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9 Steps to a Daily Blogging Schedule

Posted By Guest Blogger 12th of December 2011 Writing Content 0 Comments

This guest post is by Caz Makepeace of y Travel Blog.

I publish almost daily on two blogs.

I have many people comment and ask me how I manage to do it, especially since I have two children, one being three months old.

While it is by no means easy, and I spend a lot of my sleeping time awake, there are still many strategies I employ to make it more manageable.

1. Write short, snappy content

The old adage less is more works here. You don’t have to write a lengthy, verbose story to gain a following.

Short, snappy posts that entertain and get a point across work well too, especially considering the attention span of our society’s inhabitants.

Think photos, poems, thoughts, quotes, community involving questions, giveaways, reviews, curating information for your readers, and highlighting other blogs.

2. Use guest posts

Why not have someone do the writing for you?

If you have strict guidelines attached you can make the whole process that much easier, as your guest writers understand how to format and promote to your liking.

Having someone write one post a week on your site frees you up to write a guest post for another site and attract a new set of readers as well.

3. Write daily

Why would I say this in giving tips on how to publish daily? I think you want to know how you write daily, right? Kinda neutralizes my advice.

It’s simple. The more often you write, the better you get at it, the quicker and easier it gets, the more in tune you become with your voice, and the more ideas start to flow to you as a result.

This post is an example. It took me ten minutes to write it on a train. My mind has been blog-post trained in its thinking due to my total immersion into daily writing.

4. Write from the heart

Once you tap into your voice, you tend to write more from your heart and soul rather than your head, which means less of the “logical and fearful” thought processes and more of the flow of words that pack a punch.

All of this ultimately means less work. Less work thinking, writing and editing. I don’t have to edit a post much that comes from deep within.

5. Repurpose your content

Find new ways to reproduce your old content. Turn old articles into podcasts and vice versa, turn newsletters and guest posts into new articles on your blog.

The work is already done; the ideas are there, they just need some tweaking and a slightly different angle.

If you have two blogs, like I do, you can use the same photos and content, but just tweak it a little. I often turn a travel experience I wrote about on my travel blog, into one that has a family or child angle for my personal parenting and lifestyle blog.

9. Carry a notebook everywhere, and become a keen observer

From conversations, passing billboards, songs and random thoughts, it is amazing what will spark an idea for a blog post.

If you don’t jot it down you will lose it.

I recently flew from Sydney to Melbourne for the Problogger conference. Within 30 minutes I had the outline for five posts recorded in my notebook. Had I not had the notebook that would have been five easy blog posts left at the departure gates waving me off.

7. Use your time wisely

The more I write on my blogs and spend time doing what I love, the more I come to understand what time wasters humans are.

Minutes and hours spent aimlessly wandering lost and filling the void with crappy reality TV shows and trashy magazines.

Check how you spend your time.

Ask yourself, “Is this somehow enabling me to grow? Is it fulfilling me? Can I write a blog post out of it?”

If not, put that time into something else a little more productive. We all do still need our down time, sure enough, but just don’t make it more than your on time.

If I check out to watch a movie or a TV show, or go to the beach or out to dinner, I usually find the blog post ideas won’t take a break anyway, and I hurriedly write my ideas in my notebook that is close by.

8. Stay inspired

All creation comes from inspiration. Do those activities that inspire you. You will move mountains when you operate from an inspired state.

The minute I start traveling or spending time with my daughters—the themes of my two blogs—the ideas start flowing and I can produce an incredible amount of blog posts with fresh original content.

9. Love what you do

I am able to do all of the above things without raising a sweat, or resenting the writing work. In fact I do it with a rush of gratitude and good feelings, because I love it.

When you love what you do it does not feel like work and you are more than happy to spend every waking minute doing it and the sleeping minutes as well.

The more you love the more you can do.

Caz Makepeace believes that life is all about the memories and inspires others to travel and make their life a story to tell at her popular, y Travel Blog. She also owns Mojito Mother, a blog aimed at putting the mojo back into a mother’s life, where she shares her experiences as a mother and a woman following her own dreams.

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  1. superb post – I especially like the “carry your notebook with you” bit. I carry one with me and just jot down simple keywords to remind me later (btw, you mis-numbered that point).
    I would also like to add that you don’t need to be THE expert on everything. You just need to write what is your personal take on a situation/ event/ device – this is not the old way of journalism which takes weeks to research each article before getting it to the editor. Write from the heart !

