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2005 Business Underblogger Awards

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of March 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Do you know of (or run) a quality ‘Entrepreneurial’ or ‘Business’ Blog that deserves a bit of extra attention? Do you read one that you wish others knew about? Nominate it now in the 2005 Business Underblogger Awards! Read on to find out how!

Now that the 2005 Business Blogging Awards are out of the way and that some of the higher profile business blogs have had their recognition, I want to propose that we hold the ‘2005 Business UNDERblogger Awards’.

Huh?!? What’s an ‘Underblogger’ you ask?

Well it all started a couple of years ago when on my personal blog I wrote a post asking people to nominate quality blogs that they knew of that didn’t have the exposure that they deserved. They are Underblogs – as in they fly under the radar despite the fact that perhaps they deserve to join the select few that tend to get nominated for mainstream blogging awards.

I was amazed by the response that I got when I opened the first ‘Celebrating the Underblog’ awards in 2003 – 100 nominations in all. In 2004 I did it again and ended up with around 500. It was a massive response and whilst in the process a lot of blogs were nominated that I personally didn’t enjoy the exercise did unearth some amazing blogs that I continue to read to this day. I had a lot of feedback from bloggers thanking me for the exposure but also for helping them to discover new quality blogs.

So I got to thinking the other day after the Business Blogging Awards that whilst the project did unearth some great blogs that I’d not heard of before – that there MUST be more out there that didn’t receive a nomination that deserve some recognition.

I can think of a few myself that I’m going to nominate – blogs that were not mentioned in the other awards but who consistently write quality content. So the 2005 Business Underblogger Awards was born in my mind and has percolated away ever since. So here is how it is going to work:

• In the comments section below I am inviting you to nominate up to 5 Business/Entrepreneurial/Professional Underblogs.
Leave the URL (hyperlink it if you know how) of the blog and a very short reason for your nomination (1 sentence maximum).
• I will collate the nominations and add them to a page that will contain all nominations – arranged alphabetically
There is no ultimate winner – all nominations are acknowledged as being worthy of an award (at least by those that nominated them). The point is not about identifying ‘the best’ but rather about showing the breadth and diversity of those blogging in this way.
• Nominations will be received until the end of March at which point I will not collate nominations any more.
• I will not judge who is or isn’t a Business, Entrepreneurial or Professional blogger – I’ll leave that to you. I will not judge who is worthy of the ‘underblogger’ status – again that is your call.
You can nominate your own blog – but if you do please also nominate at least another two or three blogs that you also read.

Again – this is not a competition, its not about ‘the best’, its not overly serious or something to get worked up about – however it will hopefully be a fun project that exposes some new blogs to the ProBlogging community and helps us all make some new blogging friends.

So without further ado – I now officially declare the 2005 Business Underblogger Awards OPEN!!!! Nominate away…

Update: I’m posting all the nominations on this page.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.