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5 Reasons Why I am loving this week’s ‘Lists’ Group Writing Project – Reader Submissions Round 2

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of August 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

200608141910-1This week’s ‘Lists’ Group Writing Project is going off – below is another 86 submissions (bringing us to a total of 151 so far (with a couple of days to go). Here’s 5 reasons why I’m enjoying it so much:

  1. The variety of lists is amazing (where else would you see a list of Chuck Norris Facts sandwiched between a list on saving money by helping the environment and a list on how to manage time by mastering conversation stoppers?!?)
  2. The diversity of bloggers participating is wonderful (bloggers of all types, locations, both genders, different topics etc)
  3. Bloggers are Reporting big traffic (a number of bloggers have had their lists on the front page of delicious, digg, reddit and other major blogs)
  4. People are linking up (I’m seeing lots of interlinking as bloggers find other bloggers that they’d not seen before)
  5. I just love lists (there are some great reads in the list of submissions and I’m having a ball reading them all)

Each blogger who has submitted a post is in the running for one of five great prizes from Blake Schwendiman, The Umdum.com Web Directory, URLTrends, The Gold Pages Directory and Earners Forum (see below for full details of each of the five prizes).

Here are today’s 86 Submissions (the complete list of all submissions are being added here):

Five of this week’s participants will randomly be selected to win a prize from the following list:

  • The Umdum.com Web Directory have donated a Sinic Eye and Brain Massager (just what every ProBlogger needs). They’ve also kindly offered every participant in this week’s group writing project a free listing in their directory. Thanks to Loren Baker for this donation.
  • Blake Schwendiman has donated a $100 gift voucher from Amazon to be used in any way that they see fit. Thanks Blake!
  • The Gold Pages Directory has donated $500 in digital cash that can be spent on products and services or withdrawn to a prepaid ATM card and used as cash. The Gold Pages Directoryis the largest online currency/digital gold directory on the web and is now three years old. Thanks to Mark Herpel for this donation.
  • URLTrends have kindly donated a Premium upgraded account worth $90 that will help them track their search engine ranking over time. Thanks to Joel Strellner for this donation.
  • Earners Forum have kindly donated a new Dell PC and LCD monitor – to the value of $500. Earners Forum is a great place for discussions around all kinds of topics of earning money online. Thanks to Lee Dodd for this donation.

There’s still time to participate – to do so simply follow the instructions on our ‘Lists’ Group Writing Project central page

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks Darren. It is not often you get a sports blog mentioned on a Problogger site. But maybe because it is swimming and you are Australian (and a fan!) it helps a little, or maybe it is just becaus I submitted a list for your group writing project.

  2. Thank you very much for including my post. I think I might have made a typo when I submitted yesterday. The title reads as “Get traffic to your top – Top Ten by Muthu” can you please change it to “Get traffic to your blog – Top Ten by Muthu”.
    Thank you very much,

  3. HaHa Darren … I told you this was going to take off. Did you write up all those links yourself? Lots of copy n’ pasting I suspect.Totally unproductive for you but a blast for us.

    I was going to do a “7 Reasons Why Carlton Will Win the Wooden Spoon … in ’06, 07 and ’08” but thought better off it. ;-)

  4. Great idea…

    Do it again! Do it again!

  5. Holy cow!
    There goes my day…so much for writing another chapter in my book today…I’ll be glued to these submissions now! Huge response!

  6. hehe – Martin – yes I did it all myself. Took a good hour. I think I’m going to have to pay someone to write a script for the next writing project to automate it – either that or hire an admin assistant.

    If you wrote the Carlton post I’d have to use my discretion and blacklist it :-)

    Now – I’m off to bed…. think I might be dreaming of lists tonight.

  7. Hey Darren,
    Great job., I think there was a minor (maybe not to David) cut and paste error…
    “Top 10+ ways to Save Money and Help the Environment by David”
    links to
    “How to Organize Your Debts by Donna”

    (Donna’s post links correctly however).

  8. I really hope that we do this again soon. I love lists. I especially liked this one

    I think it is important to have balance in your life.

  9. Thanks for the entry on my blog post. I love these little projects. They are a lot of fun, and it gets my site out there.

  10. […] Is because Life Coaches Blog is on it! […]

  11. Thanks much, Darren, for including my blog and for doing this project. I am enjoying reading the others on the list!

  12. Hi Darren,
    Is there any acceptance criteria? I had submitted my entry yesterday (USA time) and I don’t see it in the list, just curious

    Its on “How to become an Oracle ERP consultant”



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  14. Darren, thanks for posting the link to my blog and thanks also for the cool contest. I’m spending way too much time checking out all the lists!

  15. Okay…4 hours later..and i’ve made my list of lists that caught my attention….there were a bunch…i read them all! i commented on tons…there was some great stuff yet again…here’s my list if you’re interested in what “Caught My Attention”


    I guess I won’t plan on getting anything productive done Thursday or Friday either!

  16. Thanks for including my blog. I will make a note to write a list of lists I like!

  17. Thanks for the include Darren. As I said when I sent my entry in these are quite fun and I think I spend more time thinking of what I want to write about then what I actually write about.

    I tried being different and funny with my list but after looking back I’m sure I failed HA.

    Jersey Girl — you’ve definitely maid the rounds, I’ve seen comments by you on most lists I’ve read (except for mine, I did fail at comedy!)

  18. darren – wonderful list. i’m humbled to be a part of it.

    i’m sure our talented list of top 10 women real estate bloggers are also enjoying it!

    blog on!


  19. Yay! I made the list. Coolness. Thanks, Darren!

  20. Great set of lists, Darren! I picked some useful lists to feature at my homemaking blog:

  21. Thanks for the include, Darren! I’ve gotten some nice hits and comments for my blog, and some great reads for myself from this list alone.

  22. There are some hysterical things on here.

  23. Great concept and lots of interesting links. Especially those involving blogging and money of course, but I could not help but take a look at the top 5 tips on how to get into your skinny jeans as well!

    I had some problems with submitting an entry through the e-mail form. It may be a computer problem on my part, anyway, I think my post about 5 reasons why some beggars are successful may be interesting for others:

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