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9 Tricks I Used To Triple My AdSense Earnings In 30 Days

Posted By Daniel Scocco 8th of February 2010 Adsense 0 Comments

Guest post by Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips.

I have been using Google AdSense to monetize my blogs and websites for as long as I remember. In fact it was the first method I ever tried (I made a whooping $15 on my first month… back in 2005). Over the years I migrated to other methods (e.g., direct sponsors and affiliate marketing), which made AdSense become merely an inventory filler. I was still making around $1,000 monthly from it, but whenever I could I would use other methods over it.

Then some months ago I started noticing an upward trend on the CPC of my sites, and I figured that I should give AdSense another try. I started applying some tricks here and there, and the next month I made over $3,000 with it (that is combining all my sites). I was pleasantly surprised, and I decided to keep using it actively on some sites.

In this article I want to share with you the tips and tricks I used to triple my AdSense earnings in one month.

1. I added units to my Big Websites

Daily Blog Tips and Daily Writing Tips are my largest websites in terms of traffic. They are getting close to one million monthly page views (combined). Despite that I was not using AdSense on them, mainly because the direct sponsorship model was working relatively well.

Some months ago I decided to load some AdSense units on the sites, however, and the results were very positive. Around 70% of the boost I generated to my earnings came from these two sites. At the same time I managed to keep the other monetization methods working fine, and no reader ever complained about the new ads (more on that later).

Even if your blog is already making money with direct sponsors and affiliate marketing, therefore, you could still manage to increment your earnings by strategically adding some AdSense units.

2. I added units to my Small Websites

As many webmasters do, I have a bunch of small websites scattered around the web. Some are on free hosted platforms like Blogger, and others are self hosted sites that I abandoned along the way. Most of these sites still get traffic, however. Not much, but combined the numbers get decent.

I figured that adding AdSense units to all these sites could yield some money, and I was right. The main reason is that, since these are abandoned sites and don’t have loyal visitors, I can place the units very aggressively. The result was a very high CTR (Click-through rate), which compensates the small traffic levels.

Don’t underestimate the earning potential of small websites, especially if you are willing to place AdSense units aggressively.

3. I used the Large Units

If you want to make money with AdSense you’ll inevitably need to use one of these units: the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 rectangle, the 120×600 large skyscraper or the 728×90 leaderboard.

Whenever I tried to use smaller units the results were disappointing. Even if I positioned them aggressively the CTR was just too low.

All four units mentioned above can produce good results, but the best performing one is by far the 336×280 large rectangle, and that is the one I used to boost my earnings.

4. I placed the Units above the Fold

My first trial was to place the 336×280 large rectangle between the post and the comments section of my blogs. The results were OK. I then decided to try placing them below the post titles for one week, and the CTR skyrocketed. In fact I still need to find a placement/unit combination that will beat placing a 336×280 unit below post titles.

I knew this rule, but I guess I needed to test and get confirmation. The rule is: if you want to make money with Google AdSense, you must place your units above the fold.

5. I Focused on Organic Traffic

My main concern with adding a large AdSense unit right below my post titles was that some of the loyal readers could get annoyed with it. At the same time I knew that loyal readers become ad blind quite fast, and that the bulk of my money would come from organic visitors (i.e., people coming via search engines to my posts).

To solve this problem I decided to display the large rectangle only on posts older than seven days (using the Why Do Work WordPress plugin). It worked like a charm, as loyal readers don’t even notice the ad units when they are browsing through my recent posts, and organic visitors almost always see the ads because they usually land on posts older than seven days.

6. I started using AdSense for Search

I was not sure how much money I would be able to make with AdSense for Search, but I was not happy with the search results provided by WordPress, so I decided to give it a shot anyway.

Currently I am making around $60 monthly with AdSense for Search. It is not much, but if you sum it over one year we are talking about $720. On top of that the search results are as relevant as you’ll get, so it is a win win situation.

7. I started using AdSense for Feeds

Another AdSense product I decided to try was the AdSense for Feeds one. I opted to display the ads below my feed items (you can also place them on top, but this would be too intrusive in my opinion). The results here were pretty good, both in terms of CTR and earnings.

You obviously need a large RSS subscriber base to make this work, but I am guessing that even with a couple thousand subscribers you could already make $100 monthly from feed ads.

8. I played around with section targeting

Section targeting is an AdSense feature that allows you to suggest specific sections of your site that should be used when matching ads. You can read more about it here.

I found that on niche and small websites section targeting can help a lot. Often times Google was displaying unrelated ads on these sites because there weren’t enough pages. After using section targeting I managed to increase the relevancy of the ads and consequently the CTRs.

