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2005 Business Underblogger Awards

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of March 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Do you know of (or run) a quality ‘Entrepreneurial’ or ‘Business’ Blog that deserves a bit of extra attention? Do you read one that you wish others knew about? Nominate it now in the 2005 Business Underblogger Awards! Read on to find out how!

Now that the 2005 Business Blogging Awards are out of the way and that some of the higher profile business blogs have had their recognition, I want to propose that we hold the ‘2005 Business UNDERblogger Awards’.

Huh?!? What’s an ‘Underblogger’ you ask?

Well it all started a couple of years ago when on my personal blog I wrote a post asking people to nominate quality blogs that they knew of that didn’t have the exposure that they deserved. They are Underblogs – as in they fly under the radar despite the fact that perhaps they deserve to join the select few that tend to get nominated for mainstream blogging awards.

I was amazed by the response that I got when I opened the first ‘Celebrating the Underblog’ awards in 2003 – 100 nominations in all. In 2004 I did it again and ended up with around 500. It was a massive response and whilst in the process a lot of blogs were nominated that I personally didn’t enjoy the exercise did unearth some amazing blogs that I continue to read to this day. I had a lot of feedback from bloggers thanking me for the exposure but also for helping them to discover new quality blogs.

So I got to thinking the other day after the Business Blogging Awards that whilst the project did unearth some great blogs that I’d not heard of before – that there MUST be more out there that didn’t receive a nomination that deserve some recognition.

I can think of a few myself that I’m going to nominate – blogs that were not mentioned in the other awards but who consistently write quality content. So the 2005 Business Underblogger Awards was born in my mind and has percolated away ever since. So here is how it is going to work:

• In the comments section below I am inviting you to nominate up to 5 Business/Entrepreneurial/Professional Underblogs.
Leave the URL (hyperlink it if you know how) of the blog and a very short reason for your nomination (1 sentence maximum).
• I will collate the nominations and add them to a page that will contain all nominations – arranged alphabetically
There is no ultimate winner – all nominations are acknowledged as being worthy of an award (at least by those that nominated them). The point is not about identifying ‘the best’ but rather about showing the breadth and diversity of those blogging in this way.
• Nominations will be received until the end of March at which point I will not collate nominations any more.
• I will not judge who is or isn’t a Business, Entrepreneurial or Professional blogger – I’ll leave that to you. I will not judge who is worthy of the ‘underblogger’ status – again that is your call.
You can nominate your own blog – but if you do please also nominate at least another two or three blogs that you also read.

Again – this is not a competition, its not about ‘the best’, its not overly serious or something to get worked up about – however it will hopefully be a fun project that exposes some new blogs to the ProBlogging community and helps us all make some new blogging friends.

So without further ado – I now officially declare the 2005 Business Underblogger Awards OPEN!!!! Nominate away…

Update: I’m posting all the nominations on this page.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Strong work, and great idea. My company’s PR and marketing blog doesn’t get much traffic, in part because we’re not particularly opinionated on it. Still, I thought I’d offer it up:


  2. I like the idea of spotlighting less popular blogs, I wanted to offer up my own (which is Personal Finance related) which is only a month or so old and definitely not popular enough to be considered an Underblogger. :)


    Two other personal finance blogs I’d like to offer up as underblogger in recognition but overblogger in content (I’m not sure if they have been recognized elsewhere), are:


  3. Richard Hall’s Managing the Business of Law blog is a great read on a business and professional topic…managing the business relationship between in-house and outside counsel, establishing firm practice performance metrics, and establishing business unit intelligence.


  4. Yeah, I’m submitting my blog, http://www.HackingNetflix.com, because it has excellent coverage of the DVD-by-mail industry (Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, etc.) but also because it is an unusual example of interaction between a company (Netflix) and a blogger.

    I’d also like to nominate two other excellent blogs:

    http://steverubel.typepad.com/micropersuasion/ – Steve Rubel’s excellent coverage of the PR industry and the impact of blogging.

    http://www.Orbitcast.com – Excellent blog that covers the satellite radio biz (XM, Serius).

  5. Err…I think you’ll find that Mr. Rubel’s blog kicks ass and takes names, from a traffic and visibility perspective. And deservedly so.

  6. Since everyone is shamelessly promoting their own blogs, I figured I’d join in the fun. It’s less than a month old, but I started out a business/technology blog at http://www.alltheseideas.com which covers various aspects of technology, business books, gadgets, etc.

