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  • Pretty good list. Do you have any similar list Darren of bloggers who have taught you something important?

  • Hopkins

    Not a bad list, but I do find it strange that they didn’t include the most famous blog about blogging going around?

  • #[email protected]$&@%!#@! – Where’s Darren Rowse

    Darren. I guess your Technorati rank of 67 with 4,327 Blogs and 14,049 links doesn’t count for much. We still love you!

  • lol Craig. Maybe if he had a list of 67 bloggers I would have scraped in :-)

    Seriously – it’s a great list and I’m happy to be excluded if it highlights another good blogger. There’s a few in there that I’d not come across before.

  • Darren,
    Thanks for posting the list. I do hope that others will gain/learn from it.

    Ted Demopoulos gets the credit for gathering that group of authors.

    You, Darren, are in a league of your own, 8-).

    Thanks again.

  • Darren – let me know if I can send you a copy, and thnaks!

    Darren was invited, but I sent him an invite while he was gone a few days and may have received it in a backlog of a few thousand emails :)

    101 people total made the book — and it was much more work than writing 100 blog posts!. 66 bloggers, some podcasters, and some assorted folks who only read or listen – full list here

    Remind me not to write another book for a while . . . :)

  • Funnily enough I literally just received my copy – Ted I just wish you spelled my name right!, heh

  • Mockduck

    Well, I don’t know – I clicked on four of these bloggers expecting the links to lead straight to posts that would demonstrate just why they would teach us the lesson mentioned. No, it looks like that’s up to us. And two of the four I tried were dead. I appreciate the list comes from a book and that I’m used to the immediacy of updatable internet publishing, but, well, hmm.

  • Chris,
    Is your name really spelled wrong? It’s correct in the electronic copy I have. On the road and don’t have a physical copy available.
    As you might guess with my name, I’m a little sensitive to name spellings! :)

    I’ll try to check the links tonight if I get back from my client at a reasonable hour, which is always questionable

  • I have really enjoyed my copy Ted. Thanks. I wanted a signed copy though haha…

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  • Steve – come visit, I’m not that far away :) Well, OK I’m in Dallas now, but I’m in Scarborough Maine much of the summer.

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  • Really a good list.
    Mmmm.. seems like Seth Goding is always at the top:)
    Thanks Darren for this. It’s great to see you posting this even though your name is not mentioned there;)

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