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4 Resources to Build Your Blogging Business

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of July 2010 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Every week I am contacted by people producing training resources, courses, eBooks, books etc for people wanting to make money from blogging and other online activities.

If I were to write a post about every one it’d almost take over this blog completely so I’m pretty fussy about which ones I promote. However lately there have been a lot of them coming from people that I know and respect.

Not all will be ideal for every person (they have a huge variation in price points and a fair variation in topics covered) but I do know that some are going to be very valuable to different readers so here’s a summary of the latest products coming across my desk (in no particular order).

1. Freelancer’s Survival Guide

ZZ3D5154C5.jpgChris Guillebeau has done it again with another of his ‘Unconventional Guides’ (out today).

This one is for those wanting to get serious about their Freelancing Businesses. As with most of these guides Chris offers 3 price points for different levels.

Learn more about this Freelancing Survival Guide Here.

2. Beyond Blogging Project

A brand new project by Nathan Hagan and Mike CJ – authors of the successful Beyond Blogging book.

This project is a 6 months project to help you build your blog to the next level.

It includes web casts, podcasts, site critiques, Q&A calls, forum and a lot more. Both Mike and Nathan know what they’re doing – looks like something well worth considering. It’s not cheap and will price some out of participating (although not as expensive as some courses) but for a 6 month course with lots of personal touches it’s about what I’d expect.

Get all the information on the Beyond Blogging Project here

3. Product Launch Formula 3

_wp-content_uploads_2010_06_jeff-walker.pngJeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 3 has had enough buzz in the last week that you’d have to have been having an internet free week to miss it.

It’s a high level product for those looking to launch products (I took version 2 and it’s helped me double my income from product sales in the last year) and it closes its doors in the next 24 hours (Jeff tends to only open them every 6-12 months).

Again – this isn’t a cheap product but it’s the formula behind many very successful online product launches so if you’re getting into that game it’s the type of teaching that has the potential to pay for itself. At the very least get yourself signed up for the product launch formula blueprint (pdf and video) which is free (for the the price of an email address) as it’s a handy thing to have.

Learn more about it in this interview I did last week with Jeff.

Full Details on Product Launch Formula 3 are Here

4. Engage

_wp-content_uploads_2009_05_20100126-kis1nw5n1qen8kpy186ijj4d9s.jpgThis is a book (yep, a paper one) that I’ve been reading for a month now. I usually don’t read too many paper books these days but this one is well worth the read.

The sub title is – ‘The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web‘ which gives you a little more on what it is about but as a mini review I’d say it’s well worth the read for anyone whose business is developing a plan for their use of social media. Much of it is useful for individuals but I suspect it’s going to be most powerful when a company gets ahold of it and implements some of Brian’s thinking in their business.

The first half is more introductory into the world of social media while the 2nd half is more about how to use social media to engage and some of the responsibilities that come with that. It’s a meaty book – enjoy.

Engage is Available on Amazon here

Disclaimer – each and every one of the links above is an affiliate link and you can assume that I stand to earn a comission if you buy any of the products. However I stand by the recommendations of the products and people mentioned. For every product mention you see here there’s another 1-2 that I’ve chosen not to include.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Yep Some fantastic stuff here Darren. Mike and Nathan have done a fantastic job. Haven’t read the other two, three though

  2. omg, a paperback book?! sometimes it’s good to get away from the glowing cube and read old school style. ;)

  3. Beyond Blogging Project looks similar to Yaro’s become a blogger. Which of the two do you recommend? Also about product launch formula. I have heard some bad reviews from warrior forum members. Do you think the latest version is good enough to be promoted? have you personally tried it out?

  4. Thanks Darren for sharing these. I have been following Mike and Nathan for some time now. I think, I ll buy Engage too. If you say it’s good, it will be good.


  5. Great list! I was familiar with all of them until I hit #4. This looks like a really interesting book and I’m looking forward to picking up a copy myself.

    I have seen other books that promote a similar kind of message but given the source of this recommendation :) – I will go with “Engage”


  6. Darren

    Awesome stuff man. Those are some awesome resources. I only know beyond blogging. Though Nathan and Mike cj had done fantastic job.
    Going to check out others.
    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


  7. Darren,
    I once bought a well marketed product to improve my online promotion of my personal development work and ‘bang’ within six months the author and his help site disappeared.

    So it is always good to hear your thoughts I believe your recommendations will be more valuable than my ‘learning experience’.


  8. Hey Darren,

    Oh to be as popular as you lol.

    I have never heard of the book titled “Engage” sounds like a pretty good read, will have to get myself a copy, thanks for mentioning it.

    Sally :)

  9. The course seem great, the “Engage” is probably more my speed right now too! Then again, I still really like paper books. Will definitely have to give it a look. Thanks

  10. Hello there.

    You are right about this blog post. :)

    Actually, at first I thought this post is about links men, but I was wrong. The resources you posted here is something about what we needed to learn in blogging to do it right at some point.

    Thanks! Surely to share this at my blog!

    To your success,

  11. ye darren, you are right over here…:)
    A great mind blowing post.



  12. Hey,

    Thanks Darren, i’m fairly new to blogging and i’m always looking to learn. I will certainly look into these resources.

  13. Darren,

    From the resources you’ve shared, i can say blogging is not a day’s job neither is it a child’s play. To build a successful blogging empire takes the same strength as building a brick and mortal business.

    I find beyond blogging project and that of jeff’s product launch highly valuable. Thanks

  14. None of the product above that I’ve heard before, thanks for giving the information around me dude!

  15. This proved to be quite useful, thanks. I currently manage a similar blog and I was curious how much you charge for advertising? Let me know, thanks!

  16. Good post. I have been reading through all of your tips, and these resources look like they will come in handy. I am glad to know you stand by your products and you are not just promoting to promote. :)

  17. Engage is a great book. I read it, and while it started a little slow there are some great social media tactics that you can use to grow your business quickly!

  18. You’re probably going to need to consult an attorney or CPA if you want to do it right. Are you going to have employees. A corporation will pay double taxation vs. an LLC or S-Corp. So, they are all appropriate for different circumstances.

  19. By far the most concise and also up-to-date information I discovered on this area. Sure glad that I stumbled upon that site by chance. I will be opting-in for the rss feed to make sure that I will obtain the most recent posts. Love the information here.

  20. There should be a quick setup guide and a manual in the box. That’s where I’d start. If you can’t find them, go to the Dlink website for tech support

  21. It is not that easy, Rick, especially since it also depends on which search engine we are talking about, as well as that search engines change their policies, exactly to be ahead of people like you and me trying to get ahead of them. But I do think that being honest and trustworthy (no broken links, no hidden tricks, no redirects), backlinks to your site and a very precise key word policy are the best ways to achieve higher rankings.

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