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Adsense of Tomorrow

Posted By Darren Rowse 8th of November 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Peter Forret dreams of a day when Adsense will roll out into all forms of media including:

  • Adsense for newspapers
  • Adsense for magazines
  • Adsense for books
  • Adsense for TV
  • Adsense for radio
  • Adsense for Wifi
  • Adsense for cinema
  • Adsense for movies
  • Adsense for video-on-demand
  • Adsense for ticketing
  • Adsense for billboards
  • Adsense for phone/GSM
  • Adsense for fax
  • Adsense for road traffic
  • Adsense for sport

While perhaps some of these are a little far fetched (what about Adsense for Milk Cartons?) it is an interesting concept to think about where Adsense could roll out advertisements for what must be an incredibly large inventory of advertisers.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • What a scary thought. I thought having Windows everywhere was worst. Now adsense ads might even go on cabs and buses… I’d prefer seeing Darren’s or Darren’s pics on b5media ads.

  • Telepathic Adsense (beta)

  • “Telepathic Adsense (beta)”

    I thought of that one ;)

  • jim

    Did you really think of it first or did Khurrum think of it first and then advertise it to you telepathically?

  • Jim

    I’m not sure … perhaps I thought that he thought that I thought that … well you get the picture :)

  • Jon

    “Adsense for Milk Cartons” — Pay Per Sip :^0

  • Q: How are we supposed to click on a milk carton?

    A: By using a curdless mouse.

  • OMG There’s a mouse in my Milk!!!!

  • The Google of “tomorrow” reminds me of how Minority Report had advertisements that were customized to every person walking by.

    Khurrum: “Telepathic Adsense (beta)”
    Stuart: “I thought of that one ;)”

    Anybody see the episode of Futurama where Fry had advertisements projected into his dreams? Google probably has someone working on that one.

  • Whut the.. you guys got too much imaginations…


    If this thing do happen.. can you imagine everything around us turning into advertisements….

    Oh no~ there’s advertisements on my pants.. =O

  • Will bringing on-line technology to the ‘real’ world also bring the ease of advertising? Right now I can track my campaigns by hour and make adjustments when needed. How will I be able to do that on milk cartons? Do they use small LCD displays connected by WiFi?

  • This is funny. I guess Adsense for other media can only be done by impressions basis, rather than clicks. :)

  • Heh this is very funny. Google already #1 on web ads. They created standard and other follows, for example YPN and MSN Publisher network. But real secreate of google is they started to share ads revenue with all small site and that made them real big. Before that ads were control by big networks like Yahoo, MSN and or ads on big site such as CNN, Slashdot etc. With google adsense anyone get site up and running for $10 and easily makes $1000 :)

  • I wonder how I could click on a truck (as seen on the blog of Forret) or a bottle of milk or newspaper/magazine … For TV or radio, it could come soon, ok.

    Are we talking of the original AdSense: only text with 2 lines of text that want us to click on the blue link? Or something more graphical?
    There is already contextual ads in newspaper/magazine (and worse, in general not in the good ones!): an article written about a firm or a subject that is a big advertiser of the newspaper by example. Another example is “publi-information” (french) where an ad is styled with the styleguide of the magazine, causing confusion.

    I can see toy advertising on kid TV channels and bank ads in FT, it did exist before the web if I remember well.

    Choosing the right media, category, page, day and hour of diffusion is already part of the job of advertisers I think. Well it’s not automated like in AdSense but choosing the right keywords and price isn’t either, right?

  • With Yahoo and TiVo now collaborating, is it only a matter of time before we have YPN for TiVo?

    How about Adsense Tattoos?

  • Wow, the long term economic value of adsense and the like might be catastrophic is this happens. And a kid in waiting might see another way of delivering ads which will make him the next google success.

  • I heared some thing about special AdSense, delivered by phone!! The user click on the ad, then Google asks him about his/her phone # and his/her interest, and directly this included in advertisers record, so the pay by ‘cost-per-client-phone-number’ not CPC!!!

  • i do believe in adsense for cinema, but movie review only, is that mentioned with adsense??

  • Adsense tattoos ! Lol, brilliant ! :)