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20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012

This year, I tried to go outside of the social media echo-chamber and focus on people who are expanding beyond their blogs. As Michael Stelzner said at Blogworld, “You’re not a blogger, you’re a publisher!”

These are 20 people who stood out to me this year. There is no ranking, nor is there a competition. If you are after more variety, I’ve included links to other round-ups at the end of this post.

Do you know of someone that has really stood out in 2011? Let us know in the comments, or create and link to your own list post. Enjoy!

Maria Popova

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Maria Popova describes herself as “interestingness curator and semi-secret geek obsessed with design, science, storytelling and combinatorial creativity”. She is the editor of the much-loved Brain Pickings, which she described as a “a destination for indiscriminate curiosity.”

I love Maria’s work because talented curators are needed in this cluttered blogosphere. Maria goes beyond the collection of links and ideas, and provides a narrative that just enchants you. In the aforementioned interview, Maria said that “curation is all about pattern-recognition, seeing how various and diverse pieces of content fit together under the same taste umbrella or along the same narrative path, so the guiding principle has to be the sole storyteller with a strong point of view.”

I think Maria will be an influence on curators for years to come.

Kristi Hines

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, online marketing consultant, and social media enthusiast that blogs at Kikolani. She has  become famous for her weekly resource posts, Fetching Friday, and is a prolific guest poster on many high-profile sites. Her work is highly regarded in the social media community and she was recommended multiple times in the comments section on last year’s list.

Her book, Blog Post Promotion, is extraordinarily in-depth for a book at its price point, and is something I’d strongly recommend to those who need help getting more attention for their posts. You guys may also enjoy her post about making money online through blogging and writing.

Corbett Barr

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Corbett Barr is someone I’ve been watching for a few years. He had a popular blog, Free Pursuits, but focused on creating a legacy rather then just being a blogger. He started Think Traffic in 2010, and quickly built a solid reputation for building quality content. In 2011 he created the Million Dollar Blog Project and launched his case study blog, Expert Enough.

I like Corbett because he’s one of the people who evolved with the challenges that blogging presented, rather than giving up. Some of the best discussions of 2010 came from his blog and I believe that the Million Dollar Blog Project will result in a few more bloggers to watch.

Marcus Sheridan

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012

Marcus started a swimming pool company in 2001. Thanks to his blog, and inbound marketing, it grew to be one of the biggest companies of its kind in the world. Marcus had amassed a large amount of knowledge about content marketing and created The Sales Lion to teach others about the power of community.

I love his blog. He isn’t a pseudo-guru testing his theories—he only teaches about stuff he’s personally experienced. He also has a talent for community engagement. Many of his posts contribute to the conversation surrounding many facets of our industry, which encourages related companies to adjust their model to serve bloggers better.

Hands down, Marcus is one of the coolest guys online. He helps so many of us when he already has a successful business and doesn’t need the social validation. I hope we’ll see a lot more of him in the coming year.

Alexis Grant

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Alexis Grant is a publishing powerhouse. She describes herself as a “journalist, blog & social media strategist and a budding entrepreneur.” She has been experimenting with digital products and micropublishing, such as her popular eguide on building a Part-Time Social Media Business. She’s also the managing editor of the Brazen Careerist blog.

I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with her for past few months, and it’s been fascinating watching her grow. She has a unique work history, starting out in traditional journalism and evolving until she landed a job editing a popular blog. I think we will learn a lot from her experiments in digital publishing, especially during the latter part of 2012.

Colin Wright

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Colin Wright intrigues me. He runs a popular blog, but I wouldn’t called him a blogger. I don’t think anyone really knows what to call him. Every four months, his readers vote on the next country he’ll move to. He has an everlasting ebook called Exiles, runs a T-shirt shop called I Have No Shirt, and has published six ebooks.

I like Colin because of his constant experimentation with micropublishing and entrepreneurship. He closed eBookling because he’d achieved what he had set out to do, despite having a profitable model. He was one of the first in my community to experiment with Kindle publishing. He’s a genuinely cool guy with a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to improve on existing creations. I think that’s an attitude we all can benefit from.

Torre De Roche

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012


Torre De Roche is the Fearful Adventurer. While overseas, she “fell for a 31-year old Argentinean man who had a humble sailboat and a dream to set off exploring the world.” She accompanied him on his trip across the South Pacific which led to her blog and later, a book about her journey. Within two months of self-publishing her book, she landed a big publishing deal. Her book, Swept, will be out in 2013.

