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A One Month Guide to Money Blogging

Posted By Guest Blogger 5th of May 2011 Blogging for Dollars 0 Comments

This guest post is by Chris The Traffic Blogger.

A desperate reader of mine recently asked how she could make the most amount of money her first month blogging. In order to help her I decided to share with her my “secret” method.

Before I had even begun to explain the same guide I’m about to share with you, she worried that her lack of experience blogging and time to work on the project would limit her success. As I explained to her, this method doesn’t take a lot of work, it takes a lot of “smart” work. Using your time wisely to do the most good in a single month is the key to success. When I told this reader that she could make as much as $800 in her first month, well, her response was classic:

What?! $800 in my first month of blogging!?”

As I explained to her, you have to keep in mind that your mileage is going to vary when you adapt this strategy for your own endeavors. For starters, this may be the very first time you venture forth writing for any audience, let alone knowing how to write as a blogger. What took me a month could very well take you a year depending on how accomplished you are as a writer, blogger, community leader, and communicator.

Therefore, think of this guide as a grand, overarching strategy which you can attempt to slowly implement and learn from in your own blogging career.

I did make $800 my first month blogging with this strategy, but I may have just gotten lucky. I wrote the right stuff on the right forums and the right blogs at the right time. I had a blog of 187 subscribers in a single month, sold a product worth $37 to this beginning audience (I made $20 per sale) and if you do the math you’ll realize that I sold 40 of them. Possible? Yes. Plausible for your current level of experience? Maybe.

Regardless of your skill level this strategy will teach you how to think correctly when it comes to planning, building up to and executing a sales pitch online.

Week one

Well, if you’re really starting from scratch, you’ll need to create a blog. With a number of automated blogging sites out there, like blogger.com and wordpress.com, this really isn’t all that difficult.

Granted, you won’t have anything beyond a free template to start with, but you can still get a minimalistic site up and running without too much effort. I would recommend having an RSS Feed-subscribe widget, contact page, and an archive widget as a bare minimum.

Once that is complete, your next task is creating content about your subject area—enough that you will have posts for the rest of the month. I would recommend a minimum of two to three posts per week of 500 words each. Leave out the last week’s posts, however, as those will be reserved for your sales pitch.

In a single week, I definitely think that you can write six posts. All you do in this week is write posts and set up your blog, so you will most likely not have any traffic coming to your blog from these efforts.

As you write, cross-link all of your posts to each other, so that when your site does start getting traffic, both users and bots will find themselves being sent to many of your posts from any one location. As new posts go live, go back to old ones and keep cross-linking. Obviously you cannot start linking posts until they have gone live, so going back to cross-link will be a must over time. This does two things: makes robots happy and also makes your blog look much bigger than it actually is to first time readers.

So what kind of content should you focus on writing? For starters, I would recommend anything that is timely, easy to follow, and useful to your audience. Be concise (after all, you only have 500 words) but try your best to make people think when they come to your blog. Be unique, be yourself, and create enough well-thought-out content that you will make a great first impression on the people you send to your blog in this first month of writing.

The best way to make this first impression worth a return visit is to provide something no one has ever seen before. This could involve putting a new spin on old dogma in your niche, or coming up with something completely revolutionary by thinking outside the box.

Do a great job of building excellent content and you’ll have enough subscribers to feed that $800 target earnings you’re hoping for. Honestly, this takes a lot of experience in the subject area you are focusing on. You either have the knowledge and personal skill to write for an audience in your chosen niche, or you do not, and if you fall into the latter category then you need to focus on improving that before you can implement this strategy to the fullest.

Week two

Now that you have all your posts finished and they are being published on a biweekly basis, you can start focusing on more than just cross linking new and old posts together. It’s time to get traffic, and I’ll leave much of this up to you.

If you want to participate on forums, send guest posts, write comments on blogs or any other form of traffic, feel free to do so with your free time now.

Don’t advertise yourself per se, but if the opportunity arises then you can leave a link or two to helpful posts you have written on any one subject. Just do your best to engage in conversation with leaders and non-leaders alike in your particular niche. Be helpful, ask great questions, and give even better answers.

