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3 New Adsense Features Being Tested

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of October 2004 Adsense 0 Comments

Adsense may be testing some new features – I just stumbled upon a site that seems to be being used as a testbed for the new stuff. This is a page I first noticed two ads per page on – about a month before it became public that the rest of us could do that. I notice three new features so far:

1. Little dividers between the ads on the skyscraper site. It breaks it up a little and is a little different.

2. Change to Ads About Option – Also I just noticed that this particular user has another option at the bottom of their ads that says:

“Change to Ads About:” and then it lists five other related topics to click on. When you click on one of the options the ads change to ones related to the topic at hand.

3. Change to Ads About Search – Also after you click on a couple of ‘change ads’ options a search field comes up that says:

“Change to Ads About:”

This allows you to type in a request for ads about any particular topic!

So it seems Adsense are testing a feature that lets our readers choose their own topics for ads! Interesting. I’m not sure how many of my readers would take the time to toggle the ads. But this feature would be useful for ME if I could have a little more control over the ads my users see on particular pages – which I’m not seeing as an option.

Has anyone else seen these options on sites?

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  • I know you won’t say, but I’ll try anyway. What site is this that seems like a test bed? Share the knowledge!

  • I have seen this on:

    A couple things: when you click on an ad link, the page comes up in a new window without the users permission. Users hate that, and that is a no-no

    Also, the “search for ad topic” form does not appear right away, you have to first click on one of the links under “Change to ads about”.

    Once the search form comes up with “Enter an Ad Topic” filled in, you can search for ads on a keyword(s).

    However, some keywords will yield no ads. For example, “sex” and “porn” yields no ads, doubtless because the site does not want that content on their page. Interesetingly, “vagina” yields no ads, while “penis” yields many, which is clearly sex discrimination ;)