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5 Ways to find Direct Advertisers for your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of February 2009 Advertising, Featured Posts 0 Comments

It is the goal of many bloggers to move from monetizing their blogs with ad networks like AdSense into selling ads directly to advertisers. But getting into this game can be difficult – particularly in the early days while you’re still growing traffic.

Below are 5 ways that I secured direct ad deals with sponsors in the early days of my first blogs:

1. Type your blogs topic into Google

What advertisers come up above and to the right of the search listings? These products and services obviously have budget for advertising online and are looking for exposure and could be open to a direct relationship.

2. Visit other blogs, forums and websites in your Niche

Who is advertising on them? These advertisers are targeting sites on a similar topic to you and are more often than not willing to test new sites that have relevance to their industry.

3. Identify Affiliate programs in your niche

Some affiliates will also be interested in an advertising relationship with your blog. This may or may not be in your best interests to pursue depending upon whether your readership converts with affiliate products.

4. Hit the Classifieds

When I first was looking for advertisers I looked at what local photography businesses were advertising in magazines and papers here in Australia and I got on the phone and rang them to see if they’d be interested in placing an ad. Most had never done anything online before and quite a few took the step in buying an ad.

5. Online Stores and New Sites

This is another tactic that I used early on also with some success. It involved googling the keywords associated with my topic and not just looking at who was advertising (as in point #1 above) but looking at what businesses were listed in the search results, particularly those below me in the rankings. I paid special interest in online stores who had a direct revenue from their sites and contacted them to see if they’d be interested in advertising – quite a few did. I also noticed that new sites who were still getting established were also sometimes more willing to buy advertising.

It should be said that when you have a blog with relatively low traffic that none of these methods are going to earn you a fortune. You’ll need to be willing to price your ads relatively cheaply until your traffic grows – but securing these types of ad deals is better than no income for your blog and means that you already have relationships with advertisers to grow as your traffic increases.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Interesting post, Darren.

    A method I’ve used and found to be very useful in the past is taking advantage of certain areas of forums that often contain an “Offers and Requests” section. In the offers section, you’re allowed to offer your open advertising spots for sale.

    Be careful to ensure what you’re doing is within the rules of the forum, but assuming it is, they’re a great way to attract new prospects.


  2. Thanks for sharing some ways on how to find and attract advertisers.. appreciate it very much.

  3. What a timely post for me; I’m trying to sell direct advertising on one of my sites, but haven’t had any luck so far.

    What would be a good price for a site that gets about 20k visits per month? Since I’m just looking to make *any* amount of money, I’m willing to offer low rates to get the advertisers interested.


  4. What affiliate programs do you suggest to free software (browsers only) related site?

  5. Great tips, I definitely need to work more in hitting the classifieds; I think it could be very beneficial.

  6. Nice ideas. I liked the 1st idea the most. I never thought that we can find a advertiser for our blog just by Googling. Thanks for the tips :)

  7. Another highly useful method is…publish quality content on a regular basis, be visible, and the right advertisers approach you on their own.

  8. Great guide for looking and finding what is right for your blog.

    I like the using other sites in my niche. We can support each other.

    Sometimes new bloggers do not have the tools or ability to make their banners. I saw a blogger that was soliciting ads and he offered to make their banner for them.

  9. Nice one, I am interested in the second one, I may give it a shot.

  10. I have had success in looking at which companies run ads on other blogs in my niche, and then contacting them directly.

    You can usually tell the difference between a private ad and an affilitate ad as most affiliates have a junky redirect URL, or are cloaked with a “go” code or similar. Private ads typically have a referrer ID in the URL or simply link directly to the company’s homepage. Hover over the ad and check the status bar to see where it redirects, and how.

  11. Great suggestions, Darren. Do you recall how much traffic you were getting when you started using these tactics?

  12. Thank you for this excellent post. I started my blog, Business Writing Today, in December ’08 and have been wondering how long I will have to wait before I qualify for direct advertising. Thanks to you, I see a way to be proactive and take a stab at this myself.

  13. I really like the fourth option there. I mean, I do sales for a living. You think I could turn that around to mean I can sell some adspace for a simple blog.

    All in due time.

  14. Thanks for the run down! I’ve been meaning to get into direct advertising for my blog.

  15. Good tips, I want to get direct advertisers at my site.

  16. Great tips, I really like number four! Thanks!

  17. Thanks for the info. My blog is slowing becoming more and more popular, it is a long process. I am not at the point yet where I would attract ads but I hope to be there someday soon.


  18. Yes! I want to get companies advertis in my blog. maybe at first for free to build more traffic then later on, i can bill them.

