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AdSense for Feeds Ads Showing in Feedburner Email Updates

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of January 2009 Adsense, RSS 0 Comments

Today I was chatting with someone that subscribes to ProBlogger via email through the Feedburner RSS to Email service that we offer readers and they mentioned in passing that they see the AdSense ads in the emails that they receive.

At first I was a little taken aback by this. AdSense don’t allow their ads to be sent via email – it has always been in their Terms of Service. I know this because publishers have been asking for it to be allowed for years.

So on getting home just now I’ve checked my inbox in Gmail to see my latest email updates from my sites and sure enough – there are AdSense ads in them.

Here’s how they look on my photography blog’s daily updates:

Picture 3.png

and another one:

Picture 2.png

The ads are AdSense for RSS ads that I run in my feeds (and have done for a while). They appear at the bottom of each of my posts when someone is viewing them via RSS – but it also appears that they’re showing up in some emails. I say SOME emails because when I view these same emails in my Apple Mail email client I don’t see the ads – but in my Gmail I do.

The person who told me about this also uses Gmail. I’m yet to test it using any other email client but it could just be that they show in Gmail.

I’m not sure if Google’s Feedburner or AdSense or Gmail teams (or a combination of them) are just testing this temporarily or if it is a permanent thing but as a publisher I’m definitely not disappointed by it – it means more ad impressions!

Have you seen AdSense ads like this in RSS to email subscriptions that you have? If so – what email clients have you seen them in? Just Gmail or are they appearing in other email clients too?

update: It seems AdSense did announce this previously – check out the last paragraph on this post on their blog (thanks to @mvizdos on twitter for the link). Question is – when are they going to let those of us with newsletters add AdSense to our emails!? I’d love that!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I know I never see any adsense ads for my email subscriptions nor do my readers. I have done this through feedburner and migrated both and doesn’t seem to work. I have seen others comment above with same issue, wonder why this is. I’ll have to look more into this and see why this isn’t working. Anyone any ideas?

    Definitely a great way to increase adsense earnings if I can only get this to work.

  2. Im trying to play around with adsense . now im only at a 0.8% conversion that i am working on to bring up to 1.5%.
    im seeing some very low income from this but the more i work on it the more traffic i see.

  3. hi Darren I’ve seen them appear in my feeds too also they appear in emails my email client is windows live messenger

  4. Yup, this is definately good news, more impressions means more possible earnings…
    Now just wait untill they allow it for newsletters indeed…

  5. I have Adsense unit in my Feedburner email updates, it just bring me few clicks from there. Perhaps I got less subscribers so far. :)


  6. How can i increase my subscribers? i have already implemented google adsense for feeds.

  7. The newsletter thing sounds intriguing. The CTR has to be terrible for email though. I wish there was a way to track that apart from feed readers. Are you aware of any way to do so?

  8. Adsense for feeds provided me very low CTR when compared to adsense for content. But It will provide high CPC. I have seen adsense for feeds ads in my email accounts: Gmail,Yahoo, Hotmail and Even Zapak mail.

  9. For me personally i intentionally took out Adsense from my feeds and even emails. This is all because my blog is about God’s word and reflectiosn for everyday life. it would just be so sad if my readers who wish to be blessed just see somthing popped out of nowhere. Sometimes also adsense advertisements are so out of the topic so better take them out.

  10. G’day Darren,

    I get your RSS for email alerts. No Google Adsense ad’s in these. I use Lotus Notes as email client.

    Presume Adsense for Feeds is only relevant for those blogs with high feed count/subscribers.


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