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65 Distractions to Make Your Day More Interesting (or “Lists” Group Writing Project Reader Submissions – Part I)

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of August 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

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When I launched this week’s “Lists” Group Writing Project I suspected it would be a good one – but I didn’t realize that it would be quite as distracting for me as it has been.

I love lists and so when I awoke to close to 50+ submissions (there are now 65) in my inbox this morning I knew that the temptation to read them all would be great – it was too great…. and I’ve spent most of my day reading the wonderful array of lists that you’ll find below. As I’ve read I’ve bookmarked quite a few in delicious and digg and I have a feeling some will do well there.

Each blogger who has submitted a post is in the running for one of five great prizes from Blake Schwendiman, The Umdum.com Web Directory, URLTrends, The Gold Pages Directory and Earners Forum (see below for full details of each of the five prizes).

Before I share the first round of submissions (there’s still time to participate – you’ve got til Thursday) I wanted to answer four questions that I’ve been asked numerous times:

  • One entry is allowed per blogger (not per blog)
  • Yes you can use the image above if you wish
  • No you don’t have to link back to ProBlogger to be involved (but it would be appreciated to help spread the word about the project)
  • Posts should be new posts and not existing ones (as it says in the original invitation to submit) – I’ve allowed a few old ones in to this point but no more! :-)
  • To enter follow the procedure outlined in this post

Now – without further ado – let me share the first round of submissions with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have today! (the full list of submissions will be posted here.

Stay tuned for the next round of submissions from the next 24 hours this time tomorrow. Now here are the prizes on offer:

The Prizes

This week’s group writing project is proudly sponsored by the following companies and individuals. Five random participants (it’s not a competition) in this week’s project will receive one of the following gifts (‘listed’ here in no particular order):

  • The Umdum.com Web Directory have donated a Sinic Eye and Brain Massager (just what every ProBlogger needs). They’ve also kindly offered every participant in this week’s group writing project a free listing in their directory. Thanks to Loren Baker for this donation.
  • Blake Schwendiman has donated a $100 gift voucher from Amazon to be used in any way that they see fit. Thanks Blake!
  • The Gold Pages Directory has donated $500 in digital cash that can be spent on products and services or withdrawn to a prepaid ATM card and used as cash. The Gold Pages Directoryis the largest online currency/digital gold directory on the web and is now three years old. Thanks to Mark Herpel for this donation.
  • URLTrends have kindly donated a Premium upgraded account worth $90 that will help them track their search engine ranking over time. Thanks to Joel Strellner for this donation.
  • Earners Forum have kindly donated a new Dell PC and LCD monitor – to the value of $500. Earners Forum is a great place for discussions around all kinds of topics of earning money online. Thanks to Lee Dodd for this donation.

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hoorah, mine was second from the bottom :)
    Didn’t expect it to get up so quickly seeing as I just sent the link off within the last two hours!

  2. I must admit, the percentage of “list posts” that interest me is somewhat higher than the percentage of general posts.

    On the other hand, the percentage of real value within list posts is not any higher than in other types of posts.

    That either means that list post information is easier to read, or that I am generally lazy. Or both.


  3. Nice list … started reading already .. guess half my day is spent ;)

  4. […] I submitted my previous post, “Your credit card can earn you money” to Darren Rowse’s latest group writing project over at Problogger.net. On the list of submissions there were also similar “ways-to-save-money” type of posts. Three of them are: […]

  5. Thanks for posting my Mac list (5% of the market will probably like it!).

  6. Thanks so much for posting the link to my list! I can’t wait to get started reading all the others that have been posted although, unfortunately, I will have to wait, as I am due at work. Looking forward to this evening!

  7. This list project is great! I have been introduced to interesting blogs dealing with topics I would not have searched for on my own. Keep them coming everybody!

  8. Great idea! Hopefully a list from my site will make the next round!

    I too love lists. Its a great way to get an idea across and is great as a learning tool. Just print them out and leave them somewhere you will see them on a regular basis and eventually the concepts will sink in!


  9. […] 10. Write a blog post in the form of a list, and submit it to any Technorati Top 100 blogger who happens to be running a group writing project about blog posts in the form of a list. […]

  10. I submitted 10 Things: Married Vs. Single. I wanted to let you know that Sarakastic’s post, How To Find the Perfect Man, is not linked to her post, but to my Married Vs. Single post. Thank you.


  11. This competition is getting pretty big. Hope to see some more good entries. :)

  12. Thanks for listing my post. These other submissions look great! I know you’re swamped with inbox mail but if you get a chance to make a quick change, my post should be titled “Finding TIME and Creating Balance”


  13. I spent the better part of the day reading these! This is just one days worth, so I thought I’d start a list of the lists that got my attention…i’ll update it as the new ones go up or create a new posting with the new ones that follow…it’s going to be a big one! Lots of people participating!
    Here’s a list of some of the ones that Got My Attention…


  14. […] (1) A ProBlogger like Darren Rowse can post several times a day. A baby can post several times an hour. Stinky!!! […]

  15. Woot! Mine made it to the front page of Digg!


    Thanks, Darren – I’m sure this post made that possible.

  16. I’ve noticed quite a few of the lists in this project have made it high on digg, delicioius and reddit today. Nice work everyone. Share the link/social bookmarking love – and don’t forget to link back to the project so that the cycle continues!

  17. […] 10. Write a blog post in the form of a list, and submit it to any Technorati Top 100 blogger who happens to be running a group writing project about blog posts in the form of a list. […]

  18. […] 10. Write a blog post in the form of a list, and submit it to any Technorati Top 100 blogger who happens to be running a group writing project about blog posts in the form of a list. […]

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