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AdSense Give Ad Units a Spring Clean

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of April 2007 Adsense 0 Comments

AdSense have today announced that they’ve given their AdSense units a ‘spring clean’. They write that this is a result of testing and research and that the new look ads should lead to better performance for both publishers and advertisers.

The new look ads will be rolled out in the coming days and will incorporate the same colors and fonts that existing ads have.

AdSense also notes that you cannot opt out of the new designs but also hint at more format options ‘in the future’.

Here’s how the new ads look (click to enlarge)…. it’s not a massive change as you can see.

Adformat Update

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I think the new look Google is changing to is a bit cleaner and a bit less “advertisement” like in appearance. It certainly is not a big change, as you indicate, but to my eye it is a bit nicer.

  2. I also prefer the new designs. Simplicity is the way to go, another confirmation.

  3. Even though it’s only a subtle difference, they do blend in a bit better. I agree that they look a less “advertisy”.

  4. I like the new look, it looks cleaner and flows better.

  5. I’m in agreement, it’s definitely cleaner and more pleasing to the eye.

  6. I support the new designs. They look much crisper and easy on the eyes. It adds to that “blend” factor.

  7. I saw the ads last night on one of my blogs and really liked the way it looked. I thought maybe it was an experiment. I am glad to hear it’s a permanent change.

  8. Yea. the “google” note is at the bottom right which makes it less noticeable from the diagram.Not so much change , but much better than the old one given that it looks more pleasing and attractive to click.=)

  9. It’s good to see Google following the age-old advice for Adsense ” Never stop testing” . I welcome the change, and hope that it ends up adding money to my pockets.
    BTW I Do like the new design better – like Phil said, it’s less advertisy.

  10. Since people generally read top to bottom, having the “Ads by Google” at the bottom should increase CTR if the ads are well optimized. I’m sure this is less about spring cleaning and more about the bottom line and the changes have been tested to be more profitable.

  11. I like the new look as well. They look cleaner and more appealling.

  12. Yeah I liek them too, I agree they arent as “advertisy.” I could have sworn I’ve seen these before recently, have they been testing these new formats?

  13. I like the new look honestly, I think it looks a lot clear and more organised, IMO.

  14. I’m looking forward to seeing the results. This version does look much sexier!


  15. I prefer the new look. I also have been happy to see less of the “Ads by Goooooogle” thing. I never cared for the extra letters. It made it look like a bad typo and seemed unprofessional.

  16. I have noticed one problem. While the logo at the bottom is less noticeable as part of the Adsense ads, it tends to make anything placed just below the ad block look like it must be an Adsense ad.

  17. I dont like the logo at the bottom.Might result in lowering of money if people see its add so clear

  18. Well you guys are right about the logo in the bottom right, but it does look better. I’m interested to see how this turns out.

  19. Not a massive change, no.

    I still think it looks unprofessional.

  20. I think it does look a lot neater than it used to. However, I don’t have borders on my ads, so there’s no difference to me :)

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  22. Hopefully they’ll garner more clicks!

  23. I was wondering what was going on. I noticed that the word Google had changed on my ads. Good to know that’s it’s them that changed it lol.

  24. IMHO the new version is definitely better then the previous.

  25. I thought they’ve been doing it for awhile like that.. but what do i know?

  26. nuevojefe says: 04/06/2007 at 6:21 am

    Shouldn’t have taken a rocket scientist to figure out that they should put Ads by Google at the bottom of these types of ad blocks… but always thought they kept them where they were for the benefit of advertisers who are now going to receive more accidental clicks.

  27. WoW I didn’t noticed it. I checked out my stats and it has been 4x than before

  28. I don’t know what they did, but all of my ads are BLANK! Except, of course, for the new Ads by Google logo.

  29. Okay, the ads are appearing blank only in Firefox. This is still a significant problem, and I’m quite surprised Google would roll out such a major change without testing it first.

  30. I really like the new ads…I had twice as many click yesterday than what I had for the previous 2 days.
    I don’t know if it was because of the new ads, but I will be checking my stats later today to see if I am still getting more hits.

  31. yeah, my stats have doubled since the new ads.


  32. I like the iidea in one way, but would like to see google simply write Ads by Google at the bottom right without highlighting it. Time will tell.

  33. It had already been showing on and off some of my websites. I agree that it blends better and have increased my CTR. Now there’s only 1 problem left with Adsense – smart pricing! :)

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  35. As with others, they have been on my blogs for a few days now.

  36. […] Pro Blogger talks about a new design for Google Adsense units. The change is subtle but I like it. […]

  37. They look great!

  38. i feel my earning is increasing after google change the new look of ads. :D

  39. […] Darren Rowse posted on his blog several days ago that Google Adsense was going to be rolling out a fresh look for their Adsense ads, so I headed on over to the Adsense Blog to check it out. […]

  40. The change has brought flash based ads to one of my sites. Not a welcome change.

  41. I love the new ad look. It’s so much better then the old one.

  42. Hi, the look is better but it is where you put them.
    Mine are not very attractive they are at the bottom of my page but I will change it really soon
    Have a nice day to all.

  43. yeah, my stats have doubled since the new ads.


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