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Adsense testing ‘Advertise on This Site’ Feature

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of September 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Google Adsense are testing a new Adsense feature called ‘Advertise on this site’ which you can see in action on some pages at ask the builder. I’ve included this screen capture and have highlighted the link that sends advertisers to this page where they are told about the site and then invited to sign up as an advertiser for it through Adwords.

Advertise On This Site

This is no doubt a strategy for increasing the amount of advertisers in the Adwords system and hopefully will attract advertisers to buy advertising on specific sites. Both of these should benefit Adsense publishers.

It will be an interesting one to watch.

Found via Ask Dave Taylor

update: Read more about this feature at Google’s Adwords Help Section on the topic.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Tha would be a fantstic way of increasing the revenue of your blog? But how would it work, basically, they pay you? Damn, Google are getting better and better at this.

  2. I’m not 100% confortable with this because it allows anyone to signup and it could in theory drop the return from adsense. I had once advertiser targeting some of my sites for a while using the Adwords name-your-site feature and my revenue plumeted because it really wasn’t contextual enough (indeed it wasn’t contextual at all). Would I support the idea? maybe, if Google gave you the chance to accept advertisers on your site if it was going to affect your revenue, but then again we use Adsense because of the contextual stuff, not the non-contextual stuff and that’s essentially what this does.

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  4. […] Según comentan en Problogger, parece ser que Google está haciendo pruebas en algunos de sus afiliados para que pongan publicidad en su sitio web. […]

  5. Hopefully, this is an opt in program or they allow sites the option to approve or disapprove ads. If they do that, I think it’s an awesome way to hook up advertisers with publishers. I wonder though, if this will lead to an overall reduction in AdSense dollars for small publishers, since these will obviously be most useful on larger, more well established sites. Will those who choose to do this withdraw from standard AdSense advertising?

  6. I’m not convinced that this is tying particular advertisers to particular sites, its just intoducing advertisors to the adwords/adsense marketing plan.

    I can;t see the viability of an advertisor clicking on the link and wanting only to advertise on that particular site – its more likely to be an ‘advertise within the network, targeted at sites like this one’ campaign.

    Be interesting to see what the take up rate is, and will sites asking visitors directly to sponsor/advertise on the site be in violation of the TOS? This would effectively be cutting out the middleman if the advertising was to be site specific.

  7. Site Targetting Made Easy: AdSense Offers “Advertise On This Site”

    Ruben over at ThreadWatch writes, Google Adsense “Advertise on this Site” which links to a blog entry spotting a new feature on AdSense. If you go to AskTheBuilder.com you will notice on the top right portion of the Google AdSense…

  8. […] Google AdSense is marketing its site targeting service by testing an “Advertise on this site” link in its AdSense contextually targeted advertisements. Darren Rowse of Problogger.net picked this up after seeing the Google AdSense test on Tim Carter’s Ask the Builder website. Once a user clicks through on the link in the ad, they are taken to a nifty AdWords generated site profile page with basic information on the Ask the Builder site and Google suggests to the reader to join or use AdWords to purchase advertising targeting the website. […]

  9. Ohhhhh… that makes more sense, Dave. I was thinking that seemed to go rather against the grain of their contextual advertising. If it’s just another way to sign up new advertisers, that is a fine idea. I hope that the publisher whose ad generates the sign up also gets paid.

  10. But alas, no. Follow the link and it is indeed meant to target a specific site. So… I revert back to my previous concern and paranoid fear that this is just another way of The Man keeping the little guy down. LOL

  11. Okay, okay okay, I know, I’m post spamming on this topic and I apologize. But I’ve done some further reading and it looks like this program is a bit different than we’re used to from AdSense. For example, these ads are run and paid for by the advertiser on a per impression basis, rather than a per click basis. I do not know if that changes how a publisher is paid or not. Also, whether you see the “Advertise on this site” link or not, it looks like AdWords advertisers can enter keywords they want to target, see a list of sites that would target those keywords and then choose to review and target those sites for advertising. And the other thing about this, is that if the site targeted ad wins the eCPM bid for that ad space, it actually fills the entire ad space allocated to that ad unit with “an expanded text ad or picture ad” instead of just having one of the 3 or 4 mini text ads that might be there. As this program becomes more popular with advertisers, it could change how ads work for larger, busier websites and blogs who are valued by advertisers. Me, I don’t gotta worry about it with my puny 30 visitors a day. LOL But if I was Darren or The Manolo, I might be concerned.

  12. So how is this different to the other ppc networks like Adbrite?
    Do we need more of the same?

  13. […] Donnerstag, 29. Sep 2005 (16:26) gsyi document.write(”) Um die Anzahl der Advertisers im Adwords zu erhöhen, testet Google gerade den neuen Feature “Advertise on this site”. Zu sehen ist dieser erstmal nur auf ask the builder. Neben Ads by Goooooogle steht ein Link mit dem Text “Advertise on this site“. Wenn man draufklickt, landet man auf einer Seite, auf der Werbung auf CPM Basis über Adwords gebucht werden kann. >> Google Adwords – What is the ‘Advertise on this site’ link? >> Darren Rowse – Problogger […]

  14. Good research Matt, looks a little concerning to me, shifting the emphasis from contextual to specific advertising.

    If the referrer gets a sign up fee, all well and good, but do we really want company X deciding that they want to advertise their particular product on a website that might not be appropriate – can the webmaster say no to it?

    all sorts of questions raised on this one. Advertiser with well target ads might work, but if the product isn’t directly related, click throughs might disappear.

  15. It may be that since this program is pay per impression, that the publisher may get paid even if no click occurs. Based on what I read, I’m uncertain about how it will function from the perspective of the publisher. Those of you with popular, busy sites, should look closely at this to see if there is an opportunity here for even greater earnings (or a potential for reduced earnings). Those of us who are still not overrun with traffic probably have very little to be concerned about since only seriously brain damaged advertisers would specifically target our sites at this point in their growth. LOL

  16. I used this program while working as marketing director for a software company. From an advertiser perspective, it worked well.

    This is from the Adwords Site Targeting FAQs…
    (start of Google FAQ excerpt) In CPM advertising, advertisers set the maximum amount (max CPM) they’re willing to pay for each 1000 impressions their ad receives. The price paid is the same whether users click on the ad or not. This is different from cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns, where advertisers pay only when their ad receives a click.

    Advertisers have told us that CPM pricing is a tool they’d like to have available for their AdWords campaigns. Some advertisers want the flexibility to reach customers early in the advertising cycle, with ads designed to increase awareness but not necessarily generate clicks or traffic. Others prefer the traditional industry metrics of CPM campaigns. As a result, we’re making CPM pricing available to those who prefer it.

    CPM pricing is currently available only with site-targeted ads. Advertisers select the sites where they’d like their ad to appear, and set a max CPM that applies for all those sites. CPM ads are then ranked for display according to their max CPM, competing with other CPM ads and with keyword-targeted cost-per-click (CPC) ads. A CPM ad occupies the entire ad space, with either an image ad or an expanded text ad. (end of excerpt)

    I’m assuming that since Google is charging advertisers on the basis of clicks per 1000 impressions, then publishers will be compensated as a percentage of the amount charged — but note, I’m making an assumption and haven’t found info on the Google Adsense site yet. However, if Google does pay per impressions, then this is a good thing for publishers.

  17. I enjoy Google adsense. I also enjoy adbrite advertising to earn income on my websites.

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