I think that Torre will be one of the writers that will really stand out over the coming years. She has such a natural talent, yet is still a bit of an unknown in the blogosphere. I’m confident that will change over the next year and I think that we are in a fortunate position to watch her evolve.

Deb Ng

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Deb is an accomplished blogger. Previously she was the founder and owner of the Freelance Writing Jobs network of blogs, as well as the community manager for Blog Talk Radio. Now, she is employed as the conference director of Blog World Expo and has released her first book, Online Community Management for Dummies.

In 2012, she’ll be just as busy. She’s authoring her second book for the Dummies brand and planning is already well underway for Blogworld in New York.

I love her work, and her contribution to the industry. I especially enjoy her blog, Kommein,  where readers are fortunate enough to get an insight into the work of someone whose career spans multiple areas of the blog industry.

Jen Bishop

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Jen is mostly known as the publisher and editor of Dynamic Business magazine in Australia. Part of what makes the magazine so successful is its prominent web presence, which feature a wide range of bloggers. But I’m not including her because of that.  I’m watching her based on her work at her new blog, Interiors Addict.

Interiors Addict is a blog that curates a lot of the best information her passion, interior design. She’s leveraged her skills as a journalist to get access to industry news and interviews, and has turned her hobby blog into a very prominent force.

One of my favorite trends this year is how journalists are dabbling in creating their own digital presences. I believe they enjoy a lot more success, and learn more, when their blog is based on an obsession rather then just their personal brand. I’m also enjoying how Tumblr is aiding bloggers that focus heavily on curation.

Derek Halpern

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Derek runs Social Triggers, a site that “breaks down psychological research and business case studies into simple, actionable steps that can help you improve your online business.” His content isn’t the reason I’m watching him, although it is high-calibre and he only publishes his best work. No, the reason he’s gotten my attention is because of how he got noticed.

Early in 2011, he did blog reviews of popular sites such as Chris BroganThink TrafficSmart Passive Income, and David Risley. He showed both the blogger and those who watched the videos how they could increase conversions, which resulted in massive word of mouth from both the readers and his peers.

2011 was the year he spent working hard, and getting attention. I’m curious to see how he leverages his brand in 2012.

Jenny Blake

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012

Jenny Blake is an authorblogger, life coach, and sought-after speaker who helps others “Wake up, live big! and love the journey.”  Jenny recently took her own great leap by leaving Google after five and a half years to pursue her passions full-time.

I’ve enjoyed watching Jenny evolve as she released her first book, Life After College, and expanded her digital offerings. She is fast approaching the end of her first year of self employment, and I think she’ll really start to shine during the latter half of 2012.

Yasmine Surovec

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Yasmine is the creator of the popular web comic Cat Versus Human. She documents the everyday realities of living in a multi-cat household via a series of hilarious drawings. In late 2011, she released her first book, Cat vs. Human.

I read a lot of web comics, and I enjoy the fact that they don’t do many of the things that bloggers typically recommend. She has a cat’s bottom in her sidebar, a self-deprecating about page and a contact page that had me hunting for tin-foil. I think that we can all learn from her example and poke more fun at our work, while maintaining a growing brand.

Molly Mahar

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Molly Mahar is the founder of Stratejoy, a positive corner of the Internet that provides thousands of women the tools, strategies, and camaraderie to lead authentically joyful lives. There are many career blogs targeted at people in their twenties, but hers is focused on helping people through their “quarter-life crisis.”

I think her blog is fantastic. She invites a number of people to blog for her for a “season,” so that readers can follow their journeys over a five-month period. It’s a great way to build community, encourage new voices and make sure her content is always interesting to that demographic. I’ve heard so many good things about her blog, and how it’s helped people.

Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012

Kristin and Shannon started {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable fashion company based in America. They came up with the idea for their fashion line but knew they had a lot of work before it could reach the market, so they decided to blog about their journey. Thanks to their blogging and networking efforts, they’ve had massive success with their fundraising to launch their first product. At the time of writing, they have reached double their target for their kickstarter campaign and still have a week to go.

They focused on building their community while building their business. As a result, they had a lot of people willing to help them when they asked for support. Their story shows that you don’t need to wait until your product is ready to get your message out there.

