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AdSense for Feeds Goes Live

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of August 2008 Adsense, RSS 0 Comments

Over the last week or two some Feedburner Ad Network publishers have been transitioned over to the new AdSense Feed Advertising system and over the weekend AdSense for Feeds has gone live for everyone. You should now see them in your AdSense setup tab.

AdSense for feeds is similar to most AdSense ads in that the ads served in your feeds are a mixture of CPM and CPC ads.

Publishers setting up AdSense for feeds have a number of options when it comes to ad formats (text alone, text and image and just image ads), design (colors) and how often ads are displayed (you can have ads appear every 1,2,3 posts or only on posts over a certain amount of words).

If you’re a Feedburner Ad Network publisher you now need to set up AdSense for feeds to keep monetizing your feeds.

For more information see the AdSense Blog announcement.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for that one Darren. I can’t wait to implement Adsense on my feeds. Though I’m wondering how high conversions are going to be in this new system. Well, it’s a whole new advertisement type to test.

  2. Not going to use them as I want my users to actually make it to my content.

  3. I heard about adsense for feeds 3days back. I do not know how much will these feed earnings. Do experiments, then decide.

  4. They still haven’t migrating all the sites from Feedburner…they have a message saying please bear with us……we shall see how quickly they open this to everyone.

  5. Another source of making money online -great !!!

  6. Looks interesting. I’ll try to experiment with it first and lets just see what will happen.

  7. Nope, not for me since I no longer publish my RSS feed in full.

    Besides, many top bloggers say that RSS feed ads have poor conversions. Just ask ShoeMoney.

  8. What I understood was that you must move all your subscribers from FeedBurner to a new Google thing that I do not remember the exact name… Is this correct? Or I missunderstood?

    Anyways… that “new thing” is the one that I’m worried about. 75% of my subscribers receive my notifications by mail and it’d really hurt to loose them… I don’t know… I’m still not sure that this migration will give me and my readers the same in a transparent smooth way.

  9. What I find the most discouraging is that they canned the Feedburner AD network (CPM) which was a decent monthly income for us. I can’t imagine adsense within feeds being very successful as regular readers simply don’t “click” ads. Unless ofcourse, they make the ads mostly CPM instead of CPC.

  10. I am personally not going to use that right now. I don’t generate enough where it would make a difference. I want my subscirbers to not worry about more ads through the feed.

  11. I’m just trying it to see its ‘successfulness’..!

  12. I just started using it yesterday in my feeds and it’s wonderful! They aren’t obtrusive and Google “melds” them into my feed almost seamlessly.

    Although I must say, it was a headache to verify my websites with them. They sent me “instructions” via email but to be quite honest, the instructions were lacking in clarity. I had to get the help of my hosting company along with a little guess work on my part.

    Is there any way you could help make a post about the complications of verify sites for this service, or, maybe point people in the direction of someone who can explain it better?

  13. I think I will have to sit on the side lines for this one. But I may have to change my mind as the market moves to mobile. The feeds will take on a “new life” there I do believe.

  14. Still trying to get feedburner to burn the feed but the main blog to keep the feed URL. Apache redirects….

  15. I’ve just added the basic Adsense ads to my new blog within the last couple of days so I’m just getting the hang of Adsense as a whole. But I will definitely give this new aspect a look. Thanks for the heads up!

  16. I tried that, but I get a “You have no feeds” message with a link to http://www.google.com/support/feedburner/bin/answer.py?answer=99648&hl=en

  17. I will certainly be testing this out to see if I can earn an extra couple bucks a day via my RSS. But with only 30 subscribers that may be a tall order.

  18. I’d like to know more about the migration from FeedBurner — how to do it, how it impacts your readers and feed stats, etc.

  19. I am really frustrated with Adsense because it tends to show very inappropriate ads for my two main blogs. The problem is that while my blogs are not strictly op/ed blogs, I definitely take “positions” on these two, and Adsense often pops up ads for the opposing view, which undermines my credibility.

    Is there an alternative to Feedburner that can be used to monetize feeds? Currently all my blogs have Feedburner feeds that are not monetized.

  20. Golf Spy X says: 08/19/2008 at 11:26 pm

    We have attempted to set this up numerous times…but have not been successful…If anone has tips we would love to hear them.


  21. I think Google will give more ways to earns from AdSense… :)

  22. Is anyone else still waiting for the manual migration to take place? I sent in my email request to [email protected] 6 days ago. They must be super backed up. They still haven’t shown up in my adsense account yet.

  23. how to take this adsense in adsense for feed

  24. AdSense for Feeds… its look interesting . but i still not try it yet. hehehe i think Not going to use them a while… and ask some friend for more opinion.

  25. adsense for feeds with mobile version of google reader works?

  26. Thanks for that one Darren.

  27. yes….I alredy read and learn more from my account in google…..thanks for sharing

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