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  1. Do you have any advice on finding cartoons without running into potential copyright troubles?

    • One way around that might be to do a search on Flickr and search for images with CC licenses.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I like the idea but I would have to outsource this job!

    Do you know where I can get great adn fun cartoons?

    I thnik my blog http://erwinmentel.com would benefit from it!



    And FREE DVD: http://howtobuildlistfast.info

  3. No doubt.

    I actually started creating my own cartoons recently from some characters I have been drawing since I was maybe 12 or younger.

    I had to do this in response to the image copyright problem so I figured the best way to deal with a problem is to turn it into a positive.

    So far I have been getting good feed back from my doodles its fun for me too, my advise, get a program and start drawing. You don’t have to be as talented as the creator of theoatmeal to have a good effect.

    Look at the drawing behind the Y U NO meme. Its hilarious and it works.

  4. The humor definitely brings people back. A world like today’s is hungry for stuff like that!

  5. Humor is definitely viral. Great tip – too bad my talent is in writing and not drawing. ;)

  6. Ha! Well done.

    Cartoons are great in blogs. I have one post with an old cartoon a friend drew of me many years ago. it’s one of my most popular posts!

    In fact, he’ll be creating more fresh material for future posts . . . he just doesn’t know it yet.


  7. Interesting. How do you find a program to create cartoons?

  8. Maybe I have not been able to create an image gallery in my blog, but graffiti is kesenagan naturalists me in the picture, one bahakan been sold for $ 5000. but boredom makes me turn to blogging.

  9. Wow. What a great way to convey a message. Quick and simple with a great point.

    I know that I a laughed out loud when I was going through this post.

    If you can’t draw personally, you could outsource, but that does come with a price. One alternative may be to draw stick figures. I have done it before. It isn’t the best type of cartoon, but they can still be funny.

    Also, Darnell has a great point. Using memes is another great way to use a cartoon and add humour.

  10. I do not like to use material from outside sources. I’m a creative individual and prefer to provide all my content, including photos, etc. Humor is a good idea, but I’d be intent on creating my own. http://www.danerickson.net

  11. This is one of the post types listed in my upcoming book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, which will be published early next year. You can learn about all of 62 blog posts types at http://www.overcomingbloggersblock.com.

  12. Nice way of blogging. Keeps the blog alive.
    Don’t you think it requires more efforts than usual??

  13. While I agree, cartoons add fun and visual effect always help. However, you need a great designer in order to create your own cartoons.

  14. I like this idea. I think I have enough artistic colleagues I could make this work for me. I can’t draw a straight line.

  15. oh HELLO. I’ve been drawing cartoons and stuff on and off since I was a kid. I did a couple of “how-to” articles on HubPages…how to draw a cartoon zombie…how to draw a cartoon cat…stuff like that. I even did a little drawing for a blog post about having panic attacks when driving.

    But those were just simple cartoon sketches, really. Not until JUST THIS SECOND did it dawn on me to do actual comic strips with DIALOGUE.

    I just use the simple, basic, free WP theme, so even with photos it’s still not much to look at, and I get a lot of visitors who bounce away in less than 5 seconds. Maybe a cartoon strip with dialogue will catch their attention and get them to actually read more than just the first 3 words of my posts.

    Thanks for a simple – but USEFUL – little guest post.

    Aloha, Chris

  16. As I read Iain Robson’s comment above, I remembered a guy on HubPages named Mark Ewbie. He just does stick figure cartoons to go with his hubs, but they’re funny as hell and definitely keep people coming back for more.

    Don’t discount your own ability to draw. Mark’s not what I’d call an “artist” – not by a long shot (sorry, Mark) – but his little doodles do the job: they keep visitors on the page long enough for his content to get their attention.

    Here’s Mark’s HubPages profile, if you want to take a look…


  17. Great stuff. I always try to use a lot of images and put alt tags, although–to be fair–those that find your site through image searches usually don’t go much further than the image, very seldom do they click through to the site, but still, traffic of any kind is always good.

  18. hahaha…really nice topic..cartoons can be a great way to impress your readers and yes adding alt attributes to the images is must as this can increase the traffic. once, my image was optimized on the first page of google and it generated more than 2000 visitors /day. thanks for sharing this post..

  19. Hi
    I think cartoon can really add excellent images on your readers because there are many pictures of cartoons which describe the whole conditions. This is the one of the best Info Graphics I have seen.

    It would be better to add one image of guest post and add one cartoon image to add some funny theme in the post. It will help your readers to laugh. :)
    Thank you

  20. If only I had a modicum of artistic talent! I would love to create stuff like this. :)

  21. Using animation or meme is a smart strategy now as it is more attracting or go viral for marketing campaign.

  22. How strange that I was thinking of doing this right before I scrolled down the page and saw your guest post. Very straightforward. I am now convinced I should put cartoons on my future blog.

  23. I love cartoons and clip art and use it regularly. It’s just fun!

  24. Robert Palmer says: 12/20/2012 at 12:18 pm

    Well, if you go to Andertoons site (the guest blogger) you will see under Custom Cartoons with color they are only $500 each… :-/

  25. I had a cartoon on my writer website as a way to showcase my writing and a top freelance writer told me to take it down. This particular freelance writer believed no one would click on the cartoon (to make it bigger) or read it. The freelance writer also believed cartoons are overdone. I took the cartoon down because this particular freelancer has over 20 years of experience, and I valued their opinion. I liked the cartoon and thought it was creative. I learned an important lesson: listen with open ears, but then do what’s right for you.

    • Robert Palmer says: 03/07/2013 at 7:57 am

      I’ve been told no one reads blog comments or emails. Must be just US! :-/

  26. Nice post with awesome information. I think using cartoons is the best way to express any post and it also attracts many users and helps to impress them easily due to which it helps to increase traffic. I really like this post and thanks for sharing this post.

  27. You are very right. Cartoons can help to keep a blog alive. Also we can add some humor if our blogging style is very straightforward.
    I never used this so far, but will surely give it a shot from next time onwards.
    Anyways thanks for sharing this with us.

  28. I an having a blog which revolves around education and careers. And at times the articles become boring.
    So after reading this article i have decided that i will be using cartoons to cheer up my readers a bit.
    Thanks for this article.

  29. Nice way to capture the attention of users. But I do not think cartoons can work for blogs of different niches.
    Any suggestions how to improve them?

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