Focus all of your efforts this week on guest posting, developing a reputation in your niche, and going to where your potential audience gathers. Most of your week should be spent on places outside of your own blog in order to maximize your exposure and get your name out there. This could mean you spend an entire day in conversations on various forums in your niche, or you take the time to look up related blogs and leave constructive comments on them.

Of all the things you focus on, however, guest posting will most likely be your most effective traffic driver. For this reason alone you should be putting your largest effort into contacting fellow bloggers and writing great guest posts for them. Explore their blogs, read their comments and figure out what information you can share with their audience in order to enrich the experience that is their blog.

Week three

While continuing with cross-linking posts and building exposure for your blog, you should also look into finding a product which you can sell to your initial audience.

Realistically, you probably won’t have more than fifty followers by the end of the month, but the ones you do have will hopefully really love your work. As long as you do a good job of coming across as someone who understands your niche and loves writing, you should have no problem pitching a recommended product by the end of the month.

Your job now, in week three, is to find that product and also talk to the creator of it. What you want to ask is for some sort of interview, whether that be a Skype recording, a written interview done via email, or any other form of communication that will show your audience that the person who made this product is not only a real person but knowledgeable about their subject area as well. Get the conversation started and have the interview asap.

Be sure to communicate with your audience throughout the month, and don’t be afraid to ask for their questions and/or feedback in a post at some point. This will enable you to build a deeper connection with your initial readership as well as get conversations started on your own blog in the comments section.

Week four

At this point, you have a starter blog that is getting some traffic from whatever methods you’ve chosen and you may even have a decent number of followers. With your interview in hand, you will now want to write two posts for the end of the month that both lead into the product you hope to sell to your audience—as well as actually sell the dang thing. Here’s how you should break these two posts down.

Post 1

Write about the problem that this product can solve. Don’t solve the problem, just write about it and ask your audience for solutions. Above all, be honest. Tell them that you have a solution in hand and that you are trying it out.

Actually do this, please—do not pitch a product you can’t honestly recommend.

If the problem is something that your audience can relate to and which they want solved, then this post should be aimed at whetting their appetite. Tell them that you have found a product creator with the solution to their problems and that you are setting up an interview with that person very soon. Again, do not reveal the product just yet.

Post 2

Now show the interview, write about your personal experience with the product and ask for feedback from anyone who ends up buying it. Gather the feedback (you should get some if you ask for it) and if you have enough then I would recommend that you also write a third post for the following day. Include in this third post your audience’s reviews of the product, good and bad, and then thank those that chose to leave reviews.

That’s the whole strategy and yes, you honestly can make quite a bit of money if you master it. Really, what you’re learning is how to build a presence and sell to an audience, which is a simple marketing concept adapted to blogging online. Do you think that you could follow this strategy and be successful?

Chris is a self proclaimed expert at showing bloggers how they can get traffic, build communities, make money online and be successful. You can find out more at The Traffic Blogger.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I really like how your broke this down into actionable steps and then attached them to a week by week timeline. I think if you reach the right audience with the right numbers, you could potentially develop your influence pretty quickly. Especially if, like you, a blogger offers help (via comments on forums and other sites).

    I often tell new bloggers who are trying to build their income online to offer a service in addition to recommending an affiliate product. Do something that solves a problem or saves someone else time. They could even create their own ebooks or other paid content.

    • Yes. This systematic blog develop procedures give beginner, like me, a lot of helpful hints.

      I will implement it in my new blog. It may spend longer time for beginner, but it is worth to do so because build a strong foundation is important. Thank you, Chris, for sharing this valuable article with us.:)

  2. This is rock solid stuff, because it works. But in order to make this kind of money within the first thirty days, you almost have to be blogging full time, yes?

    I mean, my blog’s making decent money (especially if you count our clients) but in order to break $800 I’d have to be connected eight hours a day.

    You were working feverishly, weren’t you Chris?

  3. Good question. I was working about 4 hours per day at it while also maintaining a 40 hour a week job.

    Although I say, “write 6 posts” I don’t mention write “50” comments on forums and “15” comments on blogs and 4 guest posts in a single week. This is meant as a plan for bloggers, but executing it requires that you work “smart.” You cannot waste time on what your blog looks like or solely on writing your posts. You have to get out there and engage your audience, which perhaps I did not do a good enough job explaining in this article.

