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Adsense Earnings Graphs

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of September 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Two ProBlogger readers have decided to graph their Adsense earnings (without actual dollar amounts) over at LiewCF and My other Side of the Stories. Of course there are no numbers indicating earnings levels – but the shapes of the graphs are promising.

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  • Thanks for those links, Darren. Those results are very similar to mine (I’ve been using Adsense since Feb 05). From July to August my Adsense earnings went up 60%.

    I very much appreciate the Adsense tips you’ve given out here on ProBlogger. I think that without them, my blog would be earning only about 1/3 as much. It’s a shame to hear that others you’ve helped are now trying to compete with you, but I want you to know that there are others in the blogosphere with non-competitive sites who take a more synergistic view of the help you provide. I think you are actually making blogging better for everyone.

  • one day I will be problogger too. Thanks for Darren…I am on my way to hit the 4 digit mark monthly…

  • Jacob

    I don’t think these graphs are using the same method.

    Your original graph indicated monthly Adsense checks received. That way, we could see that you have some months that are better than others. The Adsense checks are not larger and larger each month. LiewCF seems to use this graphing method.

    MOSOTS may also be using this method, but it also seems quite likely that the graph indicates actual earnings weekly. This way, if there are no Adsense earnings one week, the graph will simply flatline. This graphing method will inevitably show a more positive graph, as it will never decrease from week to week because there’s no such thing as negative Adsense earnings.

  • Jacob

    Upon thinking about it some more, I am convinced that the MOSOTS graph is definitely a cumulative graph. So, as stated previously, this will be a more positive graph and not indicate as clearly that some months are better than others.

  • @jacob:
    i’m from MOSOTS, yes, i’m using cumulative graph for the chart. I used DigitalPoint’s AdSense chart generator, and it can’t generate monthly income chart, so that’s why i choose to use cumulative chart. But i can assure you that my monthly earning is increase every month :)
    if you know any other tool to create the monthly graph easily, let me know and i’ll update my graph with it :)

    thanks for the link, now i know why my visitors increase a LOT today :p

  • LcF

    thank you, darren.
    I was actually print out your adsense tips and read through every single word. :-)

    @jacob: yes, my graph is based on the monthly earning (i don’t get cheque in the first few months).
    @cosa: I use MS Excel.