Young House Love

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Young House Love chronicles the story of two DIY dorks who are turning their house into a home, and sharing every detail as they learn. The content is great, but what I really loved was how they delved into their personal lives and shared the personality behind the bloggers. Their stories are compelling and somewhat harrowing, such as the details of their daughter’s traumatic birth.

I love how they’ve transformed a personal blog into an amazing resource. Look at how they changed the sidebars for the mood board section. They are incredibly savvy. Their work highlights the potential to build your brand beyond a blog, and shows how you can leverage your archives.

I’m embarrassed that it took me this long to discover Young House Love. I plan to spend many hours delving into the archives after finishing this post.

Lingerie Addict

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Treacle is the founder of The Lingerie Addict. She started her site in 2008 because she couldn’t find any resources for people like herself—women on a budget who wanted honest, objective lingerie advice, reviews, and suggestions. She has since turned it into the #1 resource in her niche, attracting over 100,000 readers a month. In October, she quit her job to offer her consulting services.

I think Treacle has done an amazing job empowering women to embrace their body shape and buy underwear that makes them feel gorgeous.

Nerd Fitness

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012

Steve Kamb is the founder of Nerd Fitness: a community for nerds, desk jockeys, and weekend warriors looking to level up their lives. He built up a strong following and has since expanded with Nerd Fitness Message Boards, a clothing range, and several useful products. He is a natural leader—just look at how he doesn’t pressure people to join his rebellion.

I enjoy his work because he is incredibly savvy, yet has a very friendly/casual tone on his blog. He makes new visitors feel very comfortable in a niche that can feel rather alienating.

Sarah Peck

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Sarah describes herself as a storyteller who communicates ideas through words, pictures, and other visual media. Her blog, It Starts With, started as a column about making the transition to the professional world and finding out what’s important for you and your career. It has evolved into a blog on business, generating ideas, entrepreneurship, management, and design. She also leverages blogging for her professional work, and is the founder and editor of Landscape Urbanism.

Sarah emerged in the blogosphere early in 2011 and is shaping up to the one of most unique and inspiring voices online.  Her content is always thought-provoking and will force you to confront the challenge of executing your best ideas. She studies where great ideas come from and help individuals and businesses do great work. Every blogger has a tipping point and her post on 28 in 52 Notes made Sarah a blogger to keep an eye on 2012.

Tara Gentile

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012Tara Gentile is the editor of Scoutie Girl, a daily zine with the aim of getting you thinking about your creative life and the changing world around you, and the owner of a boutique web design business. She quickly built a reputation as a DIY lifestyle design expert. She has transitioned to consulting and writes about the philosophy of the new economy, creativity, social media, value and meaning, and wealth.

I really resonate with Tara. She has empowered a huge segment of the creative community to take pride in the marketing of their work. Her work has affected an entire industry. I can’t wait to see what she does in 2012.

Joel Runyon

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012

A year ago, Joel was just a guy with an inspiring blog. He wasn’t satisfied with that. He expanded his original blog to create Impossible HQ, a hub that incorporates a separate motivational community, a T-Shirt line, and a manifesto. He also created a separate site, NerveRush, to cater to the adrenalin-seeking segment of his audience.

I think Joel is just getting started with what he has to offer. He is always adding new ways for his community to engage with his site and, as a result, is creating an increasingly passionate readership. I’m really excited to see where he takes the ‘Impossible’ brand in 2012.

More bloggers to watch

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About Jade Craven
Jade Craven is a regular Problogger contributor. She wrote the Bloggers To Watch column for four years and currently manages the DPS Pinterest boards. She writes about bloggers doing amazing things at her new project, Bloggers To Watch.
  1. I found on Derek Halpern a great revelation. His strategy to be noticed was brilliant and in every single post he writes he has something interesting to teach. I call him “the new Darren Rowse”.

    I will closely pay attention to the rest of the list. If they share it with such an interesting guy like DH, they must be worth it.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • I think all of the people on the list are fascinating, but for different ways. Derek is brilliant and I’m hoping that he inspires many other people.

      Thanks for commenting. I know that people who have featured on the list check back to see what people say, so you probably made a person feel pretty happy right now :)

  2. Shame my name is not on the list !!!
    All the best for this coming 2012 !!!

    Cheers from London !


