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Adsense Earnings Per Click Changes

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of May 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

There seems to be an increase in the frequency of postings in Adsense forums from publishers noting that their earnings have slipped in the past few days. Of particular note is that a number of publishers are reporting drops in their ‘per click’ earnings (to get this figure divide your total earnings for a day by the amount of clicks for that day).

This is a trend I’ve noticed since Thursday 5 May in my own statistics. I’ve not been able to find any explanation for it as there have not been any abnormal traffic rises or falls on any of my blogs.

I can’t see many good explanations of this decrease in EPC but wonder if maybe Adsense has updated its Smart Pricing algorithm. This might account for some of those in the discussion forums reporting increases in epc at the same time.

Check out the discussion on this at:

Further declines in earnings
Recent severe drop in Adsense revenue
Amount Paid Per Click – Continues to Decline (not as good as the others)

Got any theories to share? Noticed any changes to your EPC?

Update: it is interesting to watch the theories fly around on this one. I’ve seen everything mentioned – from Google increasing their cut of earnings, to it being linked to the new features available to Adwords advertisers, to some large advertisers pulling out of Adsense, to it just being a new way of reporting statistics, to it being an update in their Smart Pricing algorithm to it being linked to an increased number of UFO sightings…..hmmmm, You got to love Adsense publishers paranoia!

Update II: Jen has started a Who is seeing a HIGHER EPC these days? thread at Webmaster World. It seems like a few noticed a similar increase at the same time that others noticed the decrease – which to me looks a little like an update in the algorithm.

Updated III – looking at my own stats it seems that things have changed back again. The decrease in EPC that I’d noticed since 5 May today increased back to a ‘normal’ level. Others in forums have noticed this also.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I think this has got something to do with the recent change in formats announced by AdSense. Although right now a very few advertisers must be in the beta stage, but probably the oldest and most highest spenders must have been chosen for that.
    This creates a double effect, first the CPC from those beta testing biggies is at least reduced if not completely stopped.
    Secondly, since this is an auction system, there must be a significant decline in the overall bids due to absence of big players.

    Just my theory, what do you think?

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  • Oddly enough, for the last two weeks, my AdSense revenue has been rising for the first time since early January when it dropped inexplicably.

  • Jon

    I can’t say I see any out of the normal, it bounces up and down a bit, but the average of the last couple of days are inside any ranges that I have seen before.

  • I agreee it has been going down I made about 75 cents yesterday but noticed a couple were 3 cents if that sounds right.

  • *knock on wood* while many people are reporting their adsense earnings going down, mine have actually gone up – way up – so I have no cause for complaints…

    I honestly believe it depends on the site, the niche, and the content. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the “undercover changes” happening at Google, hopefully it all works itself out soon.

  • Mine have been averaging over $1.00 a day all month since I moved my ads to the upper left of my site except for yesterday so I don’t see any trends right now.

  • Nothing similar to report here–one of my sites has had an apparent increase in EPC the last couple of days, everything else is stable.

  • Lo and behold, my AdSense earnings for the first 10 days of May are the lowest I’ve seen for the first 10 days of any Month in the last six months. Hmmm…

    Personally, I’ve always assumed that the bulk of advertisers would eventually wise up and realize that they’re not recognizing sufficient revenue from these clicks and cut back or shift their budgets. Some specific sub-markets could obviously have higher demand. Google’s plan to allow advertisers to target specific sites will also tend to hurt all of us little guys.

    — Jack Krupansky

  • jim

    My blog is a personal finance one and I post the things I see that are relevant in my life, revenue has increased because I’ve been writing a lot about my search for a new home and I see a lot of mortgage loan ads appearing.

  • Yeah, I jst went from a $7/day to a $2 day over the last few days. Poor form and I am glad I am not the only one.

  • Ours changed too. It’s unfortunate since our CTR has gone up quite substantially with some new changes we’ve made. Now, we make about the same as always with a fourfold increase in clicks.

  • well for me, its been great.. I’ve even touched more than $20 yesterday for the first time since March 2005.

  • would anyone exchange their adsense link to generate more revenue…

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  • I maintain a multi-topic site consisting of 300 pages covering everything from metal detecting to lucid dreaming. The site gets 4600 visitors per day.

    My Adsense income per click-through from this site has decreased steadily from 26.3 cents per click-through in January, 2006 to 12.6 cents per click-through in May, 2007. At the same time the percentage of click-throughs to page-views has increased from 0.9 to 1.3 percent, somewhat offsetting the loss of revenue due to the reduction of earnings per click-through.

    Tracking the pages being visited suggests that the overall make-up of the typical visitor to my site has not changed over this period so I assume the changes in income are strickly caused by changes within the Adsense system.

    I earn a modest $210 average per month from the site.

    One curiousity is that the number of page views credited to the site by Adsense averages 25-percent less than the number of pages viewed as reported by my webhost.

  • From my experience, My earnings on per clicks has slowly dwindled a bit and I already consider June and July as my dry months. hehehhe