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4 Of My Most Viewed Blog Posts This Month and Why They Worked

Posted By Darren 8th of April 2016 General 0 Comments


Sometimes it’s worth taking a look back over you recent posts, weeding out the ones that have done well, and going over them for a brief review.

I do this quite regularly to keep tabs on what our readers are responding to, and if there are ways I can expand or reuse the post for further content. It also helps give me ideas for what else we can provide, and also to see if we can replicate the success these posts have seen, on other posts.

This episode of the ProBlogger podcast is also in response to a reader question – Matthew asked if I could choose a few of the posts that have been well-received lately and dissect them as small case studies.

4 of My Most Viewed Blog Posts This Month and Why They Worked

In the last month, the four posts I chose to discuss have all been in the top 20 on Digital Photography School. For each I’ll explain what makes each post shareworthy, what type of content it is, what reader hooks have been employed, what kind of writing style was used, and which things can be easily used for other content types (i.e. not just photography blogs).

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my summary of why they worked? What jumps out at you?

I’d also love to hear about a recent popular post of yours: what was it, and what made it so successful? Feel free to put a link in the comments below.

I have also set up a widget over on where you can leave me a voicemail message with any question you have – we may use it for an upcoming episode.


  1. Big time numbers reel folks in Darren. Like magic.

    I recall one newsletter snagging a ton of opens, for me a while back. “13 bloggers” led it off. People feast on big numbers. They want more. Or they want healthy, robust, resources. You need not publish pillar style stuff regularly but those big numbers are too gaudy and attention-grabbing to ignore entirely. I even give in and have seen ’em for almost a decade online.

    Question posts seem to do well too. Tried and true. Ask a question. People want the answer. It is simple, and I spotted this pattern from my posts over the past few months.


  2. It is always good to see what is working for others so that I can make a strategy for my blog. Every blog has a different audience but as a blogger it still make sense to know what others are doing and what is working for them.

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