    • @Liron I agree with you and that is a great point. I like the last one “Love what you do”

    • I love how blogging allows you to express your personal opinion and take- you are right! it takes away the laborious nature of journalism.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I am working on becoming consistent with my blog. BTW was the #9 in the #6 spot a test, or a simple mistake? Just checking :)

  3. I have to agree with this, especially the part about love what you do. I’m curious though Caz, do you also us an editorial calendar?

    • No i don’t use an editorial calendar. I write so ad hoc and from the heart, especially for my personal blog, that it doesn’t quite work for me.

      If we are going away on a press trip or any sort of travel then we have a semi editorial calendar going

  4. I love this post. It’s got a lot of common sense in it but is a good reminder of how easy it is to slip into unproductive habits (excessive TV watching in my case) and not get on with inspiring projects.

    • It is easy to get sucked into watching TV. We were house sitting the other evening and they had cable TV. Let’s just say the Kardashians sucked me in for awhile, until my protesting husband dragged me back out

  5. Caz – Nicely summarized and i agree with all the points mentioned by you. I am totally for “Guest Posts” and I would love to have others write for me. Anyone interested can visit the “Write for DMC” page on my website for more details.

    • Guest posts have been really instrumental in us gaining new readers. Put regular tweets and FB updates to remind your community that you accept them

  6. I hear you on spending your time wisely. I hardly watch TV anymore. Not that I don’t miss it, but I’m much more motivated to work on my blog instead.

    As a dad, this was a nice post to read. Thanks.

    As for a notebook, that’s the great thing about mobile devices; I already have a notebook right in my pocket.

    • I have just downloaded the evernote app which I’ve found has come in handy when i’ve been caught out without my notebook. i’m not a big fan of writing on smart phones, but if I’m stuck then it is a great option.

    • It all about making most out of your time. But i think need to spent some time to rest your body.

  7. Brilliant advice as always Caz. I have been taking a break on the weekends, but wonder if it makes it harder to get back into the swing of things during the week. I’ve tried batch writing but it just seems like too much hard work. I think I’m going to work on the writing daily and looking for more inspiration!

    • I always find if I take too long of a break it is a little difficult to get moving again. Although, I also do tend to write in batches. I can spend a day or inspired writing and punch out a whole lot of posts. This really helps me in those moments that I get stuck.
      It is great to take a break though and if you feel you need it on weekends then keep that time out going

  8. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says: 12/12/2011 at 7:23 am

    I found this post really helpful and motivating. I’m not intending to writ daily but the tips are still applicable whatever schedule I follow. Thanks, Caz.

  9. Some great advice here Caz, particularly for someone like me who has a tendency for the verbose, lengthy posts :) I love your work-ethic and determination.

    • I have really noticed lately how much shorter my posts are getting. I was always one for lengthy posts, particularly with our travel blog. I’m finding that the shorter they are the more popular and the constant writing is helping me to say it in less words. Still need improving, but it’s getting there.

  10. Writing with authenticity always comes from the heart. In that way you can express yourself more, share your thoughts with other people and write with an ease. I believe that you can achieve the ease of writing if you write daily.

    Being inspired always is also a big factor when creating a blog post.

    Thanks for sharing all of these are so true.

    • Being inspired is a huge factor for me. I find it so challenging to write something if I am not inspired or feel passionate about it.
      i often have to wait until it hits and then i go crazy and write so many posts, which helps to tie me over during the dry spells.

  11. I really LOVE what you have to say above & find truth in your words. This is what I have been saying lately when asked about where I plan on taking my blog :: “I am not certain where I am going with it, as of yet. All I know is that I enjoy doing it, surfing the web and living my life outside my computer, nourishes & inspires my blog posts. It fulfills my creativity at the moment, success can already be claimed for this very reason!
    Thank you for all of YOUR inspiration in the wold of blogging Problogger!!

    • You are welcome Allison! So great to feel your enthusiasm jumping out from your comment. You have to LOVE blogging. It’s far too much hard work to not love it.
      Getting away from the computer and doing those things you love will definitely help fuel your creativity.

  12. Great tips, Caz. I find that if I write everyday (even if I don’t publish everyday) it builds momentum. As you say, you stay in blogger-mode. Also I find I can fit a lot of writing into “net time” – time spent waiting or in transit.