  7. Jim,
    Thanks for the nomination!

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  11. […] g for Dollars
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    Underblogger Awards

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  12. UNDERblogger Awards
    ProBlogger is running a contest of sorts for Underblogs – quality blogs that don’t have the exposure that they deserve. They are the B-list or C-list blogs according to this loose interpretation-

    A-list = 15,00 plus hits per day
    B-list = 1,000 -…

  13. I like Work Boxers, I don’t know if it qualifies as an UNDERblog though. I don’t know the hits he gets.

  14. Underblogger Awards
    Allright, it’s not really an award – more of a “spread the word” type of event about quality blogs that deserve more readership, but I figured I’d spread the word about the Underblogger awards that are running on Problogger right…

  15. I know we’re small, but have hopes of being a valued resource for real estate buyers and sellers in the Twin Cities, Minnesota – http://www.TwinCitiesRealEstateblog.com. 3 other blogs I enjoy include: http://www.artsjournal.com/artfulmanager/, http://www.behindthemortgage, and http://radiantmarketing.typepad.com/radiant_marketing/.

    What a great idea!

  16. In the world of legal and accounting firm marketing, what works is an odd mix of political campaigning, consumer tactics, relationship development, and dating. At http://www.marketingcatalyst.blogspot.com I’ve been writing about good and bad marketing ideas, sometimes an evangelist and sometimes a pundit. Though I have a small group of loyal readers Marketing Catalyst would love to get beyond the “C-List”.

  17. I would like to nominate my own weblog – http://www.spittoon.biz, and as this is my own, two further wine related blogs that stand out in my opinion – http://fermentations.blogspot.com/ for forthright opinions and http://winecast.net – for podcasting wine notes.

  18. Personal Finance Blogs in the News
    Terri Cullen for The Wall Street Journal Online profiled personal finance blogs in an article the other day. The journalist had contacted me for an interview, but unfortunately we couldn’t hook up. That’s too bad; I could have used the…

  19. My blog, microISV, focuses on creating and building small software companies. My recommendation is Ripples for David’s insights into the corporate world and building your own business when you leave corporate life.

  20. I would like to nominate the following blogs: Yvonne DiVita at Lip-Sticking; Rosa Say at Talking Story; Jennifer Rice at What’s Your Brand Mantra?; Pamela Heywood at Online Business Journal; and Aleah Sato at Incite By Design.

    I could easily triple or quadruple or even quintuple that list, with many more deserving business bloggers too. :-)

  21. So, is this like, a demotion? Since Behind The Mortgage was nominated for the 2005 Business Blogging Awards (best real estate blog) as well? Too funny – but were not complaining – we’ll take any exposure we can get. Thanks guys.

  22. I’d like to nominate the OpenXource Crossing blog. We examine there how’s and why’s of mixing opensource with business, and throw in a good dose of community.


  23. I’d like to shamelessly nominate BusinessBits (business news). It’s typically a concise yet analytical look at some of the more interesting and influential business events. Also included: book reviews, opinion, tips, etc.


  24. I want to nomminate Diva Marketing for the UnderBlogger award. She deserves it. Bring great little marketing tid-bits through a wondeful Blog Voice.


  25. For your considerations:
    – Gay Guy blog – Alex Geana provides insights on life from dating to blogs to politics; his writing is a delight to read. http://gayguy.blogs.com/bloging_new_york_one_bad_/

    -design*sponge – a wonderful look at young designers includes interesting photos – always something new and different. http://designsponge.blogspot.com/

    -Stephen Spencer’s Scatterings – smart guy who makes search seem easy. http://www.stephanspencer.com/

    – Dr. Lasky’s Blog – who ever thought that a b2b blog from a manufacturing company (Indium) could be interesting? http://www.indium.com/drlasky/

    -Tris Hussey is exploring some fun podcast ideas (walk abouts) on his blog View From the Isle. http://blog.larixconsulting.com/blog

    – Marketing Roadmaps authored by Susan Getgood is a good read about blogs and marketing.

  26. Hi, I’d like to throw my name into the ring for Small Business Trends. I wrote a little campaign jingle too:

    I missed out on a Business Blogging Award,
    and I’m feelin’ a bit blue.
    A little recognition is what I crave
    and a virtual “hug” too!

    Oh, and be sure to check out these fine blogs:

    Small Business CEO

  27. Ken’s Management Logbook – watching, listening and learning in the hospitality industry. By yours truly at http://www.livejournal.com/users/kburgin/

  28. First, I’d like to nominate a couple of blogs and of course include my own as it’s getting some recognition these days.