    Hopefully this comment helps explain the process a little more.

    • Do you feel we can go ahead with such one size fits all approach. The figures that one generate will heavily depend on the domain he/she is blogging in

      • I think as Brad suggested this is a great plan starter and as Kristi mentioned it is a week by week break down to help bloggers focus. You could tweak this for your audience, but I believe that the fundamental concepts behind why this strategy works are good for everyone to analyze.

        You are correct that bloggers need to be careful of the “one size fits all” mentality. Great point!

    • Very nice article. I agree that most of your traffic will come from efforts outside of your blog. Building an audience has a lot to do with external marketing efforts such as guest posting and social networking. I’m glad to see that you are doing so well with your site. Congrats!

  4. Haha yeah that’s my big mistake. I’ve probably spent 20-30 hours toying with the design on my site. It looks awesome but it’s not working efficiently. :D

    I probably average 1-2 hours per day doing the actual stuff you’re talking about here, which explains why I haven’t broken $800 in a month. Yep, this definitely clarifies things.

  5. I don’t know how many people will be able to duplicate your results in the first month, Chris; however, you laid out a great game plan that anyone can copy if they’re willing to put in the work. It wouldn’t be long before a blogger would see money start flowing in from this system if they consistently used it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • No problem Brad, glad you saw value in it.

      You can definitely take this lesson in marketing and reapply it to other forms of media, not just blogging.

      Like you said, it’s a system and the ground work for an overall strategy.

  6. I like how you break it out, week by week. Some people just throw together a “what to do” list and without more specific direction, it’s easy for beginners to be stuck at the “what to do first” phase.

    • Exactly, this is an excellent point you’re making Kristi. My hope is that people who attempt this will also learn from why it works. They are building a presence, staying focused and delivering value to their readership.

  7. I would say success is directly proportional to the amount of hard work one puts in to the blog… Just be passionate and right sensitive stuff. Keep your eyes and ears open the web has a lot of informaton to offer

  8. Chris,
    That’s awesome revenue in your first month of blogging. Working smart here is the key because I also wasted a lot of time in the beginning of my blog fooling around with the theme as opposed to commenting, forums and guest posting.

  9. Chris, though you’ve got an excellent strategy here yet it looks $800 in the very 1st month is extremely difficult for most of the bloggers.

  10. Thanks for the reminder that thoughtful comments on other blogs work wonders. I often forget that blogging is a community & I need to make more of an effort.

    As for guest posting, I’ve only done one or two & was asked each time. Do you recommend contacting other bloggers & asking to write a guest post? I would have assumed that this was somewhat spammy (or self promoting…which I suppose it is). Is this considered ok to do?

  11. Good review but this only happens to hard working blogger. The difference between someone who caryy out all the above and someone who do the same and yet made money goes beyond what can be put in letters.

    Good review I must say but…

    Good work Traffic Blogger

  12. Well I made about £1000 in my first week of blogging! What was my secret? Luck of course!

    I was just in the right place at the right time. I didn’t do anything fancy, I didn’t have a targeted domain, I didn’t write a particularly attractive post, I wasn’t using WP etc. I just happened upon something that was very popular before there was any competition. My “site” simply consisted of one page of personal thoughts on a new product.

    I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that many web successes owe more to having the right site at the right time than hardwork!

    That first month was the busiest the site has ever been, although 3 years later I still get 100k hits a month so I’m pleased I managed to leverage that initial burst into something long term.

    • Damn that is lucky jezza. Glad you managed to turn it into something long term, that seems to be one of the hardest parts of making money online: having more than an initial success.

      I like your point, it keeps things in prospective for those looking to use this strategy. Hopefully they will make their own luck with it!

    • Wow, that’s good to hear! That just goes to show the true power that the internet can have for a business. I for one never struck fortune quite as easily, but with consistency the “vein of internet gold” is always there to find :)

  13. Actual tangible steps? This is far and above most other posts I’ve read on here. Good stuff.

  14. Chris,

    Great post–good insight, and I think that my “takeaway” from this is:

    1. Have a WRITTEN plan (emphasis mine–I’m a slacker if it’s not written down…), and
    2. Stick to it. Like, really stick to it. Only if I really stick to the plan (and only I can know), can I expect for anything like this to pay off!

