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Adsense Ads with Icons Appearing

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of May 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

There are reports in the past 24 hours that icons are beginning to appear in Adsense ads. The Hybrid Car Forums are one example as can be seen from the following screen capture of their ads.

It looks like this might be a new feature they are testing. I suspect that the theory is that icons will draw readers eyes to the ad and bring higher CTR.

Update: Jensense notes that the icons are the advertisers favicons and points to this discussion over at webmaster world.

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  1. […] t Icon: Beispiel auf dem – übrigens recht hübsch gemachten – Hybrid Fahrzeugforum via ProBlogger
    Stichwortablage unter: Internet, Marketing PR


  2. You’ve got icons on the ads below the story. A miniature eBay and a little red Honda Hybrid. They definitely increase the eye-drawing-power of the ad.
    It’s ad-crack.

  3. AdSense mit Icons

    Bei manchen AdSense Anzeigen werden jetzt kleine Icons (favicons) eingebunden, als Beispiel das Hybrid Car Forum. [via

  4. I just reported seeing Google Adsense Ad Links & Text Ad Units Combined. Google is really testing out its service.

  5. […] hr (Druckversion)

    Und wieder eine eine neue Betaphase bei Adsense… Wie auf problogger berichtet, tauchen nun auch AdSense An […]

  6. This is great news for publishers and advertisers alike. Heck, even customers benefit from this. What a good move to make ads more aesthetic, more eye-catching, and combine a relevant picture to the ad.

  7. […] team at Adsense have been busy (as one can tell by my last few posts) – in addition to the icon and combination ads Blog Herald has notice a newly designed […]

  8. i have this on my website too…

  9. thats a screen capture smart money :-)

  10. Anonymous says: 07/25/2005 at 1:34 pm

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