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AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of January 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

AdMoolah has put together a useful list of links if you’re looking for sites that allow you to contribute content in return for displaying AdSense ads with your publisher code imbedded into them.

Probably the most well known of these is Digital Point’s Forums which all participants can submit their AdSense publisher code to. The more you post the more chance you have of earning. Of course forums are notoriously hard to monetize – but I know of a couple of bloggers who make a few dollars here and there this way.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Although not listed on AdMoolah yet, Computing News – ( ) is also sharing it’s ad inventory. Adsense and other programs are shared 50/50 on editor approved posts. The service has launched, and will start accepting new bloggers by mid next week.

    I think we are only seeing the tip of this iceberg.

  • Hmmn..interesting…DP is the only one I knew so far ;-)
    But wonder what the ROI would be in the time spent contributing content on such sites.


  • Interesting concept! I did not know you can do that as I felt it would be against Google’s TOS for something. This thing has given me an idea though for something new I plan to do, so thanks! :)

  • Hmm.. I thought NamePros was also with a revenue share mod.

  • John Koontz

    I’ll have a revenue sharing site to announce in a few weeks. However, the revenue sharing model is quite the footnote to the new service we’re announcing. I’m going to leave off the URL until we’re live. This is just a teaser of sorts. I’ll update you in a week or two!


  • Tommpa: Thanks for the information about NamePros. I have added the site to the list.

    Kavs: I don’t think it would be worth contributing to these sites as a mony making scheme. I think these work if you are contributing to the site anyway; it a nice way to make a few extra pennies for your contributions.

    John: I look forward to hearing about your new site. Make sure to drop me a note when it goes live so I can update the list.

    Thanks everyone!


  • Yep..that’s what I was thinking as well..thanks for clarifying it as well Toivo.


  • Mike

    looks like he updated the list…

  • John Koontz > ur site sounds quite interesting. Please let me know about it too when it launches. I wish you all the best! :)

  • As I said, we’ve been working on a new revenue sharing blog network. While the front page is still being developed, individual blogs are now active. We’re looking to add new bloggers at the moment. If you’re interested, let us know.

    To see active blogs, look at the Meet Our Friends section of the footer.

  • Thanks for the great information. Small website owners like me have an idea to improve the visitors traffic.

  • Hello, we also maintain a list of adsense revenue sharing programs. So if you have such a website please come by and add yours to the list, cheers, James.

  • Over a month old now, ArsCompendium has delved into the realm of Adsense Revenue Sharing, and working out quite nicely too. It helps that a majority of the writers who have participated so far have come from my other site: , so to say the site has some great content is quite an understatement.


  • rod

    I always thought you cant put two different id or accounts on one site. This is new?

  • I’ve implemented revenue sharing in “The Webmaster Diaries” an article directory where adsense participants can submit their ID’s along with their articles.

  • msk

    one more good list of revenue sharing sites

  • is not only a revenue sharing site for publishing your work, but has the Joomla adsense revenue sharing module available for download.

  • I also implement this on my website.
    Topic starters can post Youtube/Google Videos, stream music and start discussion where they can share 50-50 ad ratio.

    Another site I know is, an Adsense Revenue Sharing Blog, people can post videos, invite their friends to watch it then share 50-50 ad impressions with the site.

    Revenue sharing is really cool!

  • Leo

    I hope that someday Yahoo and other ad networks will follow Google’s footsteps.

  • We have just opened up a site that does adsense rev share, check this out We are going to modify the code so the article writers can not click their own ads by hidng the adsense from them.

  • Google adsense ad revenue sharing forum is a better idea for making money online even we not have any web sites. Also the responsibility for making more traffic also not affect us.

    lam giving you a great site that supports ad revenue sharing in forum posts. Get in to: to get more money online from google account.

  • I also run a Webmaster Discussion Forum. is an active Webmasters Discussion forum for discussing topics related to web hosting, hosting software, control panels, programming/scripting languages (ColdFusion, PHP, ASP etc), web designing, advertising, SEO, Google discussion etc.

    We now offer [b]AdSense Revnue Sharing[/b] at our forums. We display AdSense ADs with your publisher ID on the threads you participate in so whenever someone clicks on the Ad you will earn the money. We share the revenue 50-50% so more you participate more you earn.

    Please see more details at

  • This is interesting… DP is the only one I knew so far. Thanks for sharing….

  • I run a tutorial directory and let other administrators post their own adsense code to my site when they submit a tutorial to my website. I think people are much more willing to contribute if they have some incentive. Money speaks the loudest when you are begging people to post content on your website. Here is my link to my Adsense Revenue sharing page. It is a wiki website:

  • There are several sites now offering AdSense revenue sharing through AdSense API integration like RateItAll. In the past, several sites used to share AdSense revenue by rotating member AdSense accounts. Now Google has made it official by announcing the AdSense APIs. You can see a clean implementation of AdSense API integration at .

  • To add another: We offer 50% revenue sharing on our site for users that create a “site”. Sites can be about TV shows, movies, celebs or video games.


  • There are several sites now offering revenue sharing using Google AdSense APIs. is one of the first few sites to offer Google AdSense revenue sharing programs using AdSense APIs.

  • We have just installed the Adsense Revenue Sharing Mod on our Talk Entertainment forum. The revenue model is 50% revenue goes to poster on the content page.

    There are two benefits for the blogger / webmaster here:
    1. 50% revenue share
    2. Backlinks to the blog or website through signature.

