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AdSense Diagnostics – Take 2

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of July 2006 Adsense 8

Just over a month ago I reported that AdSense had added a new features – Site Diagnostics – to what they were offering publishers. A few days later (actually from memory it was just a few hours later) it disappeared again – the official explanation was that it was a ‘temporary test’.

Well today it looks like it’s reappeared again (for how long I’m not sure). Here’s a screen cap just in case it does (click to enlarge)!


The point of the diagnostics tool is that it will show you which pages (that have AdSense on them with your publisher code) that AdSense is having trouble crawling. This will help you to make sure every page possible is optimized well and at it’s earning capacity.

The report is generated weekly. So far so good for me but I guess I’ll only know if there’s a problem this time next week.

The ‘help center’ link goes to this page on ‘Why is my URL showing up as blocked‘.

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  1. Missed it this morning until you mentioned it, Darren. It’s still there as of 8:45 this morning in the US. I guess that’s about 1:45 am tomorrow for you. Mine doesn’t show any URLs so that’s good, but it would be nice if they indicate when the site was last crawled. Otherwise, I have to assume my site is fine when perhaps it has not been crawled at all.

  2. I just checked and it’s still there.

  3. The Inside AdSense blog has it posted >>http://adsense.blogspot.com/2006/07/run-dont-crawl-to-new-site-diagnostics.html. I imagine that makes it official?!?!

  4. Google should add feature to validate AdSense on new sites, so you can prove that you are the owner of the site and nobody can use your AdSense pub-id.

  5. I can feel the excitement! Not really. There were no URLs listed, and the information seemed pretty “beta” and spartan, which is very common for Google these days.

  6. I see that the crawler shows me 4 failed attempts daily on one of my website, but my site is hosted at hostgator, with 100% Uptime, its a pure html static site so no chances of its down or it would block the adverts.
    Still iam confused how this 4 failed attemps are shown in the site diagnostics.Can you tell me how are these failed attempts calculated and the ways i can allow the bots to come sucessfully.

  7. Google Adsense网站诊断真的上线了么?…

      从Darren报告Adsense Site Diagnostics再次出现的时间来看已经过去快三天了,难道这次真的Stable & Released?没看Adsense首页有任何新功能提示,文档也应该没完成,并且没有中文化,疑似上架…

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    What a time to be a writer! There are so many opportunities to make money off your main skill – writing, of course – that all you have to do is choose. And one of the hot items on the freelance writing menu right now is blogging. A…

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