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AdSense Tells You How Stat Happy You Are

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of August 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Who has spotted the change at AdSense when you login to check your stats?

It’s not a big one – but it could be helpful (especially for those of you who are constantly checking your stats and need a reminder to get a life…. I know who you are).


Yep – they’re now telling you how long it’s been since you last logged in.

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  • I’m turning into one of those people who are constantly checking their stats. Right now I’m trying out some new stuff though and am curious to see what my changes will bring.

  • I had noticed that.

    It’s a good reminder that I need to spend less time metrics watching and more time writing and doing other stuff. I just went into my account and set up a report to email myself daily. One of the things I like about the Amazon Affiliates is that it only updates once a day. I’m getting tired of everything being so immediate and updateable.

  • While the “stat junkie” factor is certainly there, the main reason systems usually have status messages like this is for security. If you have been offline for a week and it tells you your last login was “1 hour ago”, you know your account has been compromised.

  • Very True Michael. Of course it’s funnier to say that it’s for stat junkies :-)

  • Ian

    I’m definately a stat junky. I’ve forced myself to cut back to once an hour. Although I may move to 2-3 times a day soon. ;)

  • This is also a very good security feature. If you’re watchful, it can alert you if someone else has used your account. I wish it were on more sites.

  • I noticed it as well. The first time it was something like “35 minutes”. I just checked my stats now at it was “14 minutes”. I have a life outside of the internet, I swear!

  • Yay for the AdSense plug-in for FireFox xD I hardly ever have to check in to get my balance. Also, I have it shown in the footer of my blog. Though to be completely honest, it’s pointless being as I only make ~$2

    It’s good security too, you’ll be able to match your last log in with your stated log in and report it/change your password if they’re different.

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  • I just use the plugin for Firefox so I can see my stats every few senconds…well it only updates every 20 minutes but I still look way to often. YES I can eat lunch today.

  • Why does mine show a link to AdSense Anonymous?

  • What’s funny is to try and discourage stat addiction is probably exactly the reason that they are showing the time between logins.


    Here’s the address to that Firefox plugin that Bill mentioned, in case anyone’s interested. Just downloaded it and love it. Lifehack for stat addicts.

  • instead of just saying> Last Login: 2 hours ago

    it should be> Last Login: 2 hours ago | Total logins today: 254

    or even> Total logins today: 254 (get a life)

    BTW, can you get it to say> last login 1 minute ago?

    …off to check ;) LOL


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