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Adsense Referral Program

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of November 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Looks like I was wrong with my last post – apologies – but even more exciting than that is that Adsense have just launched a referal program. Now you can refer new publishers to adsense and earn $100 when they get to their first $100 of earnings.

There are a variety of buttons to choose from (no text links) to promote the referral program. Here’s some:




Note that these are not live buttons – it would be against Adsense TOS to include more than one such button per page.

There’s also apparently a referral program for US publishers for dowload of firefox with the Google Adsense toolbar which pays $1 per download. I don’t see the option for this in my Adsense package of course as an Aussie publisher.

I’m not sure if I’ll really heavily promote this program – I don’ t know too many publishers who haven’t already registered for Adsense. I suspect YPN will have a similar program which would be much more lucrative in terms of how many possible sign ups could be generated.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Great, another double edge sword from Google.

    1. Sweeet 100 bucks.
    2. It can take for ever to get it…..

    So Google is obviously trying to regain/re-establish its role in online advertising. But hey, you get 10 people to earn first $100. that’s a $1000 in your pocket. I just wish buttons were customizable. They just look too ugly.

  2. You don’t have readers who are the correct demographic for such ads.

    The sites these will do best on is the ‘make your own website’ ones, etc.

  3. Or for “Make Lots of Money With Google!!” sites. Instead of selling ebooks which are just summaries of stuff you can pick up around here for free, publish your tips and hope they sign up with you as their referrer.

  4. Fintan and Migs, I can envision a lot of dubious ‘make your own website’ or “Make Lots of Money With Google!!” sites cropping up. Getting people to sign up will probably be the easy part, but how many of those people will make it to the $100 mark. I wonder if this will usher in a new market where the referrals are nurtured in a community or one-on-one with the referrer.

    Ok, nevermind. I read through the new AdSense terms and conditions.

    “You shall not promote or facilitate a Referral Event by any means other than displaying a Referral Button on the Site, unless expressly authorized in writing by Google (including by electronic mail).”

    I wonder where the line is drawn in promoting or facilitating a Referral Event.

  5. This is ridiculously late, I have already referred all possible clients and friends to Adsense years ago when it first started. At least 40-50 people in total. Way to go G!

  6. […] I’ve been pondering the Adsense decision to get into the referral business this morning since hearing the news. There are a number of questions and directions that my mind has taken with it. Bear with me as I think out loud for a few minutes: […]

  7. Are there any publishers left that haven’t heard of the Adsense program? It seems to me that anyone not already using them is in that boat because their sites don’t qualify.

    Oh well, I guess Google is after those last few stragglers and wants our help to find them.

    Good luck!

  8. Bad luck, Anthony!

    MFAS, if that is the case, this refer programme is pretty much a dud. It’s just a case of Google throwing their cash about, probably in response to Chitika.

  9. It certainly looks like this is in direct response to competitors like Chitika.

    And, believe me, there are plenty of people that haven’t heard of Adsense.

    Problem is, I doubt if a lot of sites will actually generate $100.

    It seems like Google want to get more people on board, but don’t want to pay for it.

    They can afford it, so why are they being so tight?!!!.

  10. Look, I just want to learn how to earn cash using adsense! Problem is that I just don’t know how to build a website with all those adsense links! Also, how is it that certain people has “a lock” on generating hundreds of dollars using adsense?

    Please let me know….

  11. jon:
    “Look, I just want to learn how to earn cash using adsense!”

    So, I can assume you just wandered upon ProBlogger. For starters you should go through some of Darren’s old posts. For example, https://problogger.com/adsense-tips-for-bloggers-1/

    Then if you need some specific advice, you should really join up at a popular webmaster forum such as DigitalPoint, SitePoint, or Webmaster World.


  12. Well i think it nice to get a 100 dollers but it going to take a long time

  13. I think the key factor here is the length of time it is likely to take for someone running a webiste who has never heard of Adsense to generate $100.

    There may be some very good sites out there that have not taken up the use of advertising to generate income, but I can’t imagine there are that many, and for every good site out there earning $100+ in a reasonable time, there are tens of thousands of sites who make virtually nothing from adsense over the same period of time.

    I’d love to refer a dozen people to adsense who could then earn $100+ in a month or two, but its unlikely.

    I’ve added a referral button to my sites, I’ll see if anyone takes it up.

    And whats with the none-transparent png’s they are using, nearly as bad as chitikas…..

  14. What’s the product? Can a blog sell a product which the blog is not about? eg will a digital camera ad work on a blog about sheep?

    Will a blog about politics have any success with Google or Chitika referrals?

    What I’m getting at, is if your blog doesn’t draw readers who want to learn about blogging, you won’t make much money from these referral programs.

    Now that said, if you’re blogging you probably know something about blogging, so why not have a category on your site for blogging tips? And maybe only have the referrals appear on those pages.

  15. Bulsh-te! I need referal buttons but for advertisers, not for publishers!!! PIty that Google is not providing referal program for advertisers – for all publishers!

  16. escante says: 11/23/2005 at 3:50 pm

    Cool. Google is the best. http://carros-lujosos.blogspot.com

  17. Edocten says: 12/19/2005 at 11:46 pm

    What if you get a referral who’s earnings increase every month?
    Month 1 = $100
    Month 2 = $300
    Month 3 = $450 e.t.c

    What happens in this case? Does google pay just $100 ONCE or $100 for every month that your referral has reached $100 or a total amount of say $300 as in Month 2 that your referral has earned that month?

    And why don’t they give a direct referral link like other affiliate programs?

    Google is somewhat vague in their referral program’s explanation.

    Any ideas?

  18. they pay $100 when the publisher you refer hits $100 and then nothing else. I’ts a one off payment.

  19. Edocten says: 12/21/2005 at 12:59 am

    That sucks! You’d think with all that money Google’s making, at the very least, they’d have the decency to award their publishers with something a little more substantial like say a 2 or 3 tier program but noooo…..

    100 bucks? Please!

    Enough whining!

    Later fellows ;)

  20. i am not getting adsense program refferal button in my google account .

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