    • Net time gives me so many posts too! (love that phrase Roy)
      i have so many posts that never make publishing, but have definitely helped me improve my writing craft. Writing daily, even if you don’t publish is essential for growth!

  13. Great points, Caz. Thank you for reiterating some common sense ideas in a new way – things that are so easy to forget during the rush of a day. I particularly responded to the idea of reproducing old content and also, to “Think photos, poems, thoughts, quotes, community involving questions, giveaways, reviews, curating information for your readers, and highlighting other blogs.”

    • These are such great ways to publish content Johanna. Quick and easy, while still providing value for your readers.
      The more you publish the better the growth will be for your blog so you have to make it as easy as possible on yourself

  14. Good tips, Caz.

    Love in what we doing is definitely a must. If not, not a single in the post above will be effective or even applicable.

    Without love, we will keep giving excuses on not writing post everyday.

  15. I’ve quickly learned that when you write from the heart into your website content, it drives traffic quicker, as well as your content potentially going viral by others sharing it on your favorite social networks :-)

    • I think you exude passion which is so attractive to people. They get so excited and inspired by what you do and what you show them they can do that they want to share your work.

  16. I have a hard time sticking to a schedule. But I’ll try your tips… :)

    • Even if you start with a schedule that works best for you. Maybe three days a week. Once you hit that goal and are in a good rythmn then you might be able to increase it.

  17. very nice and agree with author.
    Pashto Love Shayari blog

  18. hi,Caz, I like your way of thinking, making a wonderful post in 10 minutes and sitting in train, just nice. No doubt a full passion is required for such a way.

    • Yes. And you have to be tuned into your blogging mind so the ideas can flow freely in. There is so much around you every day that can inspire you to write a blog post

  19. Yes, good tips, but now everyone can do that and that leads to this: not all that good :)

  20. Inspiring as always, Caz :) I employ many of these tips for all the blogging I do in my life as well.

  21. Caz,

    I like this post, was looking for some tips for make me time to write everyday.

    I also have a 3 months child.

    The best day

    • Aw!! Such a precious age!! I hope you are settling into life with your baby. It is much harder with children to publish daily but you can fit it in

  22. Hey great post Caz! I was contemplating how powerful it is to ‘love what I do’ earlier today so I really enjoyed seeing it as your #9 tip. Looks like it struck a chord with others too.

    • I think it is definitely the number one key to success. Look at all the successful people in any field. They all love what they do and will always say that is why they succeed. It’s what gets you out of bed early in the morning and what stops you from quitting when the challenges arrive

  23. I agree, the more you write the better you get. Well when i started writing it was one day to think just the title and then another for the content, but now I have learned my lessons and its a matter of some hours and a help from a professional editor for the mistakes I cannot see. It has eased me. I think using other people’s services won’t cause any harm. People try to do it all alone and end up all messed.

    • I think you are right James. Outsourcing is a great idea. I am looking forward to the day when I can hand over the editing and formatting part to someone else, alongside other horrible tasks I am not good at. you need to spend your time focused on what you do best.
      We currently work with a blogger’s agent who handles our advertising and PR work. It is sooooo great

  24. Nice tips, thanks for the information. I too like writing short snappy posts, I find with longer posts most people just scan the headlines.

  25. Some great advice, Caz.

    I do some of those things, often enough. Especially the polishing up of old posts.

    I need to get back to a regular writing schedule, at least daily or every second day.

    The short snappy post style can work well. Even though this goes against the usual writing mantra about lengthy posts doing far more for achieving success for a website.

    I hear ya! On that time wasting ” Pain in the butt”! I think we can lose so much valuable time, without realizing it. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    • Once it has gone it certainly has. Life is too short to waste it on things that don’t enhance our lives. I think its important to stick to a schedule that works for you, otherwise you can get too overwhelmed. I am a bit nutty publishing almost daily, but I just have that momentum going now and I love it so don’t want to back off from it yet.

  26. Thanks for the tips: repurposing good content seems to be a useful way of not only sticking to a schedule but also making sure your ideas reach the maximum number of people.

    I recently interviewed David Cain of He says he’s dropped from 3-4 posts a week down to one. This allows more time for inspiration, and higher quality posts. He posts on Monday morning because the weekend provides a natural buffer against his procrastination.


    • Wow! And does he say the dropping down to one has had a positive effect or not?

