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28 Million Blogs Given Pro Blogging Opportunities

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of January 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

28 million (or more) blogs are about to be given the opportunity to blog for money with the latest updates to MSN Spaces says eweek. The latest MSN Spaces update covers a number of areas as well as the option to run ads with Amazon and Kanoodle. That’s a lot of bloggers about to enter the pro blogging space!

Read about the changes at MSN Spaces official update entry

Found via BlogHerald

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  • Odd to roll out those ads and not their own Microsoft in house system? I wonder if they will still be options when they finally do roll out adcenter across the board ..

  • A.H

    “Great news for those of you living in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France or Japan.”

    28 Million Blogs from US, UK, Canada, Germany, France & Japan Given Pro Blogging Opportunities.



  • That, or other recent MSN Spaces changes, maybe explains why the feed of my blog there suddenly decided that every post had been updated (although I hadn’t touched any of them).

  • This is my third attempt to comment on this article. Each Time I get rudely interrupted by a pop-up and I end up exiting this blog in my effort to get rid of the pop-up.

    Any way there are no lack of opportunities to make money. There are plenty of opportunities. The problem lies with the bloggers themself (By bloggers I don’t mean the Google owned entity). They have nothing to blog. Only trivial things nobody would be interested in. If they have things to blog they lack the resourses. It costs money to0 advertise. Most people don’t have the money. I sent $35 to a a company that accepts ads. They have taken my money but have not put my ad anywhere.

    Without any advertisement it is waste of time to put up a blog. My blog is covered by all major search Engines. But the key words are the ones least searched. Obviously Ipeople have to choose most searched keywords even if it means that the contents would not be relatede to the subject of the blog.

    And Knoodle is not the search engine that would help anyone make money. How many people would choose Knoodle to make their searches?

    What is wrong with the old fashion Google Adsense words if a blogger has the means to advertise. Amazon might be great if you want to buy a Laptop or a sofa. But you would not choose Amazon to advertise. Of course if you have traffic to your blog you can become an Amazon Affiliate and earn commissions. But without traffic you’ll make no commission. I’m an Amazon Commission. But the traffic to my blog seems to be dwibdling..

  • Hey Darren, just to let you know, Blog Explosion is doing something similiar with their site they’ve launched.

    It should be interesting to see how these “pay per post” blogs do. ;)

  • This is the great oportunity for many people to have more earnings, i hope that’s pogress fastly.

  • Do you think this could have a negative effect on ad dollars for other blogs? Is there the potential for bringing down the average price for ads on blogs since this increases the supply of impressions available?

  • Satish Bhardwaj – what sort of pop up are you getting here? I havn’t got pop up ads on this blog?

  • Darren,
    can you recommend resources for people looking to *hire* a professional (in-house) blogger? …not just someone looking to make a few bucks off advertising, but serious, professional writers who understand the online space…


  • Thats really great news for everybody using msn spaces. Lets see how everything goes.

  • (Sounds like you have SpyWare on your PC, Satish!)

    Does this mean 28 million more “Top Paying Keywords” type blogs, or some accomplished writers sharing useful information?
    Only time will tell, but I think we know the answer already….

  • I used to use msn spaces, but then I moved over to blogspot. Much better. However, these fetaures msn is putting is quite nice for the ppl who use it.

  • The 28 million number seems inflated. Microsoft is offering this only to blogs on MSN Spaces, not the 28 million recorded by Technorati (which is where you get your number from, it seems).

  • Actually the figure comes form the article I linked to and other sources say MSN Spaces have over 30million blogs.

  • IMHO if someone is serious about making money from blogging they would not be on MSN Spaces when WordPress is free, hosting is $8 a month, and you can get unique designs for around a couple hundred dollars…but you really don’t even need a unique great design off the start if you are comparing your site to MSN Spaces.

  • Good point Aaron, but I imagine they’re not targetting the “professional” bloggers (i.e., “people serious about making money from blogging”). There are plenty of options out there for people willing to put just a tiny bit of effort into it. But this looks more like an effort to capture “the long tail,” if you will, of would-be bloggers who are looking for ZERO barriers to entry. It’s capitalism at its most democratic… for better or worse.

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