I was wondering what happened. I ended up switching to Spam Karma and I can’t believe that I never used it before! I thought Akismet was good but Spam Karma is amazing with how many settings it has. If you want more control over the spam comments then you should check it out.

  • Same issue here – woke up to 1000+ spam comments. Makes you realize how good Akismet really is.

  • Sorry about the trouble that the downtime caused, I hope it wasn’t too many spam for you.

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  • Phew, it wasn’t just me then – I had a massive surge in comment spam over the weekend.

    As Pete said, Akismet being down actually shows how good a job they’re doing because I’ve hardly thought about comment spam for months now.

  • I checked my email last night, saw the spam, and thought, “Oh crap – the Internet just threw up on my blogs.” I was happy to find everything back in working order today.

    Matt, dude, don’t apologize (though it’s nifty you did). You guys have done so much for the blogging community.

  • That is why you should have at least two spam catcher as a fail-safe.

  • I noticed a lot of false positives, too. Usually 4 or 5 a day. Well, hope they solve it, I can´t start to imagine my life without Akismet.

  • was a little freaky at first Matt but once i upped my moderation levels I got on top of it.

  • A while back I looked at the Akismet Worst Offenders plugin. It’s a modification of the original which groups spam from the same IP or hostname together for easy deletion.
    Definitely recommended for reviewing the Akismet Queue.

  • Yeah I’ve got to say also – you don’t realise how good Akismet is until it breaks or stops working. Well done to Matt and the team at Akismet for the good work so far! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

  • Hey Matt,

    No need to apologize – Akismet rocks.

  • I guess I was a bit lucky. No spam comment made it through to publishing because I had first-time comments to be hold on moderation enabled and that did the trick and spared me from those damned spammers.

    I tried the Spam Karma 2 and Akismet Combo but in my experience SK2 seemed to have overruled Akismet in some cases because some spam got through. I dropped Spam Karma and settled with Akismet and since then my blog has been spam free.

  • I guess I can turn off Spam Karma now. I was wondering what happened. Maybe there needs to be a ‘news’ block of text in Akismet that alerts when things like this might happen. I almost thought badly of the plugin. ;)

  • 22,000 comments in 15 days? That is 1500 pieces of spam a day! I currently use movable type and have resisted moving to WordPress because I am not sure of the features that I would gain for the work it would take to move over but Askimet seems like a good enough reason on it’s own.

    Has anyone checked to see if Askimet has many false positives when scaning for spam?

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  • I actually have a friend of mine that is getting counted as spam by akismet. I emailed akismet to see how to get him out of the spam filter.

  • I couldn’t figure out what had changed! So much viagra at once! Glad it’s all sorted out – I really like Akismet, it’s usually very good.

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  • classicrock

    I have over 25,000 comment spams on my blog. Now what? How do I delete them? I certainly cannot go page by page or I’ll be here for a month or two. Any ideas or tools ?

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