      I just couldnt see myself being able to let go that much.
      i think it also depends on what niche you are in. For my personal blog it is easy to write posts as it can be about anything that has happened in my day. They are not heavy on information, more inspiration and entertainment ( I guess) so they don’t have to be so involved.

      My travel blog is a lot harder as the posts are more in-depth and photo heavy. i think I want it to reach a certain level before I back off, still not at the place I want it to be.

      I guess that is the beauty of having your own business-the first couple of years are hard work and then once you have built it and that successful flow is there you can ease off to enjoy it more

  27. This is good information for the rest of us!

  28. Great post! Still working on shortening my own.

    Cheers to two of my favourite Aussie bloggers :)

  29. Great article on writing posts every day, just curious, are there two #9’s for a reason?

  30. Simple, snappy advice, to the point, but all are useful indeed. Tip #1 works for me well because I am one of those people whose attention span is short, especially after trying to catch up with all of my RSS reading list… I like it short, to the point, get the message across, and leave an impression in the reader’s mind.

    • Totally agree Chanuka. My RSS reading list is massive and I use Stumble Upon too so I need them short. Or if not then I definitely need headings, and small paragraphs so I can skim read

  31. I can vouch for your suggestions as I follow most of your tips (still working on the using time wisely one). I’ve found that being committed to creating quality daily content (or at least attempting to do so) can get you into falling into a lot of your suggestions by habit. Anyone who is having trouble following your advice might want to check out the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

    A to Z stories starting 12/12 and the official A to Z Badge is now revealed
    Blogging from A to Z

    • Yes! And habits take about 21 days to form, so you have to commit to sticking to these for about that length of time and then it should be a habit and easy to do

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    Thanks for sharing these great tips, I personally been missing these extremely useful insights that give us in the article, I will put into practice more often to develop my content!

    Best Regards

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  33. Great advice Caz! Carrying a notebook is so important. I always get my best ideas when swimming which is kind of tricky! My biggest problem is that I can’t seem to write short posts. They all turn into 1500-2000 word epics. I’m so impressed by the amount you manage to write with two small children.

    • Thanks Erin, it’s not easy, but doable. Thankfully, I have two girls who are pretty easy to look after….well maybe not so much now that one is four and “finding herself” :)
      I always get great ideas in the shower, which is also tricky. Must be something to do with water!!

  34. Great advice! I have 14 blogs and I can honestly say that #3 (Write Daily) is the key. The more time you spend with your craft, the better you become AND the more prolific you become.

    Another tip I’d add is this: Be well read and well rounded. Don’t pigeonhole yourself, even within your own area of expertise. That’s the fastest, surest way to become boring. Experience more, watch more, do more, read more… it’ll make you, and your writing, more relevant.

    Everything in life is a learning experience. I’ve gotten inspiration for posts from baseball games, Johnny Depp, episodes of The Biggest Loser, library books, History Channel specials, etc. The most interesting people (and thereby the most interesting content) are well-rounded. The more sides you have, the more people will want to stick around – because they’ll never know what to expect from you next!

    Most importantly, though, the more you expose yourself to in life, the more ideas and inspiration you’ll have. Obviously, if you keep reading what you always read, keep watching what you always watch, and keep doing what you always do – you (or your writing) won’t grow beyond where you are right now.

    Great article!

    • 14 blogs Joi!!! Oh my goodness, now that is serious work.
      I love your extra tips here and absolutely agree. I think that is one of the reasons I get a lot of ideas flowing to me, because we are travelling all the time, thanks to our travel blog. I can’t helpp but find inspiration. I also get a lot of ideas from other blogs I read. It’s always a great idea that you credit that blog whenever a post is inspired by it

  35. Great tips here for a powerful daily blogging schedule. I really do believe that the secret success online is having a strong set schedule and really sticking to it.using your time wisely and avoiding the fluff that kills productivity will allow you to get a lot done and really do your blogging the right way.

    • It is so challenging to avoid the fluff because once we connect online there are far too many sparkly distractions. I think I am going to start using a timer to help keep me focused on one task at a time. I can bounce around too much and can definitely improve my productivity

  36. think I will give guest posts a shot… one less post per week to write myself while giving readers great stuff to read & a reason to keep coming back!

  37. Caz,

    This is such great advice. I can’t believe you wrote it in 10mins.
    It is such a great read.
    My favorite is #7, and I thought I was the only one that felt the same way.

    Again, thanks for writing this amazing post! This is one I will be saving into the notebook.