    Visist my blog and give feedback: http://newsblog1st.blogspot.com.


  19. Very good information. I am going to contact 3-4 companies today that are in my niche, to see what happens. My plan to keep growing my income $100 at a time and the easy money comes with online advertising. I am so pumped, thanks for sharing Darren.

  20. Great tips man.

    One thing that worked for me was finding advertisers through a common chat room regarding advertisement. I guess this could also be very fruitful.

  21. Good Ideas, Thanks. I will surely follow up on these.


  22. Thank you for the tips. I was wondering how you get the advertisers to advertise on your blog. Thank you again for sharing.

  23. Thank you for the tips. I was wondering how you get the advertisers to advertise on your blog. Now that I know, will try the tips you provided for my blog. Thank you again.

  24. I was wondering how you get the advertisers to advertise on your blog. Now that I know, will try the tips you provided for my blog. Thank you again.

  25. I was wondering how you get the advertisers to advertise on your blog. Now that I know, will try the tips you provided for my blog.

  26. Finally, I got to know how you get them (advertisers) to your blog. You have shared a lot things and tips with us.

  27. Thanks for sharing your secrets with us. I haven’t even made an attempt at selling ad space yet. I just pop in adsense and some affiliate ads. I did pretty well with this on my Holiday site, but it seems slower going with my new one. Perhaps, it’s just the whole starting over thing. I’d best get used to that though, since I have plans boiling in my head for future blogs 8)

  28. If you start with AdSense, which is contextual, why not make note of the advertisers who are served to your blog through AdSense, and contact them?

  29. tips regarding how much to charge based on traffic would be greatly appreciated!

  30. This is a good article on a topic I think most of us are interested in. Your recent articles on this subject are fantastic.

    I agree with the poster above me, do you have a guideline in ad costs for various traffic levels?

  31. Great tips, I especially enjoyed tip number one and I shall be putting that to the tests soon.

  32. A few months ago, a company in the UK contacted me wanting to buy ad space on my blog. I average 64 visits a day and a little over 3 minutes per visit. I didn’t have any clue as to what I should charge for ad space, since my traffic isn’t exactly high. So we agreed to a link exchange.

  33. Clever tips, I wouldn’t have thought of contacting AdWords advertisers but it makes a lot of sense.

  34. I found a site that connects bloggers and advertisers and I wonder how that would differ from the direct contacting?

  35. I think it’s also important that your blog falls under a particular niche for this one. It’ll make it easier to find advertisers and it’ll be easier for them to advertise on you too

  36. It is excellent, I will give it a try as I do not have any direct sales now

  37. Great insight. Esp. for those with low traffic or just starting out. Thx.

  38. i liked the first method, and if you have an adward account you can know how much money these advertisers are paying for each click and with this information you can give them better offer.
    you can also give them a trail offer only to give them an idea about your blog and what kind of visitors you can send them.

  39. get everything you need just type on google search…include advertising for your blog/web……I always do that….you are right daren….

  40. Great suggestions Darren!

    I think that forums are one of the best resources to find advertisers. I’m sure that there are people looking to advertise, we just need to look for them :)

  41. I have made a couple of direct advertisements using only my relation ship, I was wondering how to reach others like companies, I find this post very useful for me.

    I also wanted to tell you about a post that I have published on my blog about an error showed on your blog today when I was browsing it Darren!

    would you give an opinion on my blog?

  42. Hi, can you also have a post on the average rates too for a beginner in the advertising media.. Or to how to decide the starting price?

  43. Number 3 is one way that I have monetized my blog by affiliating with another commercial mortgage trainer whose program compliments my DVD program. Good point.

  44. this is real cool and i hope to explore it if it works.
    I cant wait to get on board.

  45. Great post & blog! Easy and simple techniques, works everytime. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Great list. I have tried a few different ads on my blog and so far nothing has been right for me. I’ve been forced to revert back to Google Adsense which is okay for now I guess.

    Maybe I can try some of the tactics that you’ve detailed here…

    Thanks for the info.

  47. I think one needs a advetise page on the blog which helps in identifying that the blogger does sell adverts. Need to try it out.

  48. Has anyone use Project Wonderful? Any tips? I have just added it to my blog – http://www.iheartpgh.com
    I was really impresses with the reviews I had heard from small businesses that have advertised on Project Wonderful.

  49. Option number 1 did work for me ; typing my theme in Google then contacting those companies.

  50. my website is relatively new and at present iam using google adsense to earn some money from advertising, though the revenue per day that is 10 cents on an average, iam looking for more profitable options so please let me know if anyone of you have any of them

    thanks & regards


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