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AdSense Introduces Font Size Choice for Publishers

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of June 2009 Adsense 0 Comments

One of the more commonly requested features that I see AdSense publishers making is for the ability to be able to change font size in their ads.

The AdSense blog today announces this change:

“The font size you choose will be applied to the body of the ad, with the title scaled appropriately. In order to fit the ad text correctly, the actual font size will vary for each format size, font face, and user-specific settings such as browsers and operating systems. In addition, some formats sizes currently have very limited room, so the font size application will be most apparent in cases where the number of ads appearing in your ad units varies automatically in order to maximize your performance.

Your ads are currently set at the default size for AdSense, which is the equivalent of ‘small’. You can select a new font size on an account-wide basis in the Ad Display Preference section of your My Account tab, or on an individual ad unit basis for new and existing ad units.

If you’re creating new ad units, you can choose between the AdSense default font size, your new account-wide font size (if you’ve selected one using the instructions above), or a separate size. To update existing ad units you’ve created using the Manage Ads feature, visit the ‘Manage Ads’ page under your AdSense Setup tab. Any font size changes you make on an individual ad unit basis will be maintained even if you change your account-wide default in the future.”

Also announced in the post is that the default size for ads will soon be automatically increased from ‘small’ to ‘medium’. This is due to testing that they’ve done which shows that larger size is performing better.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hmm… one more detail to test now. But a good one. Much better for making the ads look right with the content.

  2. hmm…thanks google…i hope adsense publishers can improve their earning by using suitable Font size in their ads.

  3. Nice addition by google. They have been making some pretty good changes and updates these days. Look forward to more updates to come.

  4. Certainly.. The large font size should work. Of course not too large. But the current font size of adsense ads is very small. Even the bold format makes ads noticeable, then size will definitely give some results. Need to see if this becomes common and people ignore ads again after a long time.

  5. I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while now.

  6. Dan Schulz says: 06/18/2009 at 12:02 pm

    Hmm… given that I use 85% (with a leading – or line height – of 1.5) on my body selector as the default, with the font sizes for its children containers and text sizes set in EM, it makes me wonder how this will be affected by the new changes.

    Any ideas? (I don’t use AdSense myself, but have clients who do.)

  7. About time. I was getting sick of having to change my content font to match the ads.

  8. I cant wait to be able to change the font size of my ads! Its about time.

  9. Good move. Intelligent use of font size would attract the attention of readers.I would test with the medium size as of now to see their performance.

    Would there be made an automatic correction when number of ads available for display is less than the number that would actually fit into it? like making the ad bigger when only 1 ad is displayed in a 300×250 ad against 3 or 4?.

  10. I don’t use adsense, but this sounds like great news for those who do! I hope this helps them to see some continued growth.

  11. This is great. At least it will be more integrated with the rest of the site in terms of controlling the font sizes.

  12. Nice change but I’m not into AdSense for now…

  13. This is a welcome change. I hope publishers will be able to make more money by placing ads with same font as their content.

  14. Another good move by adsense.

  15. Larger fonts are more noticeable. Are you running Adsense also?

  16. This kind of customization should be made available to Adsense publishers long time ago, but only recently Google finally listen, this and the recently introduced Font Family options are great imrpovement. Better late than never I guess. Would also be interesting for current Adsense high-earners (who have already optimized their site to the max) to know whether this changes can increase their income even more.

  17. Great news. I have to learn to set up adsense on my blog sometime.

  18. More customisability in Adsense can only be a good thing, problem is I think that adsense is pretty much used by everybody now, that nobody really clicks on them anymore.

    Adsense makes pennies and personally i find it a waste of good blogvertising space, unless i’m rolling in millions of hits a day, adsense click rate is much too low.

    Then again, if I had millions of hits a day, I would be negiotiating fixed CPM deals instead….

  19. This is great the ads will be more attractive to click on.

  20. I have yet to use Adsense. Does it really pay off?

  21. They should have done this long time back. Better late then never though.

  22. Salman says: 06/19/2009 at 12:30 am

    Hi Darren
    I got my account disabled twice and I am not getting approval now.


  23. Well this feature is really attracting the site visitors towards the ads.

  24. I think that the ads will look more uniform with the blog now

  25. Yeah. Actually I am waiting for this changes quite a long time. Now it comes :)

  26. I think the size I have now is pretty good. More options are always better though.

  27. Hey man, I been wondering how to do this for ever, I saw a blog with huge adsence text and the results were much better than if it had small text, Thanks this is very intresting

  28. I have been seeing variable fonts sizes on my ads for the last few weeks. It makes a lot of sense for AdSense to make the ads more readable. I have better than 20/20 vision and sometimes the fonts get so small that I have to squint to see them.

    I think this will help us convert text ad units.

  29. Hey now it become really interesting with the adwords that we can attract the ad visitors :-) its really cool man,

  30. I used to see the font of the text modified on some blogs long before this feature was introduced ! I wonder how. But it’s great to get the ads customized & in perfect harmony within the blog .

  31. As far as I’m concerned it’s a nice to have as I’m happy with my current font. Judging by the response of others, it would do them the world of good. It’s a good option to have should I wish to change.

    Internet Marketing

  32. My adsense font size was increased automatically by G, and I have to say I am very happy with the difference. The ads are now far more uniform with the font sizes I use for small headings that are often surrounding the ads in some way, and to me they seem far more clear and visible for the average user.

    I probably fell into the trap of using more ads in an attempt to make them more visible, but I think this change by G will allow me to re-evaluate this position and start using the “less is more” principle.

  33. well.. it’s much encouraging.. now at least we are able to see the desired fonts.. All the credit goes to AdSense blog..

  34. Yes, they should have done this before. Today I changed my ads and made them with large fonts. I think its ugly, but lets see what will be in future.

  35. Hi there I like your post, hope my comment will keep up your good work with your blog SPARTAN!

  36. Nice addition by google.

  37. very helpful post, you should post more stuff related to this.

  38. Well that’s very nice to hear it as this will indirectly beneficial to the end user and will give maximum benefits to owner of that Ad-word program. I knew a site that also provide add sense features along with that giving the services of wholesale and drop shipping products and UK.

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