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AdSense Announce Video Units for Australian and Japanese Publishers

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of June 2008 Adsense 0 Comments

If you live in Australia or Japan you’ll want to check out the AdSense blog today because they’ve just announced that Video Units are now available to you as a publisher. They also mention that you ‘may’ be able to now become a YouTube partner and make money off your own videos (what ‘may’ means I’m about to find out as I’ve just applied).

What are video units?

“video units are embedded, customizable video players which both enrich sites with relevant video content and enable publishers to earn extra revenue. Relevant and non-intrusive companion and text ads accompany the video content.” Read more about AdSense video units.

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  • pff and in Europe when they will announce ?!? :(

  • I’d be interested to know if advertising on videos works.

    Because if I’m watching a video I do one of two things. If it’s good I’m too busy watching it to click elsewhere. If it’s bad I stop watching.

    I would have thought people are used to clicking on links and images that turn into a hand or say click here on them. I’ve never really thought of videos as something I would click on. Unless I’m going to another video… I guess I’m not the best test subject.

    I suppose it has potential, we’ll see…

  • Eli

    Bee-you-tiful :) Good to see the Aussies getting something haha. This obviously means Australian-owned and not hosted, right?

    Myself being an Aussie this may be an interesting idea, because I could include a video among some video tutorials on my Photoshop tutorial site.

  • Hey that’s awesome! Lols, not fair though, only Australia and Japan? Well in due time I’m sure it will be available in other countries. I’m not quite sure I get it though Darren, do they mean an ENTIRE video by an advertiser that’s relevant to my sites content, or my own video that I make with
    overlapping ads like it’s done over at Revver? And are you planning on using them on ProBlogger?

  • How can any ad on a video be non intrusive…..

    The very spontaneity of videos is compromised if someone clicks away to visit an ad – it just defeats the purpose of video in the first place

  • That are good news, but I don’t live in Australia or Japan. Is this feature will be available for whole world or just for these two countries?

  • Its already been done for US though, so I guess Japan and Aussie are the next level.

    About time though that Australia gets something before others :twisted:

  • Great news for AU people,
    now we will wait for rest of world ;)

  • good for them
    they should start it in all the other countries as well :)

  • I have toyed with the idea of video units on my site. I am not real sure if it will be a benefit to me just yet. However, certainly I do see the potential of adding video units in the not too distant future.

  • iam eagerly waiting for this ….. if the video is contextual , it would definitely increase my earnings .and does the earnings depend upon how many minutes it is played ???

  • Look forward to seeing this things in action. should be interesting.

  • Hey firstly i would like to say nice site Darren, some really good information on this site :)

    secondly i have just started a new blog based around site graphic design and optimization,

    living down under i have access to this new YouTube feature and have written a post with a working example if anyone would like to check it out with their own eyes!

    cheers :)

  • I’m wondering how long it’ll be until there’s some free Google Video application that you can edit your home movies on, which will probably tie into Youtube. I wouldn’t be suprised if one showed up relatively soon.

  • oh my god..why not for Asia publisher ?? =.=””

  • Every time i come here I am not dissapointed, nice post