    Hope this works out well for the posters.

  • How about but the earnings is very low…

  • Tristan Holder

    There is another site sharing adsense revenue %75 . Basically, you write articles about gadgets and earn. i will try it.

  • Here is a Squidoo lens I made that lists all of the revenue sharing sites that I could find. It’s setup to allow you to add your own to it.

    Also, regarding my post from back in May, we have boosted our sharing to 75%, so hopefully that will be good for our members.

  • I have a blog can I add some sort of revenue sharing to it?? that is share adsense revenue with my users…..

  • Han

    don’t worry this is actually legal and your account will be save. you can also make money from sharing video. please read more on

  • gives you free advertising with Google Adsense Revenue Sharing. Just add your Adsense ID and post your ad.

  • Any education related site which shares adsense revenue ?. Any chance of You tube sharing revenue in the near future. There was lot of talk about it.

  • Join Our Forum ReviewsClick.Com, Write One Review Daily and it is my promise, in 40 days, we will get much traffic and members that we will earn much,

    I am sure that at one stage (possible in near future) we will take only 0.1% from our forum and rest all will be given to member that start new threads by reviewing products.

    Why Choose ReviewsClick.Com as your revenue sharing forum?
    The answer is this that we have Minimum Post Count of 20 and Percent Share of 90% that no other adsense revenue sharing forum is offering and it will stay as same because we love to share everything. 

    What Percent Share Means?
    Percent Share means The percentage as a number between 1 and 100 for in how many case to use a Member’s AdSense Client ID. In Simple Words Member’s Adds will get 90% share of display in forums.

  • I agree with you pagerank for your blog, DP earning is very low because they are giving only 50% of add display, with minumum posts of 50 however we are offering 90% of earnings with mim post of 20 only. Difference is very clear. So, Join now and you will see the difference in your adsense accout soon in weeks.

  • I just added revenue sharing to a social networking site Ive been working on

    Each user shares in the revenue produced by the advertisements in their profile. The more profile views your profile gets the more money you’ll make.

    The idea of the site is to allow users to promote their website, blog, band or just themselves and get rewarded monetarily for being popular.

  • Create an account and submit your AdSense Code. As you browse the web and find interesting pictures you can submit the pictures easily to the site.

    When people visit your submissions your AdSense Ads will show. Very easy.

  • Admoolah seems to not be updating the list anymore. There is a larger and up to date revenue sharing sites list at:

  • karson

    One-stop-shop for getting a Google Adsense account and make money from meeting friends, posting contents, group discussions and events. They even have multi-platform with different languages like English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. So you will have more chances to reach more channels if you know their languages. Check out

  • allows users to set up their own google ad and embed videos from youtube. every time a user’s video is viewed, the ad is shown also. we are currently working on displaying user adsense on blogs as well. drop me an email for further info [email protected]

  • Hi, is a spanish revenue sharing forum with 100% of sharing and more, because you can use your Adsense ID in your referrals if they don’t use Adsense.

  • Someday it won’t matter how much money you’ve made. What will matter are the lives you’ve enriched during your time on earth.

  • Network Marketing Explained. Know the facts, know the lies. Demand the truth. Thats how frustrated network marketers become successful marketers.

  • …a useful list of links if you’re looking for sites that allow you to contribute content in return for displaying AdSense ads with your publisher code…


  • Ram


    Here is one Site which offers 90% of Adsense Revenue sharing integrated with Adsense API Integration.

    Webdesigners Just post Webdesigning tutorials right from basic html, webdesigning learners can get free web hosting and can discuss and learn webdesigning and get 90% Adsense Revenue from all your contributions.

    Submit Webdesigning Tutorials and get 90% Adsense Revenue Sharing From your Posts

  • The forums on also operates AdSense Revenue Sharing.

    The share rate ranges from 5% to 95% – that’s based on the post count you’ve racked up in the forums. New users get the smaller share, with prolific posters getting the lion’s share.

    It supports Google AdSense, Yahoo Partner Network (US only), and TextLink Ads, and operates on the “your ads” then “site’s ads” basis. So if your current share is 60%, then 6 out of 10 page loads will use your affiliate codes for the adverts displayed in those page loads, and you’ll get 100% of any ad revenue from those particular page loads.

    Page “ownership” is determined by who started the thread topic, and even on index pages and non-topic pages, you get up to 50% of the ad displays.

    The forums have several major categories –
    – Online Sales Venues (including eBay and dozens of other sites, Amazon, AbeBooks, Classifieds and Mall sites etc)
    – Business Admin (a loose term for all the departments and functions in running a business)
    – General and Fun sections (including a great games arcade for retro arcade games)
    – Home-based business ideas and categories zone (for giving or gathering ideas about how to make money without commuting)
    – Web Masters Zone (covering everything from basic site building through SEO, site scripts, site types and monitising and more.)

    If you’re looking to learn or share what you know, drop by, sign up, add your affiliate codes in your profile, and start posting to start earning.


  • Ram


    Here is one Site which offers 90% of Adsense Revenue sharing integrated with Adsense API Integration.

    Webdesigners Just post Webdesigning tutorials right from basic html, webdesigning learners can get free web hosting and can discuss and learn webdesigning and get 90% Adsense Revenue from all your contributions.

    Submit Webdesigning Tutorials and get 90% Adsense Revenue Sharing From your Posts