    • Thanks Meng!
      I love it when a post can come to me and out so quickly. It really is all about being tuned into those ideas and your inner writing voice. Once you know that so well, then the words just fly.

  38. “carry a notebook everywhere” excellent advise!
    I am an 18 year old trying to blog about fashion, started about 3 weeks ago and out of all the blogging advise article I’ve read, this is one of the few that has helped me the most

    • Essential. Great ideas will come at you from nowhere, and there is too much going on in our lives for us to remember them. We have to have the means to record them very close by.

  39. You listed several good points, Caz. I’ve been doing this for years and post every day, too. The majority of people who fail at online writing/blogging don’t realize that success requires accuracy, dedication and love for what you’re doing that help get you through the tough times; it can take years for your work to get noticed, which means that you won’t have staying power if you lack inspiration.

    • I think because blogging is so easy to start and easy to write, as it is mostly based on personal experiences and opinions, a lot of people think success will come easy. But, it is hard work. It takes lots of patience, dedication and love– you are so right!!

  40. Hey Caz,
    I totally agree! I read so many long posts but I always keep mine to 500 words and my readers always comment on that. People are time poor they just don’t have time. On the flip side when you do have a long post they will read as it’s not the norm.
    I carry a notebook whenever I go, I always say the more present you are the more inspired you will be to write.

    A great post and wise words!

    Renee xx

    • I was only thinking the other week, how I rarely spend my days now lamenting the past or worrying about the future. I think it is because I am so involved in my blogging that I am always switched on to the present- which is a very good thing. I think this does help me get ideas.

      Thanks for your comment Renee! I know you have a couple of blogs to run too–not easy!

  41. Amazing tips and hints on how to write on two blogs every day! I used to keep four blogs going, but now only concentrate on two blogs! Yet I still find it difficult to keep going on each one every day :)
    Love the idea of a note pad…will be using that idea more!

    • four blogs- hard core! Kalyra wants to have her own blog too so that will take me up to three- but hers will be once a week, mostly photos and no marketing involved.

      The note pad is so greaat Lisa! i have about four of them I carry and ideas are scattered throughout all of them

  42. All the 9 steps to daily blogging Schedule are very important to improve our work and quality content for blogging. Option No, 6 which mistakenly written 9 is very nice and 100% work tip because we should cary notebook everywhere for writing upcoming ideas. Before reading this post i have lost a lot of ideas for writing post due to haven’t note book.

    Thanks to @ Caz Makepeace and Admin of the blog

  43. First time i am reading your post.Very nice post.I like it.Now i will read your articales,Whenever i will get time.Nice post.Thanks caz for sharing your valuable ideas.Thank you very much.

  44. What a great and inspiring post! “Love what you do” resonated with me. I blog for fun that I am turning into business and I have a day job BUT today I was asked at work… “Are you doing anything special over the holidays?” and what came out of my mouth was “I am so in love with working on my blog that THAT is while I’ll do while on vacation, work and play with it.” I got a funny smile back but realized I do love what I do. This post was a perfect end to my day. Cheers!

    • i totally hear you on that Tanya. I now hate it when a special holiday comes around and I’m forced to take time off. i just want to work on my blog!!

  45. great points. I have to utilize time as like you guys then only i can be a problogger. thanks for the tips.

  46. definitely good stuff here! And yes, while being knowledgeable in your field makes for easier writing, and yes your passion shows through – it is also a good thing to pursue a new thing that intrigues you. Your journey of discovery can be a fabulous springboard for new ideas to blog about (OK OK So I know we’re trying to keep down the time spent on blogging, but I just thought it had to be said!)

    • i think journeys of discovery are perfect for blog ideas, and is something that is ongoing for anyone and everyone. As every day is a journey where new things happen, expert or not

  47. I stay inspired by watching the success of others online. That alone helps new state positively motivated as well as keeping the “puters puting:…LOL!

  48. I think a lot of people fail with many things in life not just blogs because they do not give their day any kind of schedule and therefore flap around in the wind without really achieving anything and certainly not to their full attention

  49. I’ve also found during conversations-pay attention to the questions asked. One can get inspired just through conversations going on around us. I keep a little scribble pad in my pocket too! :) lol great post!

  50. # 7. Use your time wisely – probably best advice, as I feel I am spending too much time reading other blogs instead of improving my own blog.

    • A very big trap that you can fall into. you really have to work on cutting that back, but it is really hard as it is another part to your blogging business.