9. I tested with Different Colors and Fonts

If you enabled both image and text ads on your units you should be able to customize the colors and fonts. I did some testing with both of these factors, and it helped to increase the numbers. Nothing dramatic, but it was definitely worth my time.

You just need to track your CTR for a couple of weeks. Then change the color or font and track it for another week, seeing if you can beat the original CTR. If you can, keep the new format. If you the performance decreased, try a new color or font and track the CTR for another week, until you find the optimal combination.

On my sites the best results came from making the ad units merge with the look of the site, but on some sites contrasting colors perform better, so testing is a must.

Daniel is the owner of Daily Blog Tips. He is also the author of the Make Money Blogging ebook, which you can download for free by signing up to his newsletter.

  1. I agree the 336×280 large rectangles are the best performing for me however I’ve not had any real success with adsense on feeds.

    I also started with adsense back in 2005 falling far short of the minimum amount required to generate a check – I’m pleased to report that my adsense earnings have increased by far more than tenfold since those days.

  2. Hi Daniel

    nicely put up .. i was unaware of the fact that small sites with large ad units can actually make a good amount of money .. i will surely try that …

    Your writing has been really great every post of your has gave me a hint or clue for becoming a better blogger.

    Great work..

  3. Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try!

  4. Thanks for the tips, I will try the larger Adsense block below my title like you suggested and see how it goes. I used to have the 468×60 block but the CTR was meh.

  5. Do you Know some thing called ad blindness that’s what I have on my blog

  6. Placing Adsense below post title is indeed a great way to improve your earnings.

    Great Post! :D

  7. Thanks for posting this. In particular I didn’t know about the section targeting. I’m definitely going to use this to see if I can make my ads more relevant. The WordPress plugin sounds interesting, I’ll have a look at that. And I’m going to give the large rectangle a go. I’ll be busy this week :)

  8. Very useful advice, but again, 1 million page views per month is something most of us can only wish for for now. But it’s definitely a good way to make some money once we’re up there in the game. Cheers.

  9. nice tips
    thanks for sharing

    however, i still couldn’t make any money using AdSense for Search… :-(

    i wonder why

  10. I wonder what`s a good CTR? 1%, 5%, 10% or more. Could you give us some examples?

  11. so many people have given up on Adsense. I know someone with 4,000 uniques a day who was hardly making anything off Adsense, but this has given me some fresh ideas. Thanks a mil!

  12. Thanks for a great strategy! It’s nice to see an actual case study of what’s working for adsense. Testing and tracking is time consuming and there are many variables to consider. I’m excited to implement this strategy.

  13. When I start reading the title , I thought its something great tip which I am going to get , but seriously i am a bit disappointed after reading this, adding adsense to your acount is ofcourse not an idea . it is mandatory .

  14. Brilliant tips. Hard work and consistent efforts are the key to making money online. Experimentation is another important aspect.

  15. Wow. This is absolutely inspiring! Now I realize what’s my next step to increase the earning.. Thanks!

  16. Good tips.I use Adsense on my blog as well.People are used to click on blue links, so it is a good idea to keep the links blue on Adsense as well.

  17. @Kudo, a “good CTR” is a relative term, as it what is good for a normal blog will be low for a mini website that was built around adsense. Additionally the CTR will be connected with your niche, traffic sources and the like.

    I can give you some ball park numbers though. On mini websites, where the single goal is to generate adsense clicks, a good CTR would be anything over 5%.

    On normal websites and blogs (i.e., where you can’t just focus on AdSense), a CTR of 2% or 3% is already pretty good.

    CTRs around 1% are more average, but if you don’t have organic traffic and don’t position your units smartly you won’t reach even that.

  18. I can’t figure out how to change the color of my adds on Adsense, and how to change the unit size. Do you know of a tutorial for this?

  19. Thanks Daniel for posting great tips.

    Here is my top tip for making more from Adsense:

    Posting a large or medium rectangle just post title in left or right corner works best always.

    Couple of months back I also wrote my best post to increase Adsense revenue:


  20. Thank you very much for these tips…. I was really looking for something like this my adsense revenue is pretty bad since 3 month ago :(

  21. Wow, so much useful information here. I love the idea of the plugin you use, going to install it on my business site and blog to see how well it works for me, will have to track the progress on my blog too via blog posts to help more bloggers do the same (if it works for me). My stats combined are not as high as yours, but I do see a decent revenue coming in from Adsense using it on 2 of my 3-4 websites, going to add it to all my sites today and track progress!

    Thank you for all your wonderful tips!

