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AdSense Now Allow Other Contextual Ad Systems on the Same Page

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of January 2007 Adsense, Advertising 0 Comments

Jensense has confirmed that it is now possible to run contextual ads on pages alongside AdSense ads. This was previously outlawed in both their policies and TOS which meant that numerous other ad systems were not allowed to be used on the same page as AdSense..

So what Contextual ad systems can you now run on the same page as AdSense?

AdSense and Chitika
You were previously able to use Chitika eMiniMalls and AdSense on the same page if you disabled the contextual nature of the Chitika ads. Now you don’t have to as their ads don’t mimic AdSense and can’t be confused with them.

AdSense and IntelliTXT
As Jen points out – you can now use IntelliTXT ads on your blog with AdSense IF the IntelliTXT doesn’t mimic the AdSense units on your page (do this by changing the design of the ads – ie add a border and change colors). I personally don’t like this type of advertising (I find it interrupts readers) but I’m sure we’ll see more and more publishers using it).

AdSense and Kontera
Similarly – Kontera in text contextual ads will now be possible (same conditions apply).

AdSense and Amazon Contextual Ads (in beta)
Yep – I can’t see any reason why you can’t use these now – as long as you ensure that both types of ads look different and don’t resemble each other.

AdSense and YPN?
Don’t rush out and put YPN ads on the same pages as your AdSense ones though because YPN don’t allow you to have multiple contextual ads on the same page. The irony is that last week I heard publishers saying they were moving TO YPN because AdSense were getting to stringent – but now it’s AdSense with the more relaxed rules – at least on this level.

I’m sure there are other contextual ads that this will apply to and that we’ll probably see a few new contextual ad systems spring up as a result too!

Other contextual ad networks:

feel free to suggest others that you use or know of.

A Word of Warning
I’m sure that the temptation now will be for publishers to run out and sign up for all of the above ad systems (and others) and plaster their sites with more ads. Keep in mind your users experience when on your site as well as the terms of service of other ad systems. Read their guidelines carefully and if in doubt send the ad networks concerned an email to confirm it’s ok.

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