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  1. It’s nice to see Google caring more about their AdSense customers.

  2. It’s not that they “care” about the publishers that make money for them. But, more publishers means more money. Anyway, what they have done should have been done long ago. It’s common sense when you a have a service to let people know how to use it, right?

  3. It appears Google is trying to “dumb down” their services for the entry level user. First with AdWords offering their new beginner service and now AdSense enhancing their Help Center. This is an essential move to continue increasing Google’s growth and penetration of the market.

  4. […] According to the ProBlogger post “AdSense updates AdSense Help Center“, AdSense have updated their help pages. It would appear that Google is trying to get as many people up and running as possible, with demos and more in depth help. Of course, considering they get a percentage of each click’s revenue, the more AdSensers, the merrier. […]

  5. I had a quesitons about adsense and they responded very fast to it…I guess they care..well they are making money off the ads on your website so they better care

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