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Adsense – Blended Ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of June 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Ryan posts on choosing colors for your Adsense Ads and writes:

‘Everyone wants their advertisements to go noticed, but sometimes the best method of getting them noticed is letting them go unnoticed. Somewhat making them transparent. So they do not even look like advertisements, but more like part of the site.’

This ‘transparent’ coloring of ads is a well known ‘secret’ of Adsense. Whilst some argue that bright ads draw the attention of readers, the majority of Adsense publishers these days go for a blended approach to ads.

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  • I do go for “flashy” ads and have bright colors, i wonder how good is MULTI colored ads, each place get’s its’ own ad…


  • multi. cool. maybe you should try..

  • Jon

    CTR doubled for me when I matched the ad title color to the link color on my site. Placement is also just as important.

  • The transparent ad sensibility brings me back to my days as a direct marketer in B2B publishing. The rationale is that the more your ad looks part of the editorial, the more likely readers will be to respond. It always worked for me then — and from what I understand, the formula does apply online. In fact, many online publishers (and marketers) still go this route, opting for well-blended text ads over rich media banners.

  • My biggest earner is a site that’s less content focused and more entertaining. On this site I found it necessary to make my page links conservative but highlight my ad links in a bright blue. This has rocketed the CTR well above what I’ve ever seen.
    Upon reading this though, I’m reminded that that may not always be the best approach and I should consider altering my strategy for my content sites.

  • On my site, esp the index, I try to make the ads looks more like the content than the content does… and on the index page I only support text ads because people hate banners in general.

  • Does anyone know any trick to change the style of the Google Ads more precisely? E.g. to change the font or the font size? Any CSS related tricks? Alltough i don’t know if this meets with the Google guidelines…

  • that’s not allowed Mario.

    You can only change the colors as specified in their rules

  • well, I am applying it to my adsense ads and it works better.

  • To Mario: Adsense Ads’ font style is influenced by the CSS of your site, except for the font size.