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AdSense Calendar

The AdSense team today announced AdSense Calendar (learn how to subscribe here)which interests me on two fronts.

Firstly it will be handy to follow as an AdSense publisher. The information on the calendar will include ‘monthly payment schedule, a record of AdSense blog posts, future system maintenance periods, and upcoming events–all backdated to the beginning of April 2006.’

Secondly it’s one of the first uses of Google Calendar that I’ve seen interacting with a blog and it’s got me wondering what other uses bloggers could put Google Calendar to.

I do have a Google Calendar but don’t really use it very well. I tend to use my email client’s (Entourage) calendar feature to keep track of my life – but I’d be interested to hear from any bloggers who are using Google Calendar in a public format in conjunction with their blog in some way.

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  • While I’m not a heavy user of Google Calendar, what I’m excited about, as a developer is the fact that they have a nice API for it. One use that I see of the API is in managing one’s posting schedules across blogs, but for this it would be better to code a custom solution, because the google calendar interface, in itself is a bit clunky… for instance, the individual date cells are too narrow, and so the event excerpts do not fit in too well, and one has to click through in order to refer to it.
    so coding a custom interface is necessary…..

  • I’ll pass. If I want to know what Adsense is upto, I’ll go read their blog (or see what Darren and others have to say).

    I tried the Google desktop and calendar and deleted it within 2 days. I’m beginning to notice similar patterns between Google and early Microsoft in the way they are trying to become “necessary”. They are rapidly incrementing themselves into our PCs.

    It probably won’t be too long before your Firefox browser will not work without several google plugins, just like windows office programs designed to work seamlessly with MSIE and the Windows OS. Future media may require Google’s services to deliver ads or information smoothly. Think shockwave and flash plugins.

    Then there will be the backlash. Those tired of the Google monopoly will begin touting the freshness of the new Opera browser.

  • I am using as a calendar solution. I think it is superior to the Google calendar.

    Thanks for the hint. I have just subscribed the AdSense calendar to my personal AirSet calendar.

  • I use Google calendar for my personal calendar, after weaning myself off of clunky old Outlook a few months ago. I really like it, and the ability to overlay other calendars over mine. I’d never thought of using it in conjunction with my blog, but now it’s got me wondering. I have a couple of weekly regulars that readers might want to be reminded of, and since I don’t otherwise post on a schedule they might like to look at their calendar and see when I’ve made a new post.