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  • Yeah it could become spammy, but its a great opportunity for does who don’t have a domain name. It looks great especially for the beginners.

  • Stu

    Let’s see:

    Free hosting
    Free URL
    Now the ability to place AdSense ads

    Spam-a-rama here we come!

  • That is a bit scary. Hopefully Google will tighten security to prevent such things from happening (too often).

  • Google’s security is obviously not on the mark as my own SEO blog (blogspot) has recently been given the spam test treatment when I added adsense. Quite annoying, especially given my quality backlinks. I doubt Google will get the detection right.

    The irony is that they’re happy to allow spammers to advertise on Adwords

  • I thinks this is the way how Google attracts spammers , allow them to use their adsense account and then just before party time( 100 bucks )sends a mild message to them : ” It have come to our notice that some invalid clicks… ” ;)

  • I think this is how Google first attracts spammers, allow them to use their adsense account, and then just before party (100-buck), sends a mild message “ It have come to out notice that some invalid clicks…”

  • Jon

    Why would this surprise you? Who do you think is the biggest promoter of spam on the web?

    Google…they actually pay people very well just to make it and distribute it. They are motivated by profit when they make decisions like that, thinking anything else is just naïve.

  • Cool, am going to sign up and give it a try. Can’t hurt to see how well it performs I guess.

  • frankly, that seems a bit like letting the guard down… even if this were to cause momentary increases of profits, long term it would be a disaster.

    my guess is – google may have something up their sleeve.

  • I have to agree with Jon. Google says no SPAM and them makes millions off of SPAM.

    Well, I’m not sure it is a conspiracy, but it certainly is dumb. I wonder if they will preference in getting indexed etc.

  • I actually think it is a conspiracy myself. I listened to one of Jensense’s podcasts on keyword arbitrage and I have to admit it just isn’t in Google’s best interest to bust the man spending thousands on Adwords per month. For PR, I guess they can bust the little spammer, but the big guys are just too important to the bottom line.

    I like to think I’d be different, but who knows. Certainly my business acumen isn’t up there with Google heads or I’d be swimming in money like they are, instead of swimming in bills.

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  • You could put adsense on you google page before… just put the html code in the right spot and it picked up just fine. I was testing out a 3 column layout and put some of the code on the left… worked fine.

    I think that this is one of those… “you could already do it, but we thought that we would let the rest of you know… besides, the spammers already have been doing it, so might as well get the legitimate people on board as well so that we can actually make some money instead of having to refund clicks to our first customer”… type of things.

    But I can be cynical and pessimistic…

    Marlin Creek – Idea Seeds

  • 8logger’s right, you’re going to see banning going on left and right before payouts.

  • One of the few guys actually making money from this blogging thing had a bad feeling about the new GooglePages AdSense. I can’t say as I’m in the same camp, considering how ridiculously difficult it is to even get GooglePages to work….