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20 Type Challenge

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of November 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Just got an email from the blogger behind It’s So Fantastic! who liked my 20 Types of Blog Posts post so much that she’s decided to start a 20 Types challenge where she’s going to take one ‘type’ of blog post each day for the next 20 days and post something that fits with it.

What a great idea – I wish I’d thought of it.

So if you’re battling bloggers block at the moment why not head over and join her in the challenge. I’d be really interested to see how people find the list adapts to their different niches.

PS: Thanks to whoever it was that put the 20 Types of Blog Posts post into – you’ve got me into the bottom half of the popular page – appreciate everyone’s support.

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  1. Hopefully by you plugging her, she will get enough people submitting links to her to complete the series. I submitted mine, but her blog appears VERY new. I doubt she has the traffic to maintain it.

  2. Darren, you have created a terriffically useful and innovation friendly list with your 20 Types of Posts.

    That list can also be used for any other type of writing, including articles, book chapters, in teaching and speaking, making presentations, etc..

  3. Darren, what a great list you created. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix all types of post in one blog. Otherwise, your blog will probably lose its theme. I would rather choose 4 or 5 types I like and stick to them.

  4. yes, my blog is new, but just to clarify: the aim of this exercise is about practicing different types of blog writing styles and entries in order to stem creativity and fight writer’s block as Darren’s original post first suggested. so if people join the marathon along the way or discover it in the future, it’s all good. thinking about it so far, it has been a great education- almost like ‘intensive blog boot camp 101’. and thanks darren for the plug and inspiration!

  5. […] The blogger at It’s So Fantastic has decided to do Darren Rowse’s list of 20 Blogging Post Types one better and do a marathon, posting one of each type for 20 days running. She’s invited all comers to post with her and leave a link to their posts. […]

  6. […] SoFantastic put up the challenge. She first heard of this idea from the Problogger. As the name would suggest, Problogger wrote a post about how to jazz up your posts, or cure blog block. SoFantastic took that suggestion, and one upped the Problogger by making it a community challenge. If you are into blogging, the angle is obvious…Generate traffic, ideas, improve your techniques, and meet some other bloggers in general. How do I do this? or what are the guideline you say… The 20 Types of blog posts are: […]

  7. Darren, you have created a terriffically useful and innovation friendly list with your 20 Types of Posts

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