    1. BizBook Nuggets from Patsi Krakoff at http://www.bizbooknuggets.com

    2. BL Ochman’s What’s Next Blog at http://www.whatsnextblog.com

    3. Jane Thilo’s excellent blog focusing on leadership for MDs, Leaders Go First at http://janethilo.typepad.com/leaders_go_first/

    4. T.L. Pakii Pierce’s blog, How to Blog for Fun and Profit at http://blogforfunandprofit.blogware.com/

    There are so many more excellent business blogs. My is Next Level Biz Tips which is focused on helping solo professionals leverage the internet at http://www.biztipsblog.com

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  29. I nominate the following:
    Michele Miller at Wonderbranding (www.wonderbranding.com) – highly focused on marketing to women
    Katherine Stone at Decent Marketing (decentmarketing.typepad.com) – yes, it’s my blog which has been around for over a year and is doing great and I love it and I love my readers so how could I resist?
    John Moore at Brand Autopsy (brandautopsy.typepad.com) – I always find it interesting to read, never dull

  30. Gotta tell you, when it comes to under, I am a bottom-feeder. First I’ll nominate my own two blogs, CoachEzines & BizBook Nuggets, then I’ll tell you about the other good ones I know. http://Www.Coachezines.com may be too narrow a niche to get any massive readership, but it’s quality, and http://www.bizbooknuggets.com is a new blog with book snippets for busy professionals. I also have a good blog blog, with Denise Wakeman, http://www.buildabetterblog.com, for learning the tricks of good pro biz blogging. My associate Denise Wakeman has a super interesting blog on internet marketing strategies and tips, http://www.biztipsblog.com, and finally, Jane Thilo has an excellent read, again a narrow niche, for physicians in a leadership role, http://www.leadersgofirst.com, or http://janethilo.typepad.com/leaders_go_first/. These are all quality blogs, just for small independent professionals, and we may never hit the big numbers, but go for quality.

  31. Jill Fallon says: 03/11/2005 at 11:58 pm

    I nominate What Retirement http://whatretirement.typepad.com/what_retirement/ for every boomer not prepared for retirement as well as three of my own
    Business of Life http://www.estatevaults.com/bol – Info designed to make the business of your life easier; Legacy Matters, http://www.estatevaults.com/lm – Preparing for the inevitable -leaving behind a great legacy, creating a personal legacy archive, and a look at the way death and dying are changing and my new corporate blog, http://www.estatelegacyvaults.com
    business blogging, the boomer market and online financial services

  32. I’m a rookie so I don’t even read any other blogs besides this one, but I’d like to nominate my blog . It’s personal finance blog with a bit of Rich Dad stuff thrown in.

  33. Looks like I messed up the link…here it is again: Smart Money Daily
    (sorry not trying to spam your comments).

  34. Thanks for the opportunity to list some business blogs. First, I do want to list mine, http://ttmitchellconsulting.com/Mitchblog/, on many different topics including leadership and diversity. Next I want to list Digitization 101, http://hurstassociates.blogspot.com, which talks about digital data storage in many different formats. Next I’d like to nominate Tom McMahon’s blog, http://www.tommcmahon.net, where he talks about all sorts of business topics. The final one I’d like to bring up is Azriel Winnett’s blog, at http://hodu.com/blog. His blog is relatively new, but it’s attached to his webpage, and he’s always talked about the importance of great communication skills.

    Thanks, and it’s good to see some other blogs that I read listed here.

  35. I would like to nominate Become Unforgettable. This is a blog about marketing and small business promotion. Also, I really like Gretchen Ledgard’s Technical Careers at Microsoft.

  36. Maybe not quite as widely known as the Underblogger awards ;-)but just wanted you to know you’ve made it onto my sites of the week-keep up the quality blogging http://dshepherd.blogware.com/blog/_archives/2005/3/21/459522.html


  37. I nominate http://www.McChronicles.blogspot.com. The McChronicles is all about the “C” in the McDonald’s B2C proposition. The McChronicles champions the customer’s point of view in the day-to-day McDonald’s consumer experience with the goal of helping McDonald’s better-satisfy the customer. Unique, focused, and meaningful.

  38. The Home Business Review Magazine – Tips, Tools, Techniques, Reviews and Ideas To Help You Profit From Home.

    I’ve gotten a lot of nice, independent comments on the information on this blog, but I’m a blog “virgin”, so I definitely qualify to submit my site!

  39. […] Another time I flipped an idea was back in March when I ran my first annual ProBlogger Underblogger Awards. Again the idea started as a normal Awards post but flipping it to be an award with a twist took it to a more unique place. […]

  40. This business blog has a great cache og Google-related postings.

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