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AdSense Remove ‘Advertise on this Site’ links from Ad Units

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of December 2007 Adsense 0 Comments

AdSense have just announced in emails to publishers that they have pulled the plug on the ‘Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up’ feature that used to appear on some ad units (links that used to read ‘Advertise on this site’.

The removal of this feature is a result of it’s poor performance and will soon be completely phased out.

I think it’s a good move – one less link on the ad units for people to click instead of an ad. Hopefully most advertisers are savvy enough to know how to target sites using AdWords.

Sounds like the team at AdSense are doing an overhaul of the system at the moment with changes to their reports hinted at (and announced), moves from site targeting to placement targeting and the changes to clickable zones in ad units all in the last 2-3 weeks.

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  • I disabled that “Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up” in my ad units long ago

    I figured that if someone wanted to advertise specifically on my site I’d much rather they approached me directly so I could get 100% of the money and not have to share the extra revenue with Google

    I was correct :-) Since then my direct ad income has broken 5 figures just by itself ignoring Adsense and other blog income

  • It doesn’t surprise me that it performs poorly. If I recall correctly, didn’t it always refer just to the original site that had been used to sign up for AdSense with, or did they fix that? I seem to remember reading that some time back.

    This is one move that I doubt will annoy many people.

  • Thank god. I wasn’t even aware that we could de-activate it, but I wish I did. I ended up almost removing AdSense entirely from my blog because Circuit City did this on my site making almost every ad ever shown on the site a totally irrelevant Circuit City ad that performed like crap.

    Like Neerav, I have moved to direct sales of advertising and have done much better.

  • I never use “Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up” :P

  • This is one move that I doubt will annoy many people

  • They should remove that “Ads by Google” part too I hate it.

    I mean from business prospective you could really do good blending on adsense ads, and you would make more money with it. But with an ad like “ads by google” its just irritating me .

    Was this post paid by google? JK!!!

  • Yes!
    Sometimes I feel like Ads by google should also be removed. They are more highlighted than the content!

  • I love having the ablilty to remove the advertise on this site part of the ad. I do have to agree with Live Crunch or the ability to remove the “Ads by Google” part.

  • Sometime there’s a website which only contain an ads, the only thing i saw which belong to the website is only the title..what the hack they trying to do there… :)

  • Luq

    i guess the purpose of the ‘ads by google’ is to make viewers trust the ads.. if its from google it’s supposed to be legit ‘good’ ads.

  • I strongly agreed with Google changed.

  • I dont miss the link myself, I dont, I’m not advertizing just as yet.

  • The less garbage and wasted space the better! I honestly wish the adds looked even more simple and had LESS words but this is step in the right direction.

  • Hectril

    Thats good news for advertisers. It increases their click ratio and its very simple and effective means of strategy. Adwords could also benefit from this change of Adsense.