  3. I’ve followed Derek’s blog for just over a year now and I’ve enjoyed the content he has been sharing during that time. I found him through buying Thesis and reading his articles on how to build my blog from the bottom up.

    I’m pleased he has made the list!

  4. ‘Read it Later’. Looking forward to reading this post several times to check out each blogger!
    Awesome article, Thanks!

  5. Wow, thanks so much for including us! We’re totally flattered. Thanks also for the fun list of other blogs to check out.

    Happy New Year everyone!


    • :-) You’re welcome. Your site is fantastic – I was hooked as soon as I saw it. It made me want to finally buy a house just so I could decorate it the way I want to :-)

      Happy new year to you guys, too!

  6. Jade, what a fantastic round-up! Loads of new names for me to check out (HOW had I not come across Kristi Hines before??) … and it was great to see Deb Ng on the list, as she’s one of the bloggers I really look up to.

    Thanks so much for pulling this together — I know it must have taken a ton of work!

    • Ha! Kristi was there, briefly, at a lunch we went to in Blogworld :-) I’ve found that sometimes it’s easy to just not notice awesome people because either they are mentioned too much and you become blind to them, or you just get distracted by your own work. Really glad you liked it.

      And it was so exciting to be able to put Deb on it. She works so hard to help us bloggers and it makes me feel fuzzy to be able to shine a light on her work :)

      • Oddly enough, I’m pretty introverted in person, so sometimes I’m so socially overwhelmed at events like Blog World that I kind of crawl into a shell and don’t say hi when I should. :)

        Jade – thank you again SO much for including me in this list! It made my day! :)

        • :-) Glad to hear it!

          I’m very introverted too, which is why I notice everything. I was actually sitting two seats away from you at a lunch (you had a suitcase, I think) and was feeling too jetlagged to talk. I think it actually makes us better as bloggers because we notice and reflect on things more then some extroverted people.

          Thank you for all the work you do to help people :)

          • Add me to the introvert club … and I’m invariably jetlagged at conferences. I tend to latch onto the people I already know, so I’m not very good at saying hi to folks I don’t! Kristi, hopefully we can connect properly next time… :-)

  7. I follow many of them and they are worthy of being on the list for sure! Great job Jade!

  8. Thrilled to be among such amazing company! And definitely have some new faces to check out.

    Thanks for spreading the net wide this year, Jade. I was already looking forward to your post and then woke up to some emails from new Tribe Women saying they had found Stratejoy through your list! Your reach is astounding.

    Expect some big things from me (and all the amazing women who share their journeys) this year!


    p.s. Ready for a random fact? Treacle and I performed in a burlesque show together… ;)

    • I was just telling my boyfriend that tidbit. What a small (and random!) world we live in. :-D

    • Oh, that is so awesome! I’m glad I could help new people find your site. My reach isn’t large, this post just tends to make people really happy and excited :-)

      Will be interested to see what you do over the coming year. I’d be interested to hear the backstory about the burlesque show :)

  9. Most of them are women. So the women bloggers will rule in 2012?

    • It wasn’t intentional – I wasn’t trying to be biased towards any gender. The 2010 list featured more males then females. It probably looks less balanced because there are just 20 people.

      Having said that, female bloggers are certainly becoming a really powerful force, especially in Australia over the past year. It’s probably why I’ve been noticing more stories then usual.

      Other then it having a lot of women, did you like the list? :-)

      – Jade

      • Oh, yes. Undoubtedly. I already add a few of them to my google reader. Thanks for the list and wish you all a very happy new year.

  10. they are really great on throwing a very good style of writing. true inspirations for any blogger.

  11. How did I not make this list?!

    Haha… just joking. This really is a great list, though. Most of those bloggers have access to my email list. Joel Runyon, Corbett Barr, and Derek Halpern are definitely my favorites, though.

    Nice list!

  12. Jade,

    These are always great lists. Were there any “surprise” or “sleeper” bloggers you would have added for 2011?

    Also, do you use Alexa or other stats at all to help give these lists a quantitative element, or is the list qualitative/subjective?


    • Thanks for asking such awesome questions.

      I’ve never used quantitative data. These lists have always gone off a hunch and occasionaly, private information that has been shared.

      I also look at how people interact with their community, as recommended them requires a transfer of trust, and seek recommendations from my community.

      It’s what feels natural as I know a lot of people that have niche audiences and may not have good statistics. Do you think looking at Alexa would help make it a better list?