    Basically, it seems like there are multiple ways of achieving success in a niche, but it comes down to sticking to a plan for a good period of time, no?

    • You got it Nick, that’s also why the fact that my plan might not work for everyone isn’t the point of this article. The point is as you stated: to stick to a written plan.

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  16. Very Well Written Chris.

    I’m a beginner in blogging & like you said I too spend my time in editing & designing the blog theme. I was really frustrated as I’m not getting time to even write the post for my blog. Somehow, I tried my best & stick to one theme & started writing post for my blog, even though I’m an employee writing six post in a week is too much, therefore I’m trying to write atleast two post in a week which give me proper time to work on my other freelancing work.

    Looking forward to know from you post about how a job person should start a blog & how much to write?


    • Hey Hyderali, sorry for getting to your question kind of late, I hope that you see my answer!

      I spent 4 hours per day on my blog while working full time, and some nights I went 8-10 hours. It was hell, but so worth it in the long run. If you don’t have that kind of drive, it’s ok, but you will want to try and be consistent in your efforts.

      Ask yourself these questions:

      Can you afford to give 1 hour per day to your blog? Can you make sure that the bulk of your time is spent outside of your blog building a presence online?

      If you said yes to both then you too can be a successful blogger.

  17. This is a great guide. It gives a clear cut path to jump starting a blog the most efficient way possible. The one hang up I think newer bloggers may find is interviewing the product owner… Not because your instructions lack, but simply for fear of acceptance or rejection.

    For anyone that may have this step holding you back, just remember to follow up professionally if no answer or you were told no for the interview, and be sure to include points of mutual beneficialness for all that are involved.

    As far as the questions you should ask about, don’t ask the questions you’ll have, focus on the questions your readers will have. Consider the hesitations they may have to purchase. Having the creator of the product eliminate those skepticisms will definitely push fence riders in your favor!

    Excellent post, I gained a lot from this!

    Take care,

    • Very good points Chris. Fear of acceptance and rejection are definitely part of what you have to overcome in order to succeed online. What I think people need to focus on is the value they are bringing to the table and leverage that value when they contact the owner of the product. Most product owners would jump head first at the idea of an interview and that can definitely work in the advantage of the blogger.

  18. A good writing piece to motivate the rest of us! I love reading articles like this as it fires me up to think of new ideas to apply to my own blog.

  19. I’m a bit overwhelmed by it all, but I’m also excited to try out this system you’ve outlined. These are really helpful tips about guest posting and commenting on forums, too.

    PS. I might have a weird blog crush on your blog, Chris. I spent so much time searching your archives and reading all the helpful articles on Traffic Blogger that my husband had to give me The Look (The Look means that I should stop smiling at a stranger’s blog and start smiling at him). Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration! =)

    -Miss GOP

    • Wow Miss GOP, that is super touching and I’m really grateful for your patronage. If you ever have questions or suggestions I’d be honored to take them via email.

      It’s important for everyone else to note that had I not done the cross linking of posts on my blog you might not have gone from post to post through my archives.

  20. Hey Chris,

    First when I read “800 $ in the first month” I was like yeah, right! Another get rich over night story.

    However, going through the whole article I realized that this is indeed possible if you are prodigy in your niche. Nevertheless, this is not for the beginners in my opinion.

    Thanks for the article.

    • You’re right Glorious Blogger (nice name lol), you really do need to strike it rich and be a prodigy in the chosen niche to succeed like I did. However, analyzing this story should help others to visualize their own paths to success.

  21. This is so timely! The blog I’m at is going through a remodel of sorts, and your tips will definitely help out a ton! Thanks!

  22. Thx for your post. Some really good ideas. I just posted an article on Mother’s Day today so if I was using your plan I’m late. I guess I better get started on Father’s Day next week. :)

  23. Good tactical advice. I decided to just write for a couple months, engage other bloggers in my interest and other cool people as well. Once I get a little more known, have some quality content, then I”ll give it a go on the money thing. First and foremost is helping rookies like myself traverse the digital landscape.