  22. Brilliant article. Really enjoyed the tips for maximising AdSense CTR. Have few websites which I will try using the tips given.

    Keep writing as I believe these will help every internet marketer to grow better.


  23. Great information!

    I am currently experiencing with Adsense on my site and need all the help I can get!

  24. Thanks for the tips…I’ve been looking at it for a while, but have not dug into. You got me inspired – thanks…PS any suggestions on the best WP plugin for that?

  25. Really useful for adsense monetization. I am also having adsense section in my top place to get maximum exposure. But then also I get very few clicks. Do not understand wot is the reason behind this.

  26. Hi Daniel,

    I’m not sure if I missed this….my apologies if I did…….but can you post links to the blogs on which you used Adsense links? I’m curious to see what effective ones look like.


  27. Good tips.

    But with google adsense one can hardly make money unless there is a huge traffic on the website. It is usually when the user searches using search engines and lands on the blog, the google adsense ads becomes relevant.


    Santosh Puthran

  28. I have been hunting for that Why Do Work plugin for a while. Recently I was digging through the DBT archives, and I noticed the ads which inspired me to look for the plugin.

    It’s really a great balance of monetizing vs. user experience. Having ads constantly shoved in your face gets old quick, but only coming across them when reading old articles doesn’t feel nearly as intrusive.

    This are some awesome adsense tips. There haven’t been a lot of posts recently about how to optimize adsense because affiliate marketing has been so hyped up. I’m glad to see even the A-list guys still use adsense sometimes :)

  29. This all seems like it could work pretty well for some basic earning to add up over time. I prefer to stick with very minimal or no ads on my blog yet as I’m still working out content and building a decent amount of readers.

    What do you think?

  30. @Eric, waiting until you are getting good traffic to start worrying about monetization is a valid strategy.

  31. Cool information. I did not know that the bigger ads performed better. I will have to go through my sites and and see what I can do to update these things.

  32. Good tips on ad block placements – I will have to try it with some of the smaller blogs I’m running.

    With regards to point #9, I recently started using YieldBuild for testing colors and fonts. The results were actually pretty good. My write-up from the experience is here:


  33. @Daniel, Do you think that placing an affiliate link in posts every now and again on a blog that has a good amount of readers is a bad strategy if the article is not asking them to buy anything but is promoting something that has to do with the topic at hand?

  34. Thanks for the tip.
    I use 729×90 (text only) below the title. And 300×250 between the post and the comments.
    Works well.


  35. @Eric, that tactic can generate some revenues, but it will hardly match the money you can make with more directed efforts.

  36. Wil Gee says: 02/09/2010 at 1:50 pm

    The difference between success and failure is very hard to understand. We have a section of one of our sites that is basically devoted to Adsense revenue, it looks like hell but we found a sweetspot for ad placement. Both my business partner and I hated the look of the page and completely redesigned the it in theory making it more user/site friendly. It was a total epic fail to the tune of at least $500 per month in lost revenue. We went back to the old page style.

  37. Nice post, of course you need traffic to make any decent amount of money. Everything else really takes a back seat to traffic it seems.

    I’d like to test AdSense sometime…after I’ve built up a little community.

  38. Thanks Darren,

    It’s really open-eye sources, and will do most helpful with my adsense earnings.


  39. Cool worth to try

  40. Thanks very much for the advice. I also have Adsense on my page but the earning from them is very low. I’ll try your tips :)

  41. Thanks for good tips on adsense.I will follow your tips on my blog

  42. Wow, a good source of income. That reminds me that entrepreneur is someone willing to take risk, someone’s willing to experiment new things a little bit and what you just have done is basically that

    Thanks for it.

  43. Thanks for yet another useful post.

  44. I have heard that the squares in Google Adsense are particularly effective, what is your experience concerning this?

  45. I’m going crazy with adsense and this was really helpful… I hope that implementing some of these tips will help… too bad my blog is on blogger and I can not use the plug in but I added adsense below the post title to see if I get better result :)

  46. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  47. Hi Daniel,

    I’m not sure if I missed this….my apologies if I did…….but can you post links to the blogs on which you used Adsense links? I’m curious to see what effective ones look like.


  48. I wasn’t aware of this section targeting until now. I might look into it in the future.

  49. I Focused on Organic Traffic, I’ll get it and making more hit on my post!

  50. I highly recommend #9, testing different ads. It made a huge difference for me.

    I’m really impatient so instead of testing for a few weeks and then trying a different format for a few weeks, I used PHP to test 2 ads simultaneously. It gives side-by-side results to compare the same day.

    I wrote up a simple tutorial on how to test this way. It’s at:

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