      When you say sleeper bloggers, do you mean people that I regretted not putting on last years list? I’d have to look at the people in my community, as I know of a lot of cool people that have accomplished great things over this past year.

      Thank you again for such an interesting comment. :-)

      – Jade

  13. My RSS reader just got a lot more crowded. This list is going to shake me out of my rut of only reading blogs related to blogging. Many of these blogs will be nice to read just for fun. Thanks for the inventive post.

  14. Thanks for sharing!
    You helped me with new inspiring people to follow.


  15. Great Inspirations !! :-)

  16. Great List.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. I needed to give my RSS a spring clean and most of these blogs are definitely going on there. It’s always so exciting coming across a post like this!

    Maria xx

  18. Thanks so much for including me on this year’s list! What an incredible honor, and I can’t wait for 2012.

  19. These are a great group of people. I have followed most of them on this list and they offer some really great consistent content. Thanks for sharing your choice of people.

  20. Wahoo, go Kristi!!

  21. Love that phrase “social media echo-chamber”…so true!

  22. It looks like a very talented list of blog owners to follow. I’m always on
    the lookout for more blogger’s so thanks for pointing these out to me.
    I’ll have to sign up for their email newsletter so I can keep my blog on top
    of current happenings in the blogasphere.
    . Which is why I like your blog by the way.

  23. Two gal pals and I started a movie review site/blog about a year and a half ago that offers quick, easy-to-digest movie reviews from the unique perspectives of the “Chicks” – Mainstream Chick, Arty Chick, and Adventurous Chick. We’re finally gaining a bit of traction but would love to expand our readership and we welcome comments/input from chicks and roosters alike! Check it out at http://chickflix.net

  24. Wow that’s a lot of women on there. You forgot to mention me though =). I’m gonna sneak up on at list soon. Check out my blog http://www.howwhowhen.com. I’d love any feedback on my minimalist approach to site design.

  25. This is a great list. I’m definitely adding a few of these people to my RSS.

  26. Cranky Pants says: 12/31/2011 at 5:51 am

    This list is 70% chicks, whats with that?

  27. Thanks for the list. Adding some to my reader. Happy 2012 everybody :)

  28. Great list. Thanks for the post.

  29. Hy!

    You never look german bloggers?

    In Europe are also some very interessting blogs to read…

    But your list is also very good for looking some new bloggers!

    • I’m aussie so I’ll admit, there is a bias to Australia/America. That wasn’t intentional; I just had a smaller list then previous years and was feeling overwhelmed by work, so I chose people that I’m personally watching rather then seek people from new niches. I put a lot of work into these lists so was just trying to make it easier on me.

      I’m gonna be watching the german blogging scene closer next year, especially as people are talking about Berlin being the new startup capital. I’d appreciate any suggestions you have :-)

  30. Wow, what a list.
    I am just fine tuning my list of RSS feeds of those Blogs I have been following during 2011.
    I am spoilt for choice for new additions from this fantastic list.

    Thanks for this post and Happy New Year!.

  31. Hadn’t heard of most of these, but I think I will have to go read them now! Looks like you’ve got some really interesting people on here! I’m excited!

    • That’s awesome – that’s the exact reaction I hope for :-) Is there anyway I could have made it better – do you know of any bloggers I shoudl be watching next year?

      Thanks for your lovely comment xx

      – jade

  32. Always find your posts informative and interesting. Thank you for sharing. May 2012 bring good things your way.

  33. I have visited thier blogs and bookmarked it for later use, i was looking for such type of list on Google+ and various other blogs this one stands right at the top

  34. hey hey now Darren,

    this is a really good and great idea to create such a post like this, in featuring other “bloggers to watch in 2012”. You are inspired me to follow your lead on this post, and create a similar post in featuring others to “be on the lookout for in 2012” :-)

    happy new years!


  35. I will check them out. Happy new year!

  36. So flattered to be included, thank you! And in such great company too. A lovely way to end my first year (well, 9 months!) of blogging!

  37. I’ve made it my goal to be on the 2013 list. Congrats to all on this list, and thank you, Pro Blogger for all the great tips!

  38. Too bad you didn’t come across http://www.merrypad.com. She is a DIY blogger who started a blog a year ago for family and friends, was discovered by DIYNetwork, and is now their featured blogger. Amazing stuff. (or of course my blog, dadand.com, wink)

    • Thanks for that link!