    Life is good, Live it up!

  24. Nice article(Guide), Chris.

    It’s a decent enough way to look(Do) things, for a new blogger.

    And I do like your approach. Basically, keeping on your path, with a set of procedures that build momentum along the way(adding increased responsibility and ensuing potentially increased results).

    Though, I do have some reservations.

    Yes it’s fantastic to go the “Ultra Positive Route” offering the ” Just follow these simple steps and You to can achieve these amazing results”!

    The hard reality is that, much of the advice being offered out on the web regarding building a successful blog, in many cases, does not work.
    There is so much information out there in the Blog-o-sphere offering the Holy Grail to Blogging success, for both the beginner, and the intermediate Bloggers.

    As with people seeking advice in any number of other topics(Arts, Crafts Professions, sports, etc) a great deal of that information(Advice) will not aid the aspiring Bloggers anywhere near the levels often being stated.

    Having setup some blogs, and having tried a number of approaches as instructed, often the advice will have no affect whatsoever, or, actually be counter productive.

    I am a Realist and an optimist(I do see the potential in ideas, though, the ideas(advice) must produce results).

    I have wrote articles in regards to this.

    Many techniques(Just as in any field) that are touted as “The way” to achieve success with your blog(Visitors, Financial, ranking, etc) have at the same time been considered a waste of time and effort.


    • Interesting take on the subject Daniel. From experience I can tell you that when I first started blogging none of these sorts of strategies seemed impossible, even though I had seen such tremendous success online. A lot of strategies will work if you apply them, but many people fail at the application stage. They make assumptions, don’t understand why the strategy works or they implement it incorrectly. If you don’t take the time to understand why something works, it is quite difficult to then apply it to your own blog.

  25. Thanks. It’s a cool guide. Can you write about traffic strategies?

  26. This is also a good way of earn money with the help of blogging and the people try and alot of money eran keep it up thank blog

  27. I think your strategy is great.We may able to get a 800$ payment in one month.But it’s depends on your niche -I think. It’s very hard to work this out in many contexts. You should give something practically work for everyone.

  28. Surprising post, how make $800 in one month? I think its not practical, Explain step by step.

  29. Thanks for the great article..I will keep looking for more such information here.

  30. Wow nice post… i’m confused about 800$ in 1st month of blogging.. Thanks

  31. Love the idea of linking back and forward between your posts. I think it is easy for beginners to forget to go back and make those cross links between their posts. We get too focused on moving forward.

    • I made the switch to doing it and I love it. Now when someone comes to my blog they could have any number of additional posts linked from the one they read initially. It works really well and you’re absolutely right, it requires that you take a step back and laying the ground work for moving forward instead of rushing ahead.

  32. Thanks for some excellent advice and inspiration for those just starting out like me. My plan was a bit more conservative than your guide. I was thinking 8 to 10 weeks to get going but now you have shown me that I can do it in half the time.

  33. Dang, you get a ton of comments…so…I’m not very good at blogging yet.

  34. First of all thanks to be kind to show interest in readers questions and describes your secrets to them in solution. I read this post carefully and I am impressed with your suggestion for week 2nd.
    And I think Social bookmarking is also can drive a good starting traffic in 2nd week. with Forum Postings……

  35. Awesome and a must read article! I’ll surely try to follow this guide! Regards

  36. Is google blogger works only in US. I am from New Zealand?

  37. Nice Chris! I put a plan together like that for my blog then wrote it out in checklist form in a post. It sure makes a difference when you know where you’re going and what you need to do to get there. It helps you stay focused.

    My biggest problem is that my “day job” has highly irregular hours — some weeks 30 hours, others at 80 — and meshing that schedule with a blogging schedule has proven to be much more difficult and frustrating that I thought it would be.

  38. I love your articles on this blog. This blog and every article posted on it have given me every day a new idea and knowledge which shows the vast opportunity of making life beautiful and healthy with having income generating system.

