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A List of Business Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of January 2005 Business Blogging 0 Comments

Over at the Blogathon last week the guys at Inside Blogging generously commissioned me to come up with a list of as many ‘Business Blogs‘ as I could find. I thought I’d post the list here also as its relevant to this blog. See below the list for my struggle to define ‘business blog’ which will partially explain the odd collection I’ve assembled here so far which includes numerous businesses that blog but also a few blogs about business (if you get my distinction. I’ve tried to keep the more pure ones (ie businesses that blog) in the top end of the list.

Additions to the list:
Cudgeland – A blog about Weddings and party-planning from the folks at Cudge (suggested by Mark).
Paper-Source – with 5 staff blogs (suggested by Mark).
Benjamin Christie – Australian Chef Consultant
Vic Cherikoff’s Blog – of Vic Cherikoff Food Services and Dining Downunder
Atomic Books
Blog Kits Corporate Blog
Innovation Tools
English Cut – an English Tailor’s Blog

Other Lists of Business/Corporate Blogs
Corporate Blogging – European Corporate Blogs – this is actually another list of ‘corporate blogs’ from Europe which I figured I will list instead of listing each of the many blogs on it. Suggested by the globally minded Hans.

As i mentioned above – I struggled a little with the creation of this list (which I invite you to add to in comments below) because of the term ‘business blog’. How should we define it?

There are many ways one could answer this question. Broadly speaking it could be defined as any or all of the following:

1. a blog that has content on business topics (ie marketing, PR, advertising, real estate, law, finance etc)
2. a blog that has a direct income stream and that is a business in and of itself (ie through advertising or affiliate programs)
3. a blog that promotes a person and thereby opens up opportunities for them to earn an income in some indirect way (eg as a consultant, speaker etc)
4. a blog that is attached to a business either as a promotional/informational too or as a tool to enhance that business in some other way. It may not be an income earner in and of itself but it is a dynamic part of a business (eg an internal blog between staff or a customer service blog to keep clients up to date on progress of projects etc).

So which one is it – or is it all of the above – or something else….

I tend to define it more as the last point – businesses that blog (but am not too hard and fast on this). However having defined it this way I had a difficult time finding too many businesses engaged in blogging (apart from blog consultants, blog tool providers etc).

I could have linked to hundreds and hundreds of blogs from the first three categories (and have included a few) but finding blogs that were more attached to existing businesses were harder to find. I suspect this is partly because some of these blogs are internal and therefore private blogs, but I also wonder if despite all the talk and articles that are going around the blogosphere at the moment about business blogging whether there is actually a lack of working models already in place.

It is early days for business blogging but and I do see its potential but perhaps at the moment there is more ‘talk’ about business blogging than there is actual action. I’m sure this will change and I’m looking forward to seeing this list of business blogs grow. Feel free to submit your suggestions below in comments.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Darren —

    Here are a couple that fall into your category #4:

    http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/blogs/index.html — Paper-Source.com (5 employee blogs)

    http://cudge.blogspot.com — Cudgeland (Wedding and party supplies)

  2. A list of Business Blogs
    Darren has made a list – but why isn’t there any europeans on the list? I know of a list…

  3. Darren,

    Blogs are starting to appear in the food industry. My Blog, http://www.benjaminchristie.com is about all things to do with Australian Native Foods and the restaurant industry as well. I also provide a number of reciepes there too.

    My business partners blog, Vic Cherikoff from Vic Cherikoff Food Services and Dining Downunder, writes an occasional opinion, update and observation on the native food industry and in particular, on Australian cuisine. http://cherikoff.blogspot.com/

    Both worth a read.



  4. Heya, check out my corporate business blog at blog.kowabunga.com. It should meet your criteria.

  5. Darren,

    Thanks for including my blog on this list. If you want some more stock market blogs for this page just check the Stocks/Finance folder in my bloglines account – http://www.bloglines.com/public/tradermike

  6. My Innovation Weblog covers tops related to business innovation and creativity. Seems to fit your criteria!

  7. My Innovation Weblog (http://www.innovationtools.com/weblog/innovation-weblog.asp) covers tops related to business innovation and creativity. Seems to fit your criteria!

  8. This link above (thanks for adding it) is wrong.

    It should link to blog.kowabunga.com, and be titled KowaBunga! Corporate Blog.


  9. The Bitter Vat (http://bittervat.extrinia.com) – a blog from Australian independent record label, Extrinia, on personal media (includes coverage of media, entertainment, advertising)

  10. Darren,

    I’m doing an MBA research project on small business bloggers and have created a blog as a sort of resource bank. There’s a list of over 50 ‘real’ company blogs in the Company Blog section (I’ve added a couple from your own list).
    By the way, I’d love to hear from any small business bloggers willing to be interviewed for my project. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

  11. The BizBlog Directory coming down
    Spammers have completely taken over the BizBlogDirectory. In the past, I was able to combat it by bringing up an old version of the page and restoring it. So many spammers have put crap on the page that the good version of the page has dropped off the…

  12. I agree with you

  13. Hi,
    Aarstiderne (http://dkforum.arstiderna.com/blog/) is a danish business-blog that’s been around for a while. Aarstiderne is in the organic food business and employs 110 people.

  14. Web services like web development, website designing, web promotion, SEO services, graphic design, content development and software development.

  15. Currently working on Completing Company Blogs for all Public traded Companies. Dow Jones, nasdaq 100 are completed as of this date.
    S & P 1500, and NYSE should be complete by the end of August. Furture Blogs of Full Nasdaq, Wilshire, and Russel Index, Should be complete by the End of the 3rd Quarter.

  16. Darren –

    Corporate blogging is definitely the buzz these days, but not as much so among Fortune 500 companies. In fact, I just launched my blog today (fortune500blogs.com) to index and track what I hope is a continued growth of corporate blogging, specifically among the Fortune 500. There is the perception of a high level of risk for executives who blog, but with risk comes reward, and like any communication medium, the blogger does have control over the content. So far, Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems are the best representations of what I think corporate bloggers should strive for. It will be interesting to see whether corporate blogging really takes off this year. If it doesn’t, well then heck, I’ll just blog on the F500 companies themselves ;-)

    Cheers! Great blog by the way, I’ve enjoyed reading it since I discovered it 2 weeks ago!

  17. We’ve just taken the plunge and launched G1Blog, Group 1 Sofware’s blog. None of the off the shelf or opensource blog packages fit our requirements, so we wrote it from scratch… from the database to the XHTML/CSS.

  18. The provided list of blogs doesn’t meet my requirments for now, so I’ll better sit back and wait for your next business blogs update. :)

  19. My concern is Ohio university blog and I found it right below real blog. Mind if I ask you to come up with more university blogs?

  20. It really nice post and i think some will be according to our requirements.


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  22. Thanks for the list. I’ll have to check them out

  23. Wonderful resources here. I plan to check all the business blogs on your list. Thanks for the research! If anyone is interested in business in the upstate New York area, check out our Business Strategies Magazine blog where local leaders talk about our area.

    : )

  24. Here’s the url for a business blog I write for Motherwear International, Inc. Motherwear makes nursing clothes, nursing bras, and baby clothes.


    Thanks for the list – more for me to check out!

  25. We just launched a blog supplying information and comments on Business Strategies and Planning.
    I invite all to visit and leave comments.



  26. I always used Blogs to find out the relevant resource. that I needed. I really happy about… Blogs are big support to me always. Thank you Blog owners for doing a great job.

  27. Thanq Darren Rowse,

    These are the blogs which i have been searching for the long time.


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