      I’m the author of this post and I’m not too familiar with the DIY world. I wouldn’t have known where to start and only found out about Young House Love because a friend recommended it.

      I appreciate you being nice about it (some people be snarky!) and I really like the link. That is the type of person I love drawing attention to. Is she your daughter?

      Your blog is pretty cool, too. :-)

      • I don’t see why anyone would be snarky. It’s a list based on your opinion. There are a jillion blogs, you can’t find them all. Happy New Year.

  39. Thanks so much Jade! It’s so nice to be in great company! The online community can be so supportive and awesome. It’s totally appreciated :)


    • :-) Anytime.

      I just love your blog. I often show it to the boyfriend and we giggle because it reminds us of things that happen with our two cats – like Kyo hogging the pillow. As I type, she is crawling across my arms making it hard to do anything on the computer <3

      Seriously, it's an honour to be able to put a spotlight on such cool people

  40. These are great! A lot of these I hadn’t heard of yet. Derek is really great! He blows my mind everytime I read my blog. I am always thinking: How does he KNOW all this stuff? Crazy. I also love revolution apparel and Molly is awesome.

    I’m going to make it a goal to show up on a bloggers to watch list at some point, haha.

    Great list Jade!

    • Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response :-) I do check the comments on the previous years list for ideas on new ones ;) I’ve tried to move away from the biz niche… well, moreso then previous lists. Your branding and website is awesome though – if there’s anything I can do to help you, just email me ;-)

      Derek, Molly and the Revolution girls are fantastic. Are there any other people that have stood out to you this year?

      • Jade, I know what you mean by getting away from business development! I have had my fill on those too! :) And I run one! Oops!

        And I am so glad you like my site — it’s young ( 5 months young) but I love writing it.

        I love Tessa Zeng — at http://www.teezeng! She’s a friend and really philosophical type of blogger that I haven’t seen before. I didn’t see any food blogs on there but http://www.roostblog.com/ is beautiful and a great change of pace.

        • Oh – fail! I’m a really fussy eater so I didn’t even think about the cooking niche. I can only handle bland, boring foods so haven’t really checked out food blogs. Thanks for the suggestion of Roost Blog, the photography on there is really beautiful.

          It’s not the age of a blog that matters. It’s the professionalism. That’s what really stands out :)

          Thank you again!

      • p.s — Brain Pickings is like my FAVORITE blog of all time.

  41. love these blogs. i can’t wait to check them out!!!

  42. Thanks, Jade! Wow, can’t wait to check out all of these folks after the holiday weekend… Want to follow everyone on Twitter, too! Thanks for your confidence, enthusiasm and support!

  43. Thank you for sharing these blogs. I am very excited to read them! I recently started a blog about food allergies and gluten free living. I enjoy reading other blogs and I know I will find inspiration in reading such highly regarded blogs. Happy New Year!

  44. And where is me? haha just kidding! totaly loveeeee this post, I recomend to a couple of friends who are just starting with blogging in their industries and for sure they gonna love it too ;)

    From this list I just knew Colin and Kristi and am realy GLAD to know the others ;) like the sales Lion, I am just fascinated with him :D

    • Are there any others that fascinate you? I know I’ve probable missed a lot of cool people.

      I’m fascinated with Marcus too. He already has a successful business – he doesn’t need to create and nurture a new community. He’s a genuinely nice guy which is why it was a no-brainer to include him

  45. Young House Love is one of my favourites. Must check out the rest of them. I like the idea of someone who moves every 4 months according on where his readers direct him. What a brave man!

  46. Thanks for taking the time to put this list together Jade.
    Thrilled to see Tara Gentile making it this year. You’re so right about her. I’m predicting a book deal for her in 2012!

  47. Have you checked out the new Lingerie Briefs for an industry insiders poetic perspective on all things Intimate Apparel. Focused on a highly specified and erudite Lingerie Reader who appreciates depth of product knowledge

  48. Great list of Bloggers! What a way to start the new year by bookmarking many of those blogs you have recommended ..

    Thanks Again..


  49. It is very helpful for me . Thanks to keep a list. keep going fast.

  50. sounds like a good reading list. hope to read some advice off these blogs for a budding writer like myself!!!
    Happy New YEar!
    Noch Noch

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