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84 Must Read ‘How to’ Blog Posts (and 3 Winners Announced)

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of March 2013 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Last week here on ProBlogger I ran a ‘Group Writing Project‘ where I invited readers to go away and write a ‘How To‘ Post on their blog and then to come back and show us a link to it.

The response was fantastic (we’ll do it again in the weeks ahead) – 84 people wrote and submitted a post (although a few of those didn’t completely follow the instructions and submitted old posts – naughty!) and I’ve heard some great feedback from a number of you who enjoyed the challenge of writing that type of post, found some cool new blogs and also saw some great traffic from participating!

I’d REALLY encourage you to look through the submissions below (I’ve listed them all). There are some cool posts in the list and this project really comes alive when people surf through it and leave comments and make friends.

The Winners Are…

As part of the project I said I’d randomly choose one participant to win the full library of ProBlogger eBooks (worth over $250). We had such a great response that I’ve decided to give 3 prizes away instead.

So the 3 winners that I’ve just randomly selected are:

  1. Pamela – who wrote How to Be a Cat
  2. Caroline – who wrote ‘How to Go from Can’t to Can in 9 Steps: Starting Your Own Business
  3. Sam who wrote How to Have a More Productive and Energetic Morning

Congrats to our winners – I’ll shoot you an email shortly with your prize!

84 How To Blog Posts

Below are all of the submissions we received – it was a bit of a job to compile them all here but I hope you take the time to surf through some of the posts listed as there are some great blog posts in the mix here. Apologies if your post was missed – I hope I got them all but it was quite the task :-)

As you surf the list please consider commenting on the posts you resonate with to encourage the authors and if you find something good – PLEASE share it with your social network or even on your blog.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Darren, thank you so much for organizing this group writing project. I have discovered lots of interesting blogs and great bloggers.

    Do you already have a topic for the next project in mind? I think we should do this more often :)

  2. Thank you Darren for this wonderful project! As I recently started my Be a Better Self blog, this contest provided me with much needed exposure in the blogosphere! Kind regards to all the bloggers out there who read and will be reading my blog!
    My HowTo: 7 steps to make a better decision about anything http://goo.gl/dcJBx

  3. Brilliant list! Can’t wait to read them all later :) And I think next time, I might give it a go!! :D

  4. Thanks Darren. Great list. A stack of good bloggers out there

  5. Thanks for taking the time to create this list, Darren :) It’s a keeper.

  6. Thanks for sharing this extensive list. Will save some links to Pinboard for reading later this week.

  7. Thanks for the effort it took to do this Darren. It was a fun project and I’ve discovered a lot of great bloggers over the weekend. The list you put together in this post will make it so much easier for me to get through the rest of the posts. Look forward to your next group project!

  8. Found many interesting blogs and authors. thanks.

  9. Fantastic, congrats to the winners! Thanks for featuring all blog posts, that was great and quite some work, right?

    And yes, we need more projects/challenges like this one :)

  10. Thanks for the prompt Darren. I love this, and there are some wonderful posts!

  11. Thanks so much Darren and also to the Problogger community for commenting on my post. I really appreciate all of you and have been reading through a couple of these awesome articles :)


  12. Thanks so much for compiling all of those into a nice list! I thought you are probably aware of this already but I have two other backlinks coming into my blog now from other websites that scraped this exact post to the letter. If you want the names of those websites and the isp #s just let me know! It is all showing up in my comment moderation queue :). I’m sure this happens to you all the time, but I was quite horrified for you! “How dare they steal Darren’s content ?” :) (amyb @ bowofbronze dot com)

  13. Congratulations to all the winners!
    And thanks again Darren for this group writing, I’m looking forward for the next one :)

    Also thanks to everyone else who wrote how tos, shared them and took the time to read mine too :P

  14. Wow. A nice list of posts there for me to read today.

    However, you missed listing a massive amount of posts from the competition.

    For example, on page one of the comments (where my “how to” was included) you have missed the majority of the posts from your summary list above.

  15. Awesome is the word Darren, thanks a ton for organizing all these posts and after reading all of them I can feel a tremendous change in my writing style.

  16. How to be a cat is really a nice article, but i found how to find travel companion better then other 2 articles in top 3 list. Though thats my opinion and havent read all articles yet but bookmarked it

  17. I had a great time with this writing project. I hope that you do more of them. I love learning about the wide variety of blogs and bloggers that follow your blog!

  18. When is the next such contest happening? I missed it this time. Looking forward to contributing next time.

  19. OMG! That’s a huge task Darren, compiling all of the 84 post & you have really managed it superbly:)

    Congratulations to the winners & all the writers feature. Can’t wait to read all of em’.

    Looking forward for the next group writing project.

  20. Awesome list! I love ‘how to’ posts myself, just made one about youtube videos and how to rank them. They are just pretty time consuming if you want to make them right. But then well worth to put effort into well researched content. Going to bookmark this page so I can check out the posts myself.
    What I like bests are posts with actionable items – small ones I can implement right now.

  21. Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for this extensive list. It will keep me busy for the next few days. Cheers!

  22. This was a fantastic project, Darren. Such an excellent opportunity and challenge to new bloggers. I’m looking forward to reading through all of the posts (I’ve already found some great blogs through the posts I have got a chance to read). I hope there’ll be more group writing projects in the near future.

  23. Thank you Darren for creating this wonderful ” How To” project. It is awesome! It will be of interest to many people! I hope it’s OK for me to place this link to my websites. I love to share with others. I will also
    tweet as well.
    I thank all who participated with such wonderful information. I will use much of the information for myself as well.

  24. It was a great contest. These are fabulous how to posts. Unfortunately I was not a part of this contest.

  25. Congratulations to the top three winners, Many thanks to the problogger community and especially Mr Darren Rowse.

    My page view today is the highest so far for my blog, thanks to everyone who stop by, may be this project should be monthly or quarterly. My opinion.

  26. Thank you so much for the prompt and the linkup. I am loving all of these How-To posts and have found some great new blogs to follow!

  27. Congratulations to the three winners and to everyone who participated in this fabulous exercise. I had such fun doing it and I look forwrad to more. Thank you Darren for putting the list together as it’s now easy for me to click each link and read/comment on the other blogs. I’m ready for #2! :-)

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    concerning my presentation focus, which i am
    going to present in institution of higher education.

  29. The one thing alot of people don’t know on the Internet when starting out with their own blog or website is that when you write a “call to action title,” you silently invite Microsoft’s Bing, Google & YaHoO! 2 spider your content faster than your competitors. As former TV infomercial [information marketing guru Don Lapre] used to say… “Early to bed, early to rise. Work like heck and advertise.” He also said “creativity fuels profitability!”

  30. Thank you Darren for the great list and opportunity!

  31. it is an impressive post, thanks for sharing a nice article, keep sharing.

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