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5 Reasons Batching Your Blog Content Can Improve Your Productivity

Posted By Guest Blogger 1st of December 2015 General, Writing Content 0 Comments

5 Reasons Batching Your Blog Content Can Improve Your Productivity

This is a guest contribution from Christian Karasiewicz.

Do you ever find you’re always rushing to compose a blog post?

Or maybe you meant to write a blog post, but life happened and you forgot?

What if you could relieve the pressure of constant blogging and have content ready-to-go on a weekly basis?

Would it help you be more active on your social media channels?

At the same time, would you feel less stressed and more accomplished knowing you’ve written your articles for the week or even the month and all you have left to do is hit the publish button?

In this article, you’ll learn why you should batch your blog content to do just that.

Let’s take a look at how batching your content can help!

What Is Batching?

Rather than rush to create new content on certain days of the week, the art of batching involves writing everything on one day or in one sitting.

This way you don’t have to worry if you completed your post for the day in case things get too hectic.

Here are some ways that batching your content can help you.

5 Reasons to batch your blog content

1. It saves time

We’re all well-intentioned to write a blog or article. Except life can get in the way.

That hour you thought you had free became a meeting or last-minute project. When that happens, you scramble to get your corner written, and in turn, you put out a mediocre article or you just don’t write one at all.

By batching your blog content, it helps save you time because you plan out and write it ahead of time.

2. Reduces stress

When we don’t write our content ahead of time, it can add unwanted stress because it’s constantly on our mind or on our to-do list.

Couple that with the fact that we might be too busy, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Not only do you not grow your business, you also lose any momentum you’ve built up because you didn’t complete a task you set out to do.

By batching your content, you won’t have to worry if a post is done since you’ll be planning them out and writing them ahead of time.

3. Keeps you on schedule

At the beginning of every month, you should create your editorial calendar. This is what you plan to work on for the month. It includes projects and content you need to create.

Once you’ve come up with the ideas, it’s time to put them into action. Often times, we get part of the equation right – we do the planning but don’t execute the content.

To solve this dilemma, spend a day planning out what you need to create and the spend a day writing it all.

Not only will this lower your stress levels because it will be done, you’ll also be making progress and building momentum as you move from month-to-month.

4. Boosts your productivity

By writing all of your content ahead of time, it helps you build momentum.

The momentum can propel you forward and give you confidence to tackle other tasks you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t because they seemed too challenging.

5. Free up time for other tasks

One of the single best reasons to batch your blog content is because it helps you get more done. And we’re not just talking writing more content.

By focusing your energy for one day, you can complete your blog posts for the entire month.

This would give you with even more time to work on other areas of your business. For example, maybe you needed to complete a website redeisn you started or put together more videos.

By batching your blog content, now you have more time and the confidence to help move you forward.

Your Turn

As you can see, batching your blog content can have tremendous benefits for your sanity and your business.

It can also help you build lasting habits that carryover into other aspects of your business.

While these are just some of the benefits to batching your blog content, can you think of any other reasons batching your blog content would help you?

If so, please share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

Christian Karasiewicz is the CEO and Founder of Social Chefs, a digital training site that teaches you how to create winning recipes for success in social media marketing and business. Follow him @ckroks.

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  1. Using an editorial calender usually works for me the best.

    Not only it helps me to be consistent with my posting schedule but it allows me to write drafts whenever I get some time. Batching is undoubtedly the best way to beat procrastination.

  2. Batching is a big help to the marketers. Especially when that certain marketer is busy and has no time to update his/her blog. It saves up the time and stress─free. If you have a busy schedule, batch your social content, it will save up some time and you still have more time to finish up your other work. Thank you for this post!

    • Barbara, I agree! It’s not just for marketers though. Every business that wants to run a blog should try to get ahead. This way they don’t have to rush. Instead, they can feel confident, knowing their content is finished and scheduled out.

  3. We compose in batches, but there is something important about the discipline of writing everyday. A complete blog may not be the result of all daily writing sessions but being consistent and mentally exercised helps when you need a blog on a hot trend and you need it now!

    • A good approach would be to write evergreen content ahead of time and then fill-in time to write about hot trends you need now. This way you have both angles covered instead of always feeling like you’re behind.

  4. I have never really stepped back and considered how I manage to push out content, but I do batch blog writing. Usually every two weeks or so I spend two full days writing anywhere from two to five blog drafts. For a B2B blog, there is always an editorial review process that takes about that 2 weeks, and this keeps the production going. It’s much easier to manage!

  5. Yes, I agree with you. When you post and time-stamp all at once,you can use the remaining for other tasks even rest.Thank you for the insightful information.

  6. This works really well for me, especially when I am writing a series of posts. It is so helpful to it down and write a lot of content that can be broken into 5 or 6 posts in a series rather than starting from scratch each time. Like the commenter above, I also use an editorial calendar, which is very helpful as well.

  7. Using an editorial calender usually works for me the best.

    Not only it helps me to be consistent with my posting schedule but it allows me to write drafts whenever I get some time. Batching is undoubtedly the best way to beat procrastination.

  8. Batching is a good idea as it can save a lot of time. On the other hand, unless you are a skilled writer, your quality may get compromised when you try to write a lot of content in a single day.

  9. Great idea

    Batching makes for more time efficiency! I’ve done it like that before and it definitely works. I think it’s good to use a scheduling calendar in conjunction with a batching program

  10. Yes, you are absolutely right in this post. This post can help every blogger who want to increase blog performance. Great efforts thanks for sharing with us.

  11. What I like about the batching idea is the consistency. I’ve been guilty of getting very excited about a topic, writing several posts about it and then hit a drought. The feast or famine method of blogging isn’t very successful.

    Slow and steady wins the race and I believe batching will help me to have a slow, steady and consistent flow of new content, even if I only release one new post a week. Consistency is key.

    Thanks for the sage advice.

  12. I feel like I’m always either coming up with ideas, drafting posts or polishing them up. My ideas come at weird times, mostly at night. I write them down, sometimes just a few lines. Then over the next few days I write a draft and polish it all. Since I publish once a week, this has worked. The batching idea is definitely interesting, though. Thank you.

  13. Batching blog links can improve productivity because it creates awareness about old posts and possibly helps boost SEO.

  14. Yes, agree with batching blog content will work and free up time to do social media marketing. Since starting to post once a week less stressful. Great idea!

  15. Batching is particularly useful for people who do other jobs. In my day job I copyedit content for my NGO employer’s Learning Team. On reaching home, I have just not found the inclination to open my personal laptop. I have compiled a list of probably a dozen-plus topics to blog about. Maybe I could dedicate a whole day to plan 4-5 posts and the next day to write them out and schedule them for publishing.

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