  39. After blog for more than 2 years and made just enoguh to cover the cost, I am so deligheted to read this article via my email ( subscription).
    I honestly did not do well with the cross-linking of all the post and guest posting as mentioned. Perhaps that is one of my biggest set back
    Thanks for the great tips

  40. Hey Chris,

    These are wonderful tips but it sounds a bit difficult. However, I have to agree with you there that you need to a lot of ‘smart’ work when it comes to blogging. One thing that I have learned is to start to write about things that are timely and stuff that is of interest to you. A blogger can write a whole lot of things about the latest trends and gadgets but for the mean time, the things he love the most should be alright.

    For instance, if you like music, you can start writing with the music software that you are using, how much each costs, etc. You see, a lot of people take interest in these stuff. Forums can also be useful so that you can create back links.

    There are a whole lot of strategies, just how a blogger works around it is the most important and the main ingredient to success. :)

    Cheers to your post! It’s fantastic! :)

  41. Hello Chris!

    I love this article and all the content on this blog. I am a photographer and while I have never looked at my blog as more than a tool to promote my work I am intrigued by this information. I am new to the idea of making money with a blog and was wondering how selling a product as you describe actually generates money. Is this commission based from the product owner?
    You also talked about the number of subscribers being a big factor in generating income, can you talk a little more about this? How does that work exactly?



  42. Really Needful Post Darren Sir, I am just going to create a blog on Sufism and I wish to earn minimum $300 per month from that. With you guide my way is 60% easy as now I need not to create a time-table or wish list for what to do…You save my time Thanks for sharing this secret with us…

  43. Love how you detailed the steps and timeline — very productive, thanks!

    Christine Hueber

  44. I like these ideas. Not sure what I can sell, unless I can wrap up my corporate actions knowledge somehow. Spent 12 years working in banking and got a blog about it now. But struggling for direction.

  45. HI Chris,
    I like the structure and sequencing of the steps laid out in your blog; there is a lot to be learned for newbies.
    However I think blogging success is a primarily a function of persistence and hard work. I am not sure that many would be able to duplicate your rapid success. That’s the beauty of comments (and your instructive honest responses), they elaborate and give a broader more realistic perspective than one might get by just reading the blogs without the comments.

    • Very observant of you Riley, that’s the real trick isn’t it? Success takes hard work and no matter what strategy or doctrine you decide to follow, hard work will always be the backbone behind it!

  46. This is so well explained. I appreciate the fact that you have broken down the steps in easy to follow sequences that a newbie and more senior bloggers can follow.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.


  47. Thx for your post.

  48. Thanks, I’m still new to websites and promoting, this article is really useful

  49. I have been blogging for over a year now and even though my visitors and subscribers increase every month the money I make remains the same. I think making money blogging is more about luck than anything else and if you manage to pick the right niche then you made it.

  50. Rose Offner says: 05/06/2011 at 8:50 am

    Chris, Thanks for such a great article. I would like to summarize what you wrote and link to your article. My favorite part of your article was actually in the forum. Now, because I love your article say, I want to summarize it and add it to my blog with a link to your blog. I assume it is Ok as long as you give credit to the author and with a link to the source site.

    Here is an example of what I learned that I liked and found to be valuable, can you let me know if it is ok to post this or the essence of it on my blog.

    Article by ProBlogger, Chris : A one Month Guide to Money Blogging
    Chris, The Traffic Blogger at https://problogger.com
    writes a great article about how to make 800.00 a month from blogging.

    Problogger outlines the steps with week one-four saying “you have to get out there and engage your audience..”. Below are the steps that seem to be the essence of Problogger, Chris’s formula: for making money blogging.

    Another key aspect besides writing valuable, helpful, and engaging content is making sure that we/bloggers link our content within our blog sites: This means that when someone comes to your blog they could have any number of additional posts linked from the one they read initially. This way if a reader likes your blog he might stay to read the archive. By cross-linking your reader will stay on your site until finished instead of being lead off to another blog.

    1. Writing at least four hours a day.
    2. 6 posts ( a day or week I must ask?)
    3. Write 50 comments on forums
    4. 15 comments on blogs
    5.Write 4 guest posts in a single week
    6. Cross Linking of Posts on your blog site: This means: linking back and forward between your posts.

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    • Thanks for this post chris.This are some bundle of tips for beginners.I must appreciate the way you describe to sell a product.By thus audience shouldn’t be irritated and will get some interest on your quality.They can easily trust you.Thanks.

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