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AdSense Video Ads Launched

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of May 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

AdWords have officially started allowing their US, Canadian and Japanese advertisers create video ads.

This should mean that we start seeing the first of them in the coming days as they are approved by the AdWords team.

Let us know if and where you spot them in action and what you think of them.

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  • Lets wait and watch for more crisp, spice and sensation in their adds.

  • I thought they were allowed already. However, I’m curious where I first stumble across a video add ;)

  • I’m curious to know the “quality” of those video ads too… =)

  • Neo

    I haven’t actually seen the video ads in action. Let us know if you came across any :)

    Can’t wait for it to be available internationally.

  • Video ads would be very interesting. Yet to stumble upon one. Just wonder whether the video would auto load or get activated on clicking …

  • I think this is gonna be cool. Almost like a direct competitor to youtube. lol!

  • Could be interesting. I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for this development.

  • i think it will be great for site not english content to put adsense refferal, i think it will make lot of click for the site because the language is familiar with the user who read the site

  • Ama

    there are video ads on for that global warming movie with Al Gore… they’ve been there for a while. I don’t know if they’re google ads though since it doesn’t say google anywhere.
    They’re super annoying because they autoplay for some reason.

  • I’ve had a few show up on my page. They’ve been from Pontiac, so they are high quality ads. They’ve shown up in the large rectangle format. Haven’t seen any change in my click through rate as of yet though.

  • Just to add to the above, I’m in Canada and the site is sports related.

  • Ama, i don’t think that’s Google’s video ad. There is no “Ads by Google”

    and it won’t be autoplay by Google’s defination!