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3 Critical Questions To Answer Before You Take Your Blog On The Road

Posted By Guest Blogger 18th of March 2014 General 0 Comments

This is a guest contribution from Kelly Edwards.

If you’re a blogger, then there are many benefits that can be gained from getting out from behind the keyboard and attending real world events: from raising awareness, sourcing new talent, and increasing overall readership.

Of course, attending an event is an investment, particularly if you’re intending to travel and especially if you decide to present your blog via a stand – so you need to make it count.


Question One: Is this event the right fit for my blog?

In recent years the number of blogging events has increased dramatically and events like the Problogger Training Day are getting bigger and better every year.

If you’re part of a blogging community then it’s very likely that you’ll discover a regular event being held to encourage the platform to meet. There are also publicised blogging events for all keyboard junkies, complete with networking and talks to help bloggers hone their skills.

Meeting with fellow bloggers may be immediately tempting but if your end goal is to increase readership within a relevant audience then you need to ensure that the audience is there in the first place. If you write about a particular niche subject, then attending a very broad event might not gain your blog the meaningful attention you’re hoping for.

There are many niche blogging groups that hold networking events or meet ups. If your aim is to look for relevant bloggers to work with then this is a lucrative field to find those within your topic of interest.

Relevant events don’t necessarily come from blogging platforms, depending on your niche. Blogs can promote themselves at real-world exhibits to increase readership. This could include beauty blogs at skin care conventions, business blogs at their local business exhibitions, and literature blogs at art festivals. By looking out for events that are relevant to your blog and will be attended by people who will be interested in your blog’s message, then you are more likely to gain a return on investment by attending that exhibition.

Question Two: Is my blog memorable and branded?

Does your blog have a brand? Do you utilise that brand throughout your promotional advertisements? Are you preparing a stand or stall that takes advantage of your unique identity?

Creating a brand from your blog can seem like a complicated task if you’ve never given it thought before but if you’ve taken time over the appearance of your blog then you’re likely to already have the beginnings of a style that you feel represents it.

Spend a few hours considering how you would introduce someone to your blog in two sentences or less. Each person you meet at this event might be seeing dozens of other people so consider what you can say or do to firmly affix your blog in their mind.

If you’re intending to have your own stand then think about what you can offer attendees so that they can fully understand what your blog is about. This might involve a tablet or laptop so they can physically look at your blog, perhaps a clearly visible web address and encouragement for people to give your blog a look on their smart phones (if you intend to do this then ensure your blog has an attractive mobile template). Promotional displays announcing your blog, URL and brand can also announce your blog on your behalf, attracting more interest.

Question Three: How do I know if it was worth all this effort?

Prepare for your networking event or convention attendance by coming up with a series of goals that you hope to work towards. These can be entirely unique to your blog but here are some general behaviours that you will most likely want to track:

  • People taking your business card
  • People signing up for your newsletter (if you have one)
  • People taking your flyers
  • Business cards that you receive from relevant parties

You can also assess these factors at the end of the day and over the coming weeks/ months:

  • New likes/followers on social media channels.
  • Increase in views on your blog.
  • New comments on your blog.
  • Increase in subscriptions/ member sign ups/ followers on your blog.

Your goals for attending an event may differ greatly from other blogs and it’s important that you properly assess and track what you hope to gain from attending. Though ensuring you achieve a return on investment is more complex via a blog than for someone selling a product, it is essential to measure the effectiveness of event marketing for your blog’s brand. Which of these ROI’s would make the biggest difference to your blog?

When you tie all these steps together you should end up with an event that is relevant to your blog, an idea for how to brand your blog effectively and a variety of ideas regarding how to track conversions and increases in traffic. Of course, this is only the first step.

Getting your blog out into the real world for the first time is just the beginning and even the most well-planned event is likely to have snags, problems and at least a dozen lessons that you’ll learn for next time. Improvements never have to end and you’ll soon find yourself a well-oiled event machine, always primed and ready with business cards and your elevator pitch.

These steps are a great guideline but every blog is different, so jump in with both feet and start planning. Which step will be most important to you and what has this post revealed about your blogs needs? Feel free to tell us your story in the comments below!

Kelly Edwards writes for Marler Haley and is passionate about promoting businesses however large or small, and offering her tips to succeed.

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This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Kelly, the post is very interesting and a good read. I totally agree with the second question. Having a memorable and branded blog is very necessary nowadays, given the fact that Google is now emphasizing more on brands. So, I think going for keyword based domain blogs are useless. Rather, personal branding plays a vital role now.

  2. Interesting post Kelly. I personally hope to launch a blog in the near future and these are some great questions to ask myself.

  3. Funny! I have a very similar photo entering South Australia! Thanks for the post by the way.

  4. he post is very interesting, Thanks for the post by the way.

  5. You made a branded blog. No one can beat you.

  6. Hi Kelly,

    Building your brand is all it takes to become a successful blogger and transform your blog into business. However it’s not easy and require a lot of consistent work and to stand from the crowd.

    As you mentioned when you see a lot of followers are following your blog and almost the same people comment on your blog you will know that you were able to attract readership.

  7. I think that it is essential to attend events and gain experience if you are a blogger, afterall, you are blogging about your opinions and experiences, so the more you have, the more your can draw from when writing your blog. Going to an event will also mean that you will be mixing with similar people to yourself, which can help to give you an understanding of your target audience, which will put you in a better position to reach them when you do blog

  8. Good info. I haven’t found the right event to show off my blog but I’m still on the hunt.

  9. Very interesting and informative post. One does arises these questions in mind while taking his/her blog to a next level. You have nicely explained each question. Thank you for sharing such a great post. :)

  10. You have great points in determining if all is worth it. This is somewhat the make or break it point of actually continuing, starting, or changing your blog.

  11. thanks for sharing this information. i have been wondering how to start my own blog. This article really help.

  12. Wow… Amazing, I hope this post will definitely help me to get some ranking for my site, I bookmarked this page.

  13. Thanks for your advice. I think it’s also good to blog back to others’ blogs as well. This gets you noticed in your niche community.

  14. All make sense Kelly, and the branding note is oh so key. Thanks!

  15. I have found that it is more difficult to establish a new brand nowadays than it ever was, because of the sheer amount of competition, but not impossible. I am struggling with my niche because it is a small niche I feel, and I am trying to capture the imagination of more potential readers but it’s hard.

  16. Hiii kelly,

    I am completely agree with you. Branding is most important factor and if we wish to make a brand then we need to do work on that level. Without coming out from general things or general ways of blogging we can’t make a brand. Great work :)

  17. Hi Kelly! This is a very timely article for me, I am headed to a convention in Dallas next week and I love how you stated for me to spend a few hours considering how I am going introduce someone to my blog, OH Yeh I am going to work on getting two sentences down before I leave.. What an Awesome Tip!! Thanks for sharing..Chery :))

    P.S. I did land on your blog today Via Kingged.com where I also left you a comment and kingged

  18. Writing a gr8 content oriented blog will automatically translate into a brand sooner or later. When people start searching you by your domain you are a brand.

  19. I have never heard of such events. I would definitely gain more knowledge by attending a blogging event and network with other fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing this information.

  20. Great work Kelly. Recently I created a blog. I hope those questions will help me in future. Thanks

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