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A List of Business Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of January 2005 Business Blogging 0 Comments

Over at the Blogathon last week the guys at Inside Blogging generously commissioned me to come up with a list of as many ‘Business Blogs‘ as I could find. I thought I’d post the list here also as its relevant to this blog. See below the list for my struggle to define ‘business blog’ which will partially explain the odd collection I’ve assembled here so far which includes numerous businesses that blog but also a few blogs about business (if you get my distinction. I’ve tried to keep the more pure ones (ie businesses that blog) in the top end of the list.

Additions to the list:
Cudgeland – A blog about Weddings and party-planning from the folks at Cudge (suggested by Mark).
Paper-Source – with 5 staff blogs (suggested by Mark).
Benjamin Christie – Australian Chef Consultant
Vic Cherikoff’s Blog – of Vic Cherikoff Food Services and Dining Downunder
Atomic Books
Blog Kits Corporate Blog
Innovation Tools
English Cut – an English Tailor’s Blog

Other Lists of Business/Corporate Blogs
Corporate Blogging – European Corporate Blogs – this is actually another list of ‘corporate blogs’ from Europe which I figured I will list instead of listing each of the many blogs on it. Suggested by the globally minded Hans.

As i mentioned above – I struggled a little with the creation of this list (which I invite you to add to in comments below) because of the term ‘business blog’. How should we define it?

There are many ways one could answer this question. Broadly speaking it could be defined as any or all of the following:

1. a blog that has content on business topics (ie marketing, PR, advertising, real estate, law, finance etc)
2. a blog that has a direct income stream and that is a business in and of itself (ie through advertising or affiliate programs)
3. a blog that promotes a person and thereby opens up opportunities for them to earn an income in some indirect way (eg as a consultant, speaker etc)
4. a blog that is attached to a business either as a promotional/informational too or as a tool to enhance that business in some other way. It may not be an income earner in and of itself but it is a dynamic part of a business (eg an internal blog between staff or a customer service blog to keep clients up to date on progress of projects etc).

So which one is it – or is it all of the above – or something else….

I tend to define it more as the last point – businesses that blog (but am not too hard and fast on this). However having defined it this way I had a difficult time finding too many businesses engaged in blogging (apart from blog consultants, blog tool providers etc).

I could have linked to hundreds and hundreds of blogs from the first three categories (and have included a few) but finding blogs that were more attached to existing businesses were harder to find. I suspect this is partly because some of these blogs are internal and therefore private blogs, but I also wonder if despite all the talk and articles that are going around the blogosphere at the moment about business blogging whether there is actually a lack of working models already in place.

It is early days for business blogging but and I do see its potential but perhaps at the moment there is more ‘talk’ about business blogging than there is actual action. I’m sure this will change and I’m looking forward to seeing this list of business blogs grow. Feel free to submit your suggestions below in comments.

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