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AdSense Chinese New Year Ads Reported

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of January 2006 Adsense 6

Dog2-1Best HYIP Investment Program is seeing what could be Chinese New Year Year of the Dog images in their AdSense ads.

I wondering how many other seasonal AdSense ads publishers who have signed up for them will be sing in over the next year cycle. Has anyone else seen any? I’m yet to see them on any of my blogs.

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  1. Looks so “cute”…so adorable :)


  2. vivek says: 01/28/2006 at 9:40 pm

    Heh cute doggy ;)

  3. I think having those seasonal ads on your sites tends to defeat any efforts you might make to blend the ads into your site.

    At Christmas time I was horrified to see my neatly blended text links suddenly unblended with borders and colors that made them stand out.

    During that time our CTR was down – I wonder how other people found them?

  4. Finally I know what the heck is that dog doing in that ads. It’s Chinese New Year. ^^

  5. I had them on my site.


    The New Year is the year of the dog. It is according to the Chinese zodiac (12 animals in all). If you were in the year of the dog, you would be either 12, 24, 36….yrs old (multiples of 12) in 2006.

    You don’t see CNY’s dates the same every year on your calendar as it goes according to the Lunar calender.

    Happy Chinese New Year! I have to go and visit my grandma.

  6. maybe you don’t see it because ur not from (IP